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The default keybinding to open the calendar is K.

You can see the current date, moon phase, real time until it will get dark the next time if you open it and you can click through the past and the upcoming days using the arrows. You can see the remaining real time until the chosen day will start.

The calendar is the same for the whole world, the weather can be different on each server.


Seeding days determine which wild plants can be gathered in the wilds and which seeds can be sown.

  • Note: You can only gather seeds during sowing days for wild crops, which are marked with the orange square.
  • Note: Seeds spawn only on ground with a maximum quality of 30, wild grapes only on ground with a maximum quality of 20.
  • Note: You can see the different types of vegetables and grains if you hover over the icons. They are rare crops, each region has one of them but never all.

Gathering days are practically harvesting days, crops will become fully grown on these days and will be ready to get harvested before they will rot.


Seeding days determine which types of trees will have sprouts and can be planted.

Gathering days determine which type of tree can be harvested for their special resources: Silkworm cocoons from mulberry trees, apples from apple trees and Nuts from Hazels.


Breeding days determine which type of animal can get pregnant in their stables.

  • Note: The pregnancy starts during breeding days and lasts for a fixed amount of ingame days while the animals are in their stables.

Harvesting days determine which type of animal will produce their resources: Milk from cows and hairy cows, eggs from chickens, soft wool from sheeps and rams and coarse wool from mountain sheeps and mountain rams.

Your Own:[]

This feature does not exist in Your Own.