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Blacksmith's Hammer
Blacksmiths hammer.png
Type Primitive, blacksmith's or believer hammer
Weight 3 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 3
Quantity Ingredient Influence
1 × Branch 15 %
1 × Common ingots 15 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
25 Primitive, blacksmith's or believer hammer 10 %
15 Forge and anvil 10 %
[[]] %
Required skill Forging
Minimum skill level 30
Skill influence 50 %
Starting tool
Crafting duration
Resulting quantity 1
Amount wanted
ID 42

Blacksmith's hammer is a tool required in forging armors and melee weapons such as swords, axes etc. This tool requires working forge and anvil, but it can also be used with blacksmith's shop. It is furthermore used as a building tool with the skills Construction, Masonry and Architecture. A primitive Hammer can be used to craft it.


  • Level 0 of forging skill is required to equip and use this tool.
  • Creation: Add fuel to the Forge and anvil and light it. With the required ingredients in your inventory, right click on the Forge and Anvil and select the 'Forge Metal Tools' option under 'Forging' in the context menu. From here, using the tool creation window, select the Blacksmith Hammer from the drop-down menu and craft.
  • You can craft Iron ingots to a higher quality than 60 (depending on the quality of the iron ore you use).