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A character can have a home and a rally point. Upon death you will be respawn in one of the two depending on the fief you die on and if it has Judgement hour active or not.

Prayer for Homecoming will always teleport you to your home.

If a character has neither home nor rally point, it will always respawn in the same protectorate it has died in. If it died outside a protectorate, it will respawn in a random protectorate.


A home binding point is set at a house. Some workshops also have a binding point.

Rally point[]

A rally point is only used during Judgment hour. Upon death on a fief with an active Judgment hour a character will respawn at its rally point if it has one.

A rally point can be set at a keep, tent or military outpost.

Respawning at a rally point will reduce the time you suffer from resurrection sickness, making it 5 minutes instead of the normal 10 minutes.