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Präsentiere die furchterregenden Fähigkeiten deines Kriegers in der PvP-Kampf Arena! Erhalte Preise für gewonnene Schlachten und werde der beste Kämpfer der PvP-Rangliste!

Die Arena ist für Ranglisten-Hardcore-PvP-Scharmützel und unterstützt bis zu 10 Krieger. Pferde sind verboten. Jede Runde dauert 12 Minuten und jeder Spieler kann sich unbegrenzt wiederbeleben ohne Fertigkeiten zu verlieren. Die Haltbarkeit der Ausrüstung verbraucht sich dabei langsamer als in der Hauptwelt.

Die Arena ist für alle Spieler frei, Siegbedingung ist die höchste Punktzahl. Nach dem Tod gehen die erhaltenen Ranglistenpunkte verloren. Am Ende der Runde nimmt jeder Spieler seinen Platz in der Ergebnistabelle ein. Die drei bestplatzierten Spieler, erhalten Münzen und PvP-Ranglisten-Punkte.[1]


Erhalte wertvolle Belohnungen für das Gewinnen von Arena-Gefechten!

Regeln der PvP Arena:[]

  • Frei für alle
  • Dauer: 12 Minuten
  • Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 10
  • Wiederbeleben: unbegrenzt
  • Beritten: Verboten
  • Siegvoraussetzungen: Die höchtse Punktzahl
  • Bei jedem Mord: 2 Punkte gewinn
  • Bei jedem Tod: 1 Punkt verlust
  • Areal: 25x25 Kacheln

How to participate:[]

Guide arena1.jpg
  1. Navigate the Character Window and click the PvP Events Tab.
  2. On the left side of the window, you can see the ‘Enlist’ button under the Arena part of the window.
  3. By clicking on this button, you queue up and the Enlist button changes to ‘cancel’
  4. If you click cancel, a dialogue window opens and ask, ‘Are you sure you want to cancel the request for participation in the arena?’
    1. By clicking ‘Yes’ your request will be accepted and you need to wait for other players.
    2. By clicking ‘No’ you close the dialogue window.
  5. Next, you simply need to wait. The time that you are in the queue is displayed in the PvP Events Tab under the Arena title.
Note: All the prohibited items that player is carrying at the moment of joining the Arena will be dropped in the main world under player's character's feet.


1. Waiting for round:[]

As soon as you are in the first 20 places of the queue you will receive a notification: ‘The arena is open! Are you ready to participate?’

‘Yes’ - you transfer to the Arena and wait for other players in the preparation phase. ‘No’ - your request will be canceled.

  • Hinweis: Man kann die Arena nicht betreten, wenn man sich auf einem feindlichen Gebiet befindet.

Note: the notification is active for just 30 seconds, so you need to be online to accept it. If you are offline at the moment of receiving the notification, or you don’t accept it in time, your request will be canceled. In case you don’t confirm the invitation, you’ll receive this alert ‘You did not confirm participation in the arena. Your request has been canceled.’

The battle commences when at least 10 players confirm participation in the arena battle.

If there are less than 10 players, then you’ll see a message: ‘Not enough requests were confirmed. 'Priority of your request has increased.’ and you won’t be transported to the Arena. Otherwise, players that confirm their invitation are transported to the Arena and await other players in the two-minute preparation phase. During this time, you can move around, use emotive abilities and even form your strategy!

2. Active phase:[]

At the start of the fight phase, each player spawns in random places around the arena. A10 second countdown (displayed on the HUD) starts, during which character control is unavailable. At the end of the countdown, the battle begins. A timer then runs for the duration of the fight. When it concludes, the final battle results are announced. Players are also able to view current statistics by pressing ‘Tab’ during the battle.

Guide arena2.jpg

3. Early exit[]

Players can leave the arena ahead of time through the ‘Disconnect’ button in the ESC-menu. Your сharacter will be moved to the main world at the previous location before attending the Arena.

4. Reconnect[]

If the player was in the arena at the time of leaving the game, they will be invited to return to the arena upon reconnecting.

At the loading screen stage, a dialog box is displayed, ‘The arena is open. Are you ready to participate?’ If yes the player is loaded into the instance of the arena on which they were before they disconnected. If no, the player is returned to their previous location prior to transferring to the arena.

Note: During the battle, armor and weapon durability does still decrease and ammunition is used. After returning, all changes are saved. But don’t worry, equipment durability consumption rate on the Arena is significantly smaller than usual.

5. Death:[]

Guide arena3.jpg

When a player dies, character does not lose skill points or equipment. A ‘Death’ window appears, showing the name of the killer and a cooldown for Revive. After 5 seconds Revive button becomes active. After clicking this button, the player is revived and respawned on an empty spot. ‘Resurrection Sickness’ does not affect players in arena battles, but after reviving, they are invulnerable for 1-2 seconds or until they start moving. All active effects reset.

6. The end of a battle:[]

Guide arena4.jpg

At the end of the battle, each player takes their place in the results table according to the number of kills and deaths. Player need to get most kills and least deaths to be on top. Players who received top three prize-winning places willbeawardedwith coins and overall PvP ranking points. In case of an equal amount of points, the place in the ranking depends on who reached the particular number of points first. The prize points are added to the pool of points received during the fight, according to the occupied place:

  • 1. Platz - 100 overall PvP ranking points
  • 2. Platz - 50 overall PvP ranking points
  • 3. Platz - 20 overall PvP ranking points

The points are added to the player's personal rating. It is also possible to receive a negative value.

The battle ranking is shown for 30 seconds and after that, all players that participated in battle are moved to their previous locationon the main world before attending the arena.

7. Connection with the cardinal system[]

The amount of points awarded in the arena is included in the rating of the deity Jomfrototte (cardinals).