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Instanced Battle (or IB) is a Life is Feudal: MMO in game mechanic that allows Guilds to fight each other away from the open world.

In order to start a battle, the attacking guild should craft a special ‘Challenge’ monument (or Battle Totem) and place it on the defending guild or kingdom’s land. After that, both guild/kingdoms have approximately 24 real-life hours to prepare and get as many players as they can to use this monument and enlist on their side.

Once the battle starts, the Battle Totem caps a number of players on one of the sides to prevent very advantageously ‘zerging’ (x3 players amount advantage is the maximum). Participants are then moved into the instanced area, which is stripped of any buildings, objects, and terraforming, leaving only natural foliage and water in the battle area.

The rules of the battle are quite simple - be the King/Queen of the hill (the area in the center of the map, placed slightly closer to the defending armies side) or you will also be able to eliminate all players of the opposing side.

The winner of the battle gets all the equipment of the losing army that was dropped on the ground during the battle and the losing guild’s monument sustains damage. The damage can even degrade the monument and significantly shrink the radius of the claimed lands around it. Along with the damaged monument, the losers also lose the ability to issue battle challenges for the next 3 real-life days.

In order to enter an Instanced Battle with another Guild, the Guild Leader has to do the following:

  1. Issue a war declaration against the targeted Guild.
  2. Aquire a Battle totem.
  3. Deploy the Battle totem on the enemy claim.

Siege[ | ]

Siege is planned to work with the war mechanics. Requiring you to win battles in which will, if victorious, shrink your enemies realm claim. Once the realm claim is reduced enough you have to start a siege against the town claim and destroy it for good.

Starting a siege reqiure a Siege totem. As of 6/5/2018 siege totems are not in the game. The recipe is in the game, but they can't actually be crafted.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You can destroy t1 town claims! If a t1 claim is within the influence of another higher tier claim, it can be attacked by the higher tier claim. Use instanced battle totems to shrink claims to t1, then build a monument close to their claim and build it up. Eventually, you can destroy their claim this way. This is currently, 6/5/2018, the only way to destroy a monument.

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