Life is Feudal Wiki

Life is Feudal is a harsh realistic medieval world. A medieval world without magic. Thus, combat is limited to real types of medieval combat:

Combat Pace[ | ]

The goal is to provide at least 2 blows minimum to kill/KO a player. But not more than 10-15 or so blows maximum to kill a fully armored person. There will be no absolute protection, so even if you have a rusty knife, you should be able to disassemble a fully armored knight in a few minutes of constant hitting. This includes archery as there will not be one-shot kills but they decided to add an ability called Arrow to the knee nonetheless.


Damage Types[ | ]

Players, Wild animals, Weapons (including Projectiles) deal the following types of damage:

Type of damage Inflicted by Comments
Slashing Inflicted by most bladed weapons, Bears/Wolves, Simple arrows and Broadhead arrows Most general type of damage, effective against unarmored/lightly armored characters and Wild animals. Not very effective against heavily armored characters.
Piercing Inflicted by spears, pikes, some specialized piercing weaponry, Bolts, Heavy bolts and Bodkin arrows Effective against heavily armored characters. Not as effective against unarmored/lightly armored characters.
Chopping Inflicted by some bladed weapons, especially axes. Effective against different armors except Chainmail.
Blunt Inflicted by practice weaponry, hammers/mauls, non-predator Wild animals, Dull arrows and Dull bolts Non-lethal type of damage (depletes Soft HP instead of Hard HP). Quite effective against armored characters, not quite as effective against unarmored/lightly armored characters.
Siege Inflicted by some siege weaponry, siege hammers and Fire arrows Ineffective against players and Wild animals. Only type of damage that buildings are vulnerable to.

Equipment management[ | ]

To read more about equipment in general: Equipment.

All characters have 4 weapon slots:

Waist slots can only be occupied by small one-handed weapons and a Buckler shield. Back slots can be occupied by any type of weapons or shields.

The total weight of all equipped items affects character movement. Critical weight is calculated based on the Strength attribute.

Different weapons deal different types of damage which must be taken into account when engaging in combat.

Some tips regarding combat equipment:

  • Because of the full loot feature, only equip weapons and armor that you can afford to lose!
  • Equipping a weapon into a weapon slot or donning an armor requires some time and the process will be interrupted if/when the character is damaged, so it is a good advice to prepare your set of weapons and armor before engaging in combat.
  • Keep an eye on the durability of your weapons and armor. It is a good habit to ensure they are repaired before engaging in combat. Carrying a second main weapon or shield is a good habit and might save your life in an intense battle.
  • Shields are heavily damaged by axe-type weapons.
  • Have at least one blunt damage weapon equipped. This might be useful in certain situations to avoid killing someone and losing a lot of alignment - just knock him out instead!

Body parts[ | ]

There are 6 body parts in game. Each body part can receive only one wound and only one fracture. Each body part is covered with a corresponding armor piece that is worn on that body type.

Body Part Received damage multiplier
Head x 1.5
Torso x 1.2
Arms x 1.05
Hands x 1
Legs x 1.15
Feet x 1.1

General combat abilities[ | ]

Whenever you find yourself on the losing side of a battle, you may consider the following 2 (very useful) combat abilities to avoid death and all its consequences.

  • I Yield I Yield. Your character enters yielding state. Any amount of blunt damage will instantly result in a knockout. Killing a character in a yielding state will incur even more alignment loss to a murderer. Good ability to keep your skills intact and avoid death.
  • Flee Flee. All your equipped weapons will be unequipped and placed in your inventory, this will decrease equipped weight and increases the character's movement speed by a short-duration Accelerated effect. You will gain Disabled, losing the ability to fight back or interact with anything, but might be able to outrun those who are chasing you.