Warehouses can store materials such as Iron Ore, Rock etc. Livestock may also be stored—Horses, chickens, hares, pigs, sheep—which is very effective in avoiding die-off if the player cannot attend to the stables / barns / coops for an extended period. All other movable items and containers may be placed in a warehouse.

Warehouses have two means of accepting things: "Look in Inventory" which opens an inventory window showing the maximum and current capacity (and is for example where you can place large objects - livestock, building logs, and bulk things like ores), and "Open/Close Door" opens the door to bring in or get to other containers stored visibly within the warehouse. Items must be placed either via "Look in Inventory" or in a container within the warehouse.

Image Name Type Building Size Capacity Building Materials Required Skill Required
Warehouse (wooden).png
Wooden Warehouse Warehouse
15000 120x Whitewood building log
40x Boards
20x Metal band
1x Door module
10x Linen rope
Masonry 60
Warehouse Storage
15000 50x Building logs
40x Gypsum mortar
6x Window module
1x Door module
300x Clay
Masonry 30
Large warehouse.png
Large warehouse Storage
50000 120x Building log
2x Door module Regional.gif
2x Building kit Regional.gif
100x Shaped rock
500x Clay tile
Masonry 90

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