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Life is Feudal Wiki

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List of commands available through the Life is Feudal console. Every word between <> needs to be replaced by the associate information.

For example, replace <guild_name> by the targeted guild name.

To access to the console use ctrl ~ (ctrl % on azerty keyboard).

  • /guild create <name> <tag> <charter> - create a guild
  • /guild invite <player_name> - invite a player to your guild (use player ID instead of name if player is not online on the same server)
  • /guild leave - leave your guild
  • /guild kick <player_name> - kick player out of your guild
  • /guild destroy - remove your guild
  • /guild role <player_name> <1-7> - provide player with guild role from 1 - leader to 7 - recruit
  • /guild standing <guild_name> <1-5> - change stading towards other guild, from 1 - war, 3 - neutral to 5 - ally.
  • /claimrule {town, realm, yo} {char, guild, role, standing} {player_name, guild_name, <1-7>, <1-5>} {00000-11111} - set custom claim right
    • {town, realm, yo} - is a type of claim (mmo guild lands have 2 different lands - town and realm, YO guilds implementation will get only 1 land called yo)
    • {char, guild, role, standing} - is a claim subject, an entity which will receive custom right
    • {player_name, guild_name, <1-7>, <1-5>} - is a claim subject specification, for player subject it is player name, for guild subject it is guild name, for role it is a number from 1 to 7 and for standing it is a number from 1 to 5
    • {00000-11111} - claim rights, the order is: Enter, Build, Claim, Use, Destroy.  0 means restrict access, 1 means grant access Examples: /claimrule town char Vasily 00010 - allow “Use” right for player Vasily on town land of your guild(MMO only) /claimrule yo role 7 11111 - grant recruits all claim rights on your guild land(on YO only).