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Alignment represents how good, evil or in between a player is. It is measured on a scale from -1000 to 1000. Alignment affects the amount of skill points lost in case of death. Alignment raises slowly but drops quickly, and you can not gain alignment from killing low alignment players.

This creates a system of greater risk for greater reward: killing players will allow the attacker to loot the victims corpse, but if the attacker is killed their skill points receive much greater penalties because of low alignment.

  • Increased by: Praise your God! ability once per "in-game" day/night cycle. The amount of the increase depends on the current value of the Piety skill, but cannot be more than 1. That is the ONLY way to increase your alignment in the game.
  • Decreased by: performing criminal acts. Alignment does not decrease if criminal actions were performed in an official state of war between players' guilds. Your alignment will also remain intact if you'll perform any "criminal act" against someone who is already marked as criminal[1] for performing this acts (his name will have grey colour) or he committed so many crimes he is considered evil (red name).[2] It is important to note, that after one is evil (-50 alignment), the only way for his alignment to decrease further is murder.

If a player's name is in an orange-coloured font, this means they have a negative alignment and caution should be exercised while they are nearby.

Criminal[ | ]

A criminal is a character that has strayed from the light. There is no alignment penalty from attacking a criminal.

A criminal will have a title saying "criminal".

Criminal Marking[ | ]

Criminal marking

A criminal has his target box blood stained.


The criminal effect flag.

There are a few ways to become a criminal.

  • You are temporary marked as a criminal for 5 minutes when attacking a non-criminal character.
  • You are temporary marked as criminal for 5 minutes when you get spotted on a claim and the owner(s) uses the Trespassers! ability.
  • You are temporary marked as criminal for 20 Hours when an edict of the current Archimancurus marks your Guild as excommunicated.
  • You are permanently marked as criminal if your alignment is -50 or lower. But without the criminal effect flag.
    NOTE: You cannot raise your alignment above -50 after having gone below it, therefore it is permanent.
    NOTE: Only way to drop below -50 alignment is through murder.
    NOTE: The only exception of this rule is to use a Indulgence and get +5 Alignment.

Criminal Acts[ | ]

Criminal action Alignment change When it occurs
Assault -2 Dealing any type of damage to any non-Evil and non-Criminal players
Trespassing -1 Trespassing on someone's claim and being marked by the Trespassers! ability
Knocking out -3 (0) Dealing damage that resulted in the knockout of any non-Evil and non-Criminal player. If the victim was Yielding, then there is no penalty.
Robbery / Looting -3 Looting a knocked out player or the tombstone of a dead non-Evil and non-Criminal player.
Murder -10 (-15) Dealing damage to any non-Evil and non-Criminal player that results in the death of the victim. If victim was Yielding, then the penalty is increased.
Oathbreaker -10 Leaving your guild will reduce your alignment and mark you as criminal for a good amount of time.[3]
Banishment -10 Being kicked from a guild while you are online will reduce your alignment and mark you as criminal for a time.[4]

Alignment Levels[ | ]

Alignment Status Alignment Name Color Skill loss
Saint (50) - (1000) Blue 1
Good (10) - (49) Green 5 - 1
Neutral (0) - (9) White 6 - 5
Bad (-10) - (-49) Orange 11 - 6
Evil (-50) - (-1000) Red 636 - 11

If your Alignment goes below -50, you will be permanently marked as a criminal (Does not show a criminal debuff, but you will be unable to raise your alignment with the "Praise your god!" Ability.)

Alignment cannot drop below -49 without committing murder.

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