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MMO & Your Own[]

Baromsag 2.png
Type Inventory objects
Weight 2 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 4
ID 1699

A special substance used to increase the quality of basic ground resources. Baromsag can be obtained by building and controlling the Geognosy pit.

How to use[]

  1. You need to have Baromsag in your inventory.
  2. You need to have the compatible ground resource in your inventory.
  3. Right click on the resource and Use Baromsag.
  4. Choose a quality of the Baromsag you want to use from the list of available qualities that appears (similar to the usage of repair kits).

  • If you don’t have any Baromsag in your inventory and you select the option on an item, you will be notified of this fact.
  • If the item is already at maximum quality, then you will receive a notification: ‘Too much substance amount for Baromsag to upgrade its quality.’
  • The more weight you try to improve, the fewer points you get! A weight of 150 to 180 should be the maximum.
  • The higher the quality of the bulk material, the less weight you can qualitatively improve!

Compatible resources[]

Note: Marked resources do not exist in Your Own.


The easiest way to use Baromsag for raising the quality of ground resources up to quality 100, is to use 1 Baromsag per stack that has a size of 10% of the Baromsag quality.

  • Example: 1 Baromsag with quality 60 will raise a stack of 6 items from any quality up to quality 100.
  • Example: 1 Baromsag with quality 83 will raise a stack of 8 items from any quality up to quality 100.
  • Example: 1 Baromsag with quality 95 will raise a stack of 9 items from any quality up to quality 100.

After some tests, the formula to calculate the outcome seems to be Material quality + (Baromsag quality * ((100 - Material quality)/100) / (Stack size/10). The result gets rounded up/down regularly.


Meaning/translation: bullshit (from Hungarian baromság.)