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Baromsag tied with a ribbon
Type Quest items
Weight 0.1 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 1
ID 1526

A quest item used on the newbie island. It's also called "Kudritt" or "Teneglel" from the Khoorer.


In one of the newbie island tutorial quests, one of the NPCs mention "baromsag" can be found in clay.

"I've heard say that here in the earth, if you dig deep down, you find the miracle called the baromsag, a wonder of the gods from long ago. The islands stand on them and that keeps them from sinking, the Accurs say. So go where you will out the village and dig a great pit. Look close at all you see, and perhaps you'll be lucky and find this wonder. One more thing: a baromsag is mostly found in clay."

However the NPC is not actually asking for normal baromsag, he wants a quest item, "Baromsag tied with a ribbon", which is given to you by another NPC, and not actually found in clay.

You earn the Baromsag tied with a ribbon by building the boy and his sister a tiny shack, which is last in the line of some quests starting with the crazy village cook. The kids tell you it's a Ticket to Abella, which is nothing but a cruel joke. If you look up the word "baromsag", it actually means "bullshit" or "nonsense", adding even more weirdness to the crazy village people.

Flavor text[]

A gift from a strange boy from Illa-Newydd with a ribbon around it... a piece of dried-up trash that stinks like fresh manure. What is this doing in your bag?