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Heyho, erstmal vielen Dank, dass du bei der Übersetzung und Bearbeitung des Wikis mithilfst. Aber bitte lass die Überkategorien bei den Gegenständen weg, das macht auch im englischen Wiki keinen Sinn. Wenn etwas eine Armbrust ist, brauch es nicht noch zusätzlich in der Kategorie Waffen sein, die Kategorie Armbrüste ist schon in der Kategorie Waffen. --Zarannas (Diskussion) 17:30, 22. Apr. 2015 (UTC)

Ja ok, dann mach ich das demnächst anders.

Eine Frage. Bei Leichte Armbrust ist "Bögen" noch rot unterstrichen, dabei gibt es die Seite doch. Warum geht das nicht zu verlinken?

Dafür musst du die Kategorie Bögen verlinken, ich habs mal geändert. Hier noch ein Beispiel: Bögen --Zarannas (Diskussion) 18:05, 22. Apr. 2015 (UTC)

Ich dachte die 2 Eckigen Klammern reichen. Alles klar, dann mach ich das jetzt so.

"Sinnvolle Einbringung"[]

Wir können gerne mal morgen im TS reden wenn ihr wollt, ist ja ziemlich tot das deutsche Wiki und ich hatte bisher noch nicht die Lust/Zeit das alleine zu vervollständigen. --Zarannas (Diskussion) 21:18, 22. Apr. 2015 (UTC)

Ich hatte dir die IP gepostet kannst ja dann die Tage mal aufs TS kommen. Ab sofort auch bitte nur noch die Übersetzungen von hier verwenden, damit wir uns mal endlich auf eine Version einigen. --Zarannas (Diskussion) 19:01, 23. Apr. 2015 (UTC)


We can no longer support Semantic MediaWiki in our environment and will be removing it as soon as possible. How heavily invested are you in it on this particular wiki? We will provide as much help as we can to convert any templates or pages you have that use it — Game widow (talk) 14:11, 17. Jan. 2018 (UTC)

If the SMW is responsible for that super Plugin who shows us the reciepes on every page who needs a part of that reciepe, then we use it on almost every page at the german wiki... I have to proof that, but I'm a bit shocked if we have to change every page manual when they change reciepes. --Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 20:17, 19. Jan. 2018 (UTC)
Can you link me to a page where that is used? I'll check, but i don't think so — Game widow (talk) 19:51, 19. Jan. 2018 (UTC)
Eisenbarren. We use the template Rezept and Rezeptliste. I'm not firm with that but I think they also need the templates Rezeptliste/Formatierung and Namenszuordnung --Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 20:17, 19. Jan. 2018 (UTC)
Vorlage:Rezeptliste uses it, but i'm sure we can achieve the same thing with either Cargo or DPL3. Thanks for pointing it out and i will try to find someone to help convert it — Game widow (talk) 20:45, 19. Jan. 2018 (UTC)
Pcj has converted Vorlage:Rezeptliste to use Cargo, so SMW has been switched off — Game widow (talk) 13:53, 16. Mär. 2018 (UTC)
It seems there is a problem. I can enter a recipe and display it on the page via template Rezept and template Rezept mit Layout. But The template Rezeptliste dont works properly. At this page Knochenleim, there is a recipelist, but the formatting isn't correct. There I use only the template "Rezeptliste" to show all recipes with the ingredients "Knochenleim" (Boneglue). At this page Schmieden, there is another mistake. There I use the template "Rezeptliste" with the addition that the template should show only recipes who needs the skill "schmieden" (forging) and the type "Waffe"(weapon), "Material"(material) or "wekzeug"(tool). But the template dont display it. Stuntman1bob (Diskussion)
I've passed on your concerns to Pcj — Game widow (talk) 15:22, 16. Mär. 2018 (UTC)
What is the formatting problem on the pages? They look the same as before the change to me. --Pcj (Diskussion) 15:25, 16. Mär. 2018 (UTC)
Ok, the formatting isn't a problem anymore. I guess my browser cache wasn't cleared at this moment. Stuntman1bob (Diskussion)
OK, I believe I've fixed the issue with Schmieden as well, please let me know if it looks right now. --Pcj (Diskussion) 15:43, 16. Mär. 2018 (UTC)
Thank you very much Pcj. If I found any further mistake should I write on your profile or on talk page or here? Stuntman1bob (Diskussion)
Either my profile/talk page or here is fine. --Pcj (Diskussion) 16:17, 16. Mär. 2018 (UTC)
I found some mistakes at page Schreinerwerkzeug, Waffen & Rüstungen. At every page I've given the Items a type, so I can display recipe with only this type at a recipelist. With this template Vorlage:Rezeptliste Kampf I can show the recipe and its ingredients AND the needed skill to wear this weapon. (its only for weapons). With this template Vorlage:Rezeptliste Kampf/Rüstungen I can show the recipe, its ingredients and the resistance of a armor. (its only for armors).Stuntman1bob (Diskussion)
OK, I believe these are fixed. --Pcj (Diskussion) 16:49, 16. Mär. 2018 (UTC)
Hey Pcj I found two mistakes with switch from SMW to Cargo and I have one question. The template Häuserliste (list of houses with number of beds in it) doesn't work. The template Waffenliste (list of waepons, sortable by skill and type of weapon) doesn't work at all pages of combatskills Overview of all combatskills.
Cache table.png

