Ground raw materials are raw materials that can be aquired by prospecting or mining specific ground-pieces.

Metallic Materials

Image Name Type Length
Copper ore.png Copper ore Common Ores 6
Golden ore.png Gold ore Precious ore 6
Iron ore.png Iron Ore Common ores 6
Silver ore.png Silver ore Precious ore 6


Image Name Type Length
Brimstone.png Brimstone Ground raw material 6
Clay.png Clay Ground raw material 6
Fertile soil.png Fertile Soil Soil 6
Flint stone.png Flint stone Ground raw material 2
Soil.png Forest Soil Soil 6
Granite.png Granite Ground raw material 6
Gypsum.png Gypsum Ground raw material 6
Limestone.png Limestone Ground raw material 6
Marble.png Marble Ground raw material 6
Rock.png Rock Ground raw material 6
Rocksalt.png Rocksalt Ground raw material 6
Sand.png Sand Ground raw materials 6
Slate.png Slate Ground raw material 6
Snow.png Snow Ground material 6
Steppe soil.png Soil Soil 6


Image Name Type Length
Amethyst.png Amethyst Gem 2
Diamond.png Diamond Gem 2
Emerald.png Emerald Gem 2
Garnet.png Garnet Gem 2
Ruby.png Ruby Gem 2
Sapphire.png Sapphire Gem 2

Mineral Ingredients

Image Name Type Length
Aktashite.png Aktashite Mineral ingredient 2
Bixbyite.png Bixbyite Mineral ingredient 2
Chrysoberyl.png Chrysoberyl Mineral ingredient 2
Euclase.png Euclase Mineral ingredient 2
Gahnite.png Gahnite Mineral ingredient 2
Humite.png Humite Mineral ingredient 2
Kutnohorite.png Kutnohorite Mineral ingredient 2
Meionite.png Meionite Mineral ingredient 2
Parsonsite.png Parsonsite Mineral ingredient 2
Scolecite.png Scolecite Mineral ingredient 2
Tellurite.png Tellurite Mineral ingredient 2
Urea.png Urea Mineral ingredient 2

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