Advanced farming
Crafting skill
Advanced Farming.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Strength Requires Farming
Secondary Agility Unlocks Cooking & Brewing
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum quality of crafted items
0 Can produce flour
30 Can extract honey
60 Can use a plough
Can extract silk filaments
90 Can run millstones
100 Maximum quality of crafted items
Skill ID 32

Advanced Farming is one of the three tier 3 crafting skills in the Nature's lore branch and one of the two branches following the Farming skill. It allows performing advanced farming actions such as producing flour, extracting honey, using a plough, extracting silk. and operating millstones. Level 30 of Farming is required to learn this skill. To increase Advanced Farming past level 30, Farming skill must be at level 60.


  • Quern-stone - Used to grind Wheat into Flour, which raises your Advanced Farming skill.
  • Plough - allows the farmer to easily plow the ground in preparation for planting crops. A little tricky to learn to use but definitely faster than using your shovel. TIP: Press and hold Q to see where you are in the tile, so you can plow down the middle of the tile. When you move, the Q menu will close.


You can use a Plough to tile Fertile Soil alot faster then useing a shovel. Rocky Surfaces and some steep tiles cannot be plowed.

Video guides & Training tips

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  • The only reliable way to increase Advanced Farming in the beginning is by grinding Wheat into Flour.
    • At a multiplier of 1.4, roughly 540 units of wheat are needed to gain 60 points in Advanced Farming.
  • Using Beehives can help further skill increase.
  • A cheap way of raising your skill is by using a Plough and repeatedly 'using' it.
  • Another very easy way to gain skill is by extracting silk filaments, from silkworm cocoons. make sure you plant some mulberry trees.


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