Life is Feudal Wiki

Abilities are actions that can be performed in game. There are generally two types of abilities:

  • Abilities without required skills
  • Abilities that requires accomplished skills

Hotbar Abilities are actions which can be performed by clicking on an icon on the hotbar or pressing the appropriate shortcut key.

These Hotbar Abilities can be used without any required skill:

Approval.png Approve

Courtesy.png Courtesy

Dance.png Dance

Disapproval.png Disapproval

Fright.png Fright

The return of honor.png Honor

Pointing finger.png Indication

Laughter.png Laughter

Provocation.png Provocation

Welcome.png Welcome

Left back slot.png Left back slot

Left waist slot.png Left waist slot

Right back slot.png Right back slot

Right waist slot.png Right waist slot

Flee.png Flee!

I Yield.png I yield!

Coup de grace.png Coup de grace

Bandage self.png Bandage self

Pounce.png Pounce

Iron grip.png Iron grip

Abilities that only can be used if your character has the accomplished skills:

Praise your God.png Praise your God!

Trickmove.png Trickmove

Shield bash.png Shield bash

Piercing bolt.png Piercing bolt

Volley.png Volley

Arrow to the knee.png Arrow to the knee

Order hold.png Order hold

Order move.png Order move

Order charge.png Order charge

Formation circle.png Formation circle

Formation wall.png Formation wall

Formation wedge.png Formation wedge

Stopping power.png Stopping power

Taunt gesture.png Taunt gesture

Taunt verbal.png Taunt verbal

You are mine.png You are mine

Coward.png Coward

Argh.png Arghhhh!