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Clergy title

Every god now has their own rating system. Players who please their gods by their activities and sacrifices through the week can become Makthrids (cardinals), and the user who achieves the highest score between all of the gods can become Archimankur (Pope). Rank up and garner power through impressing the gods of Life is Feudal; be bestowed with a fitting title and become a powerful favorite of one or several gods!

Utilize your power of a Archimankur: broadcast your messages to the whole world, excommunicate guilds and create your indulgence to pardon repentant criminals. Prepare for politics and intrigue, though, because each of your edicts must be voted for by Makthrids!

Clergy[ | ]

There stands 13 deities within the pantheon, with 12 of the gods in the rating. Each god looks over certain aspects of life (e.g. harvest, hunting, craft), thus each of them desire a specific sacrifice or achievement. You can read more about the gods in the lore section.

Each real-life day during prime time, those who have earned the first place in the ranking of each god rating will become Makthrids. The player that takes the first place in the rating of the Sleeping God will become an Archimankur. Player will receive the title only if they are online at during announcement. When Makthrids and Archimankur are chosen, all servers gets a notification with their names and titles.

It’s possible to become a Makthrid (even of several gods) and an Archimankur simultaneously.


  • At the end of the week after IB Primetime, each Sunday, the list of cardinals and rating lists for each god are reset.
  • Only online players can become Makthrids and Archimankur (if you were offline at the time of the announcement, you are not eligible for the title).

List of gods and their requirements for the ranking[ | ]

Top ranking player character of the Sleeping God will become the Archimankur. The top ranking player characters of other gods will become Makthrids.

God What patronizes How to wheedle god’s top
Sleeping God God of war and hard-work
Aori Goldenhanded Master & Craftsman
Gloom Trickster & Expert in poisons
  • Crafted poison preparations & cocktails
  • Crafted regular preparations & cocktails
Holza the Spinstress Mistress of time
  • Time spent online in the game
  • Total cost of sacrifice (yarn, fabrics, clothes)
Kallente Goddess of fertility
  • Cost of sacrifice of young (up to the age of fertility) animals
  • Units of manure cleared
  • Number of trained combat horses
Amate-Maksha The Sunmaiden
  • Amount of harvested crops
  • Total cost of sacrificed food
Velent-Elianne Mother-Night
  • The number of unique murders that lead to the alignment decrease
  • The total price of jewelry sacrificed
Terskell and the Three One-armed warrior who protects the the world from the Sleeper
  • Total weight of building materials that were used during the construction
Jodenande, the Dead Maiden The Maiden of Death
Jomfrutotte The Old Woman-Death
Sófaþek-king God of knowledge and wise council
  • Unique non-guild prayers for the player (how many other non-guild players prayed for this player)
  • Unique prayers for the player (how many other players prayed for this player)
Rob the Shoveler God of agriculture and mining
  • Number of unique places where you performed terraforming actions (lowering, raising, flattening, digging mines, mining)

Where can to find Gods’ Rating?[ | ]

  1. Open the Character window Social Tab and press "Rating" in the bottom right corner.
    • Or go to the dashboard and click on leaderboard.
  2. Choose the god from the list on the left and on the right you will see the ratings.
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Methods to earn favor[ | ]

  • By doing an action from that particular god desire. After you did it you will receive a notification that the God has accepted it.
  • By sacrifices. You need to use “Sacrifice to God” ability for the following Gods to earn his favor. (Note: The "Sacrifice to God" option is available at that god's idol once you erect it.)
When you use the ability to sacrifice, the Inventory window opens and allows you to choose what item you want to sacrifice. Then the item will be removed and you will receive points for Gods’ ranking
List of sacrifices by god
God Sacrifices Note
Amate-Maksha The number of points for God’s ranking depends on a food complexity
Holza the Spinstress
  • Yarn
  • Fabrics
  • Clothes
The number of points for God’s ranking depends on a total cost of sacrifice
  • Young animals - animals up to the age of fertility
The number of points for God’s ranking depends on a total cost of sacrifice
Sleeping God
Velent-Elianne The number of points for God’s ranking depends on the total price of jewelry sacrificed
Aori Goldenhanded
  • By having other players praying for you, if you are in the Sleeping God rating.

How to pray for another character[ | ]

To do so you need to use /prayfor <name> command in the system chat or Pray For ability by clicking on the character you want to pray for.

Archimankur edicts[ | ]

There are three edicts that the Archimankur can use:

  • The Archimankur can also cast a global message to the entire world once a day (no obscene language, insults etc.)
  • Excommunication - Members of the chosen guild receive an Excommunicated status for 20 real-time hours. During that time, these players can be killed by any player without losing alignment. Players will be notified about this event in a global world broadcast.
  • Create an indulgence that gives +5 alignment points, regardless of what alignment the player has (disregards the -50 irreversibility). It can be passed, sold, and lost like a regular item, but it can only be used once.
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Create an edict[ | ]

To create an edict:

  1. Each day at the end of prime time (and two hours after), Archimankur is able to make each one of three edicts once.
  2. Go to the Character window in the Social Tab and on the left side of the window click on one of the edicts.
    1. If you click on Excommunication, you then need to enter a guild name to make its members criminals for 20 hours in the field under the chosen edict.
    2. If you click on Broadcast, then you need to enter a message in the field under the chosen edict
    3. If you click on Create the Indulgence then you will receive the item in your inventory. that you will be able to use and give to another player.
  3. Then all Makthrids gets a voting window with Yes/No answers. They should cast a vote within one minute.
    Note: If the character that has a Makthrid title is offline at the moment of voting or won’t answer anything, then his answer is Yes by default. If a character has several titles then he is voting for all of them.
  4. After all Makthrids votes, Archimankur gets the statistics of voting and if it has more No answers, the edict will be rejected.
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