And my question: Every time I've changed a page, I have to clear cache to see the recipelist as it is intend. Otherwise I get a table like this: (look at file). With SMW it worked better. Is there a possibility to improve the displayed table to be more actual? I think user of the wiki see that confusing table and dont know what to do. --Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 18:57, 9. Apr. 2018 (UTC)

The templates should be fixed. In regards to the latter issue, it's a known bug with Cargo and purging the cache as you are or null edits are the only way we've found to alleviate the issue at the moment. --Pcj (Diskussion) 02:27, 10. Apr. 2018 (UTC)
Hey Pcj thanks for information about the bug. And I've got another problem. The recipelist isn't shown completly. For example this one. In the game there are 5 types of armor: Leather, Padded, Scale, Chainmail and Plate. Every type has 4 classes: light, regular, heavy and royal armor and there are 6 parts for a whole body: Helm, Breastplate, Leggings, Greaves, Gauntlets and Vambraces. 5x4x6=120 single parts. Every table {{Rezeptliste Kampf/Rüstungen|typ=leichte lederrüstung}} under new headline has to show 6 parts of a armor. The first one is complete, but the second one is missing the greaves, the third one is missing 3 parts and the fourth one is missing the breastplate and so on (that was only for leatherarmor). The missing parts are different one and have the same code in type and skill etc. I dont know, why this parts are not shown in the table, seems a bit arbitrarily. I tried to clear cache and purge it, but nothing changed.
The second problem is similar. I have a correct template to show a item and cargo doesn't likes to show it on pages. For Example at page Plänkler (a combatskill) under headline "Munition - Bogen" and "Munition-Armbrust" there is the template: {{Waffenliste|typ = pfeil}} and you get the output: 4x same arrow and another 3x same arrow. Similar at page Bogenbau (a craftingskill to craft arrows) there I use the template {{Rezeptliste|typ=pfeil}} and get the output of 2 different arrows. In the game are 6 different types of arrows with 2 ways to craft them each. I found out, if there are more than one way to craft an item and there aren't the string | typ = pfeil at template Vorlage:Rezept you dont get a result with template "Rezeptliste" or "Waffenliste" like at page Feuerpfeil (firearrow). SMW got the information about the type of an item from Vorlage:Infobox Gegenstand there you can find also the string | typ = pfeil. Thats one reason, why there were no results at page Plänkler except Bodkin-Pfeil and Pfeil (at these two pages I wrote the type into the recipe). But why there are 4 times the same arrow? --Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 19:32, 19. Apr. 2018 (UTC)
I was able to fix the former issue by null editing both the missing item and the listing. The second item should be fixed by an edit on the template. --Pcj (Diskussion) 00:52, 20. Apr. 2018 (UTC)

Issue with Cargo[]

HeyPcj it seems there is a problem with Cargo. I don't know what to do, is it a Cargo-side problem or can we just update the wiki-side cargoapplication? At every page with a recipelist I got this message: A database query error has occurred. Did you forget to run your application's database schema updater after upgrading? Query: SELECT `Bild` AS `Bild`,`Erzeugt_Anzahl` AS `Erzeugt`,`_pageName` AS `Name`,`Benötigt_Fertigkeit` AS `Fertigkeit`,`Benötigt_Stufe` AS `Stufe`,`Benötigt_Werkzeug` AS `Werkzeug`,`Benötigt_Gerät` AS `Gerät`,`Benötigt_MaterialMenge__full` AS `Material` FROM `cargo__Rezepte` WHERE Benötigt_Fertigkeit="naturkunde" AND Benötigt_Gerät="kochstelle" GROUP BY _pageName ORDER BY Benötigt_Fertigkeit, Benötigt_Stufe, _pageName LIMIT 500 Function: CargoSQLQuery::run Error: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\xC3\xB6tigt_Fertigkeit="naturkunde" AND Ben\xC3\xB6tigt_Ger\xC3\xA4t="kochstell' at line 1 ( Thanks for your help! Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 17:43, 3. Feb. 2019 (UTC)

Weird, wasn't this working previously? Did you change anything related? --Pcj (Diskussion) 15:07, 4. Feb. 2019 (UTC)
Yes, it works. Must be happen between 27th January and 3rd February. No I've changed nothing on that. Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 17:46, 4. Feb. 2019 (UTC)
The team has identified the issue, it indeed is from the migration last week. We aren't going to be able to fix it until next week at the earliest. As you might expect the issue is due to the accented characters in the table column names. It could be worked around by removing the accents but I feel it'd be better to just wait until next week. --Pcj (Diskussion) 18:12, 5. Feb. 2019 (UTC)
Ok thanks for the answer, I will waint until next week Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 16:04, 6. Feb. 2019 (UTC)
Hey Pcj can you guess when the issue from the migration will be fixed, so that Cargo work propperly? Stuntman1bob (Diskussion) 21:34, 15. Feb. 2019 (UTC)
Sorry for the long wait. It should be fixed now. You may have to purge pages for them to update. --Pcj (Diskussion) 22:00, 12. Mär. 2019 (UTC)
Hey Pcj thanks a lot for this fix! Some pages work now correctly like the page Geräte with the template: {{Rezeptliste|typ=töpfergerät}} but some others won't work like at the object-page Brennofen or the skill-page Zimmern or the combat skill page Schwertkämpfer with the templates {{Rezeptliste|gerät=brennofen}} or {{Rezeptliste|fertigkeit=zimmern}} {{Waffenliste|fertigkeit=schwertkämpfer|typ=waffe}} purge, clear cache and even a 0-edit doesn't help. Can you please have a look at this problem? PS: Recognized, at page Behälter that if there are more than 1 parameter in the template, the template wouldn't work {{Rezeptliste|typ=flüssigkeitsbehälter}} -> works {{Rezeptliste|fertigkeit=schneidern|typ=behälter}} -> doesn't works Stuntman1bob (Diskussion)
Ah, they're being stubborn. Well I had hoped that would have fixed it but it'll probably be best to replace the accented characters in the column names with the standard ASCII (non-accented) equivalents. Is that OK? --Pcj (Diskussion) 18:55, 15. Mär. 2019 (UTC)
I'll try to fix the templates. Do I only have to remove the symbols Ä, ä, Ö, ö, Ü, ü, ß? Or are the more than these? Stuntman1bob (Diskussion)
That should be it. --Pcj (Diskussion) 12:15, 16. Mär. 2019 (UTC)

Introducing myself as the new Wiki Manager[]

Hi, this is just to let you know that I am taking over as your Wiki Manager. Feel free to contact me if you need anything. I speak English and French.

Hiding the main page heading[]

We've made Extension:NoTitle standard on all wikis, so you can remove that part of the css entirely and just add __NOTITLE__ on the main page — Game widow (talk) 17:33, 7. Dez. 2018 (UTC)