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Durability is a characteristic of a crafted building, facility, tool, etc.

Most simple items (stone, soil, Apple, Wool, etc) have a quality (1 to 100) shown when inspecting.

Items such as Tools, Buildings, and facilities, have something similar to quality: Durability.

When inspecting something with a durability, at least Three types of durability show up:

  • Tool durability has a maximum of 200, and "inspect" shows remaining/original, so for example a shovel made from Q99 components may be "122.34/198.00".
    • Tools can