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Crafting skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Constitution Requires Artisan
Secondary Strength Unlocks Mining
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Tunnels digging speed
0 Can dig tunnels forward and downward
30 Slightly increased digging speed
Can dig tunnel upward
60 Can reinforce mine walls with boards
90 Can harden mine walls (by building supporting beams)
100 Produced beams are more durable
Skill ID 16

Digging is one of the four tier 2 crafting skills in the Artisan branch. It allows to dig tunnels and reinforce tunnel walls. Level 30 of Artisan is required to learn this skill. To increase Digging past level 30, Artisan skill must be at level 60.

Skill Progression[]

Lvl Description
All Tunnels digging speed.
0 Can dig tunnels forward and downward.
30 Slightly increased digging speed. Can dig tunnel upward.
60 Can reinforce mine walls with boards
90 Can harden mine walls (by building supporting beams)
100 Produced beams are more durable

Skill Abilities[]

Lvl Name Equipment Duration
Min – Max
Entities SStam Cooldown
Global Orders
0 Dig a Tunnel Forward Pickaxe 9 – 10 Soft terrain tile 40 n/a n/a
0 Dig a Tunnel Downward Pickaxe 9 – 10 Soft terrain tile 40 n/a n/a
30 Dig a Tunnel Upward Pickaxe 9 – 10 Soft terrain tile 40 n/a n/a
60 Reinforce Tunnel Primitive hammer, Mallet Fixed: 20 n/a n/a n/a
90 Construct a Supporting Column Primitive hammer, Mallet Fixed: 30 n/a n/a n/a

1. Tunneling[]

To start a mine, or change the height of a mine you use the Dig a tunnel/Dig a tunnel upward/Dig a tunnel downward commands. When tunneling you'll receive half of what ever terrain material is there, (rock/dirt) and half of what ever ore is there (if there is any ore)./ When starting a new tunnel, it's important to note a few things.

  • The new mine will LOCK all 8 Tiles around it from being terraformable. This means make sure your slopes are already set to the level you want them to be otherwise your mine entrance might have a big spike of rock, or be hard to get into.
  • When the new tunnel is created there will be a drop off of about 4 to 6 dirt levels (as of 10/8/14). The new resulting mine will be flat in the 1st tile.

Some tiles such as rock cannot be lowered, raised or flattened, but players can dig through these tiles and the action is mostly used for creating mine shafts in the world to have access to certain resources such as copper, iron, silver, and gold ores and it requires the player to have an equipped Pickaxe in order to remove one cube of ground material. Only non-ore materials can be dug by the player, although there are situations where a player collects small amounts of ore materials while digging soil or rock tiles. Digging the top tile will lock the 8 surrounding tiles from being modified and players have also an option to dig downward or upward which lower or raises the tile by .2 to .4, but the resulting dug tile will be flat. Dug pits and mine shafts decay over time which means that some tiles will be returned to their original state or some tiles on top of the tunnel might collapse inward. To mine ore from the tunnels Mining skill is required.

2. Tunnel Reinforcement[]

Players can reinforce the walls of the tunnel in order to prevent them from collapsing.

Lvl Name Starting tool Materials required
60 Reinforce Tunnel Walls Hammer 4 x Boards
90 Construct a Supporting Column Hammer 2 x building log



Video guides & Training Tips[]

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