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Battle survival
Combat skill
First Aid.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Agility Requires n/a
Secondary Constitution Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Treat Bleeding - Active ability - Leveling Battle Survival affects wound treatment duration.

Fatal Hp Conversion - Passive ability - damage that would cause Hard HP to drop below 0 may instead be transformed into damage to Soft HP (% of max mitigation)

0 Treat Bleeding - Can bandage wounds on arms and legs.
30 Treat Bleeding - Can bandage torso bleeding wounds.
60 Fatal Hard HP conversion - 5%+Luck chance to double the amount of fatal Hard HP damage that is transformed into Soft HP
90 Treat Bleeding - Can bandage wounds on the head.

Fatal Hard HP conversion - 10%+Luck chance to double the amount of fatal Hard HP damage that is transformed into Soft HP

100 Fatal Hard HP conversion - 11%+Luck chance to double the amount of fatal Hard HP damage that is transformed into Soft HP
Skill ID 58

Battle Survival is one of the four independent combat skills. It allows to heal wounds and perform operations on badly wounded characters. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Fatal Hard HP conversion - your character's passive ability - gives you a chance to survive a strike that would normally kill your character by subtracting overkill damage from remaining soft HP.

Example: you have 20 HardHP left, 40 SoftHP and receiving 43 slashing damage.

If Fatal Hard HP conversion procs and your Battle Survival skill is high enough to counter 43 points of damage - you will receive 20 points of damage to HardHP and 23 points of damage to SoftHP, leaving you with 0 HardHP, 20 SoftHP and alive.

Amount of damage received in a single strike, that can be mitigated by Fatal Hard HP conversion depends on both your Maximum HP and Battle Survival skill level.

Training Tips[]

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  • Have a friend cut you in a way that creates a bleed, then use a Bandage to stop the bleed.


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