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Crafting skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Intellect Requires Healing
Secondary Agility Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum quality of produced cocktails
0 Can brew double-effect cocktails from three ingredients
30 Can brew double-effect cocktails (1 catalyst)
60 Can brew double-effect cocktails (1 catalyst), as well as craft explosive naphtha (with quality > 60), flux, and spices
90 Can brew all kinds of cocktails with all kinds of ingredients and catalysts
100 Can try to transmute iron into gold (1 lump per day; chance of success: 1%)
Skill ID 15

Alchemy is one of the three tier 4 crafting skills in the Nature's lore branch and the single branch following the Healing skill. It allows to brew cocktails.

Level 30 of Healing is required to learn this skill. To increase Alchemy past level 30, Healing skill must be at level 60.

Since the Alchemy skill does the exact same thing as the Herbalism skill, it is considered wasteful to have both skills above 60 at the same time. Alchemy can be used to make naphtha, flux and flavours at level 60, just like the Herbalism skill. So when going for high level Alchemy skill, consider lowering your Herbalism skill to 60 if the skill points could be used elsewhere.

Cocktails[ | ]

The potions created with alchemy are called cocktails. They are more powerful and longer lasting than the preparations created with the Herbalism skill.

Cocktails are created using herbs, alcoholic beverage and rare alchemy ingredients.

Positive cocktails[ | ]

Image Name Effect Description Icon Outcome
Swift limbs potion
Swift Limbs Cocktail Faster You feel yourself more agile!
Raises Agility
Bulls strength potion
Bull's Strength Cocktail Stronger You feel stronger!
Raises Strength
Iron will potion
Iron Will Cocktail Hardier You feel yourself more hardier!
Raises Willpower
Swift mind potion
Swift Mind Cocktail Clever You feel yourself smarter!
Raises Intellect
Toughness potion
Toughness Cocktail Tougher You feel yourself tougher!
Raises Constitution
Aquila wings potion
Aquila Wings Cocktail Raise maximum Soft Stamina Raise maximum Soft Stamina
Raise Maximum Soft Stamina
Raise maximum Soft Stamina
Adrenaline potion
Adrenaline Cocktail Restore soft HP You feel yourself healing!
Restore soft HP
Refreshing potion
Refreshing Cocktail Restore hard Stamina. Restore hard Stamina.
Restore Hard Stamina
Restore hard Stamina.
Double blood potion
Double Blood (Antidote) Cocktail Antidote Resistant to poisons

Negative cocktails[ | ]

Image Name Effect Description Icon Outcome
Numbing poison
Numbing Poison Numb You have been poisoned and slowly loosing your consciousness.
Poisoned Numb
damaging soft HPs
Eternal sleep poison
Eternal Sleep Poison Eternal Sleep You have been poisoned and feel like you are about to loose consciousness.
Poisoned Eternal Sleep
reduce max soft HPs
Poison Poisoned You have been poisoned and slowly dying.
damaging hard HPs
Grave weight poison
Grave Weight Poison Grave Weight You have been poisoned and feeling more and more tired.
Poisoned Grave Weight
damaging hard Stamina
Breathtaker poison
Breathtaker Poison Breathtaker You have been poisoned and wear out faster now.
Poisoned Breathtaker
max soft Stamina reduced
Lungs of stone poison
Lungs of Stone Poison Lungs of Stone You have been poisoned and wear out faster now.
Poisoned Lungs of Stone
soft Stamina regeneration damaged

Basics[ | ]

Training Alchemy requires an Alchemist's table or Herbalist's shop and lots of bottles filled with alcoholic beverage. In order to create a potion you have to combine at least two herbs with an identical effects and one catalyst (doesn't matter If it's mineral or organic) while having an alcoholic beverage in your inventory. Combining herbs in an identical manner to the Mortar and pestle method will yield a potion. If there is not an alcohol in the player's inventory, the system will tell the player they're missing materials.

Alcohol is not required to mix naphtha, flavour or flux at the Alchemist's Table, but they will still provide an Alchemy skill increase. You need 60 Alchemy in order to mix naphtha, flux or flavour regardless of if you can already mix those using the Herbalism skill.

  • By mixing a different combinations of herbs and catalysts your potions can gain effect increase by 1 up to 4.5 points.
  • The traits for alchemy ingredients and herbs are different for every character. Trade your ingredients with other Alchemists who may need what you have!

Note: If your combination of ingredients has more than just one pair of similar effect the created potion will result with same effects.

Mixing table

Video guides & Training tips[ | ]

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  • You will require alcohol to level from 0 to 60, but after that point you could choose to level slower and consuming less materials by only making naphtha, flux or flavour with the Alchemy skill.

References[ | ]

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