Life is Feudal Wiki
Type Wooden raw material
Weight 2 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 3
ID 237

Branches are one of the basic materials used in every primitive tool, from making a Wattle fence, to starting a Campfire, and many other uses. Branches can also be used as fuel in campfires and other items that require fuel.


A Branch can be obtained by right-clicking on a tree and choosing Gather -> a Branch. The quality of the branches is the same quality as the tree from which they are harvested, but is also limited by your Forestry skill.

Branches can also be collected by looking at the ground and using Look for -> Materials, then you can use Gather a Branch to pick up the branches that appear on the ground nearby. In this case the quality of the branch is the same as the quality of the ground on which the branch pile appears, but again, is also limited by your Nature's Lore skill.

Tree branches grow back so you can harvest them again later.

The number of branches a tree can hold, depends on both its type and quality:

Quality Apple tree Mulberry tree Pine tree Spruce tree Birch tree Aspen tree Elm tree Maple tree Oak tree
1 - 32 3 1 10 3 5 10 ?? 10 30
33-65 5 2 13 7 7 8 ?? 16 20
66-99 10 10 20 12 14 40 20 22 28

Minor (sapling) trees do not contain any branches, while Medium trees contain approximately half the number of branches as the full-sized, Mature version.


The crafting process can be started by right-clicking on a branch and choosing Create a Primitive Tool, or by opening the crafting window and choosing the tab with the branch icon.

Image Name Required Materials
Mortar and pestle.png
Mortar and pestle 1x Branch
1x Rock
Primitive cooking pot.png
Primitive cooking pot 2x Branches
1x Rock
Primitive sickle.png
Primitive sickle 1x Branch
1x Flint stone
1x Plant fiber
Primitive axe.png
Primitive axe 1x Branch
1x Flint stone
2x Plant fibers
Primitive crucible and stick.png
Primitive crucible and stick 1x Branch
1x Rock
Primitive cup.png
Primitive cup 1x Branch
1x Plant fiber
1x Bark
Primitive fishing pole.png
Primitive fishing pole 1x Branch
2x Plant fibers
Primitive hammer.png
Primitive hammer 1x Branch
3x Plant fibers
1x Rock
Primitive knife.png
Primitive knife 1x Branch
1x Flint stone
Primitive pickaxe.png
Primitive pickaxe 1x Branch
1x Flint stone
3x Plant fiber
Primitive saw.png
Primitive saw 3x Branches
7x Flint stones
3x Plant fibers
Primitive shovel.png
Primitive shovel 1x Branches
1x Flint stone
1x Plant fiber
Torch 1x Branch
1x Naphtha
Snare trap.png
Snare trap 2x Branches
10x Plant fiber
1x Apple