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Combat skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Willpower Requires n/a
Secondary Agility Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Effectiveness of demolition-related actions
0 Can use simple torches as a siege melee weapon
30 Can use Siege Torch
60 Can shoot from trebuchet
90 More effective use of siege weapons
100 Can shoot with cows (just for fun)
Skill ID 59

Demolition combat skill for damaging enemy structures.


Name Image Equipment Device Combat Skill Required Materials
2x Naphtha Barrel

(Not Currently Available in MMO)

Naphtha barrel.png
none none Warfare engineering: 30 50 x Naphtha
48 x Nails
4 x Little boards
2 x Metal components
2x Naphtha Nail Barrel

(Not Currently Available in MMO)

Naphtha nail barrel.png
none none Demolition: 30 1 x Naphtha
1 x Nails
1 x Little boards
1 x Metal components
Sapper Charge
Sapper charge.png
Mallet none Warfare engineering: 60 10 x Explosive
1 x Small warfare kit

Training Tips[]

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