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Building maintain
Crafting skill
Building Maintain.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Willpower Requires Masonry
Secondary Agility Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Quality of created Repair kits and building maintain actions .
0 Can craft small repair kits.
Can repair buildings.
30 Can craft medium Repair kits.
60 Can craft large repair kits.
90 Can craft building kits.
Slightly increased repair speed.
100 Maximum quality of created repair kits and building maintain actions.
Skill ID 7

Building Maintain is one of the seven tier 4 crafting skills in the Artisan branch and one of the two branches following the Masonry skill. It allows to create repair kits and use them to repair buildings. Level 30 of Masonry skill is required to learn this skill. To increase Building Maintain past level 30, skill Masonry must be at level 60.

To craft a repair kit use a knife. A regular primitive knife will work. Use caution when repairing your structure with any kit.


Level Ability Equipment How to perform Screenshot
0 Make Repair Kit Knife RMB click on Knife → Make Repair Kit
0 Repair Repair kit RMB click on Building → Repair


Repair Kits Building Kits


The amount of durability that is repaired depends on five factors: one's Building Maintain skill, the quality of the building, the type of building, the quality of the repair kit, and the type of repair kit. The calculation for repaired durability doesn't follow a standard recipe formula since some it's factors are multiplicative.

The following formula is the one for repairing a blacksmith shop with a small repair kit,

((BQ*0.3)+10) * ((S+RQ+50)/50)

BQ = Building Quality (BQ is the max durability, minus 5000, divided by 150)

S = Building Maintain Skill

RQ = Repair Kit Quality

Eg, having a Building Maintain skill at 90, an 80 quality Blacksmith Shop, and a 60 quality Small repair kit would add 136 durability points.

The next factor is repair kit size. Medium repair kits repair about 6.35 times more durability than small repair kits and Large repair kits repair 10 times as much as the small repair kits.

The last factor is the building type. Currently there is no way to pin point this factor other than through experimentation. In general, more complex and sophisticated buildings/objects are harder to repair. Eg, repairing a Bloomery gives 40% more durability points than repairing a Blacksmith Shop, repairing a Kiln gives about 345% more durability points than repairing a Blacksmith Shop, assuming all other factors are held constant.

Hence a more full formula would look something more like this,

((BQ*0.3)+10) * ((S+RQ+50)/50) * RS * BT

RS = Repair kit Size (which is either 1, 6.35, or 10)

BT = Building Type (eg, Blacksmith Shop = 1, Bloomery = 1.4)

For those interested, the ((BQ*0.3)+10) can be substituted with (0.002*MBD), where MBD = Maximum Building Durability

And for the nerds, the expanded formula used to derive the above equations is, (MBD*0.002) + (MBD*0.004*(S/100)) + (MBD*0.004*(RQ/100))

Training Tips[]

Simply making repair kits and using repair kits on buildings that aren't at their maximum durability will raise the Building Maintain skill.


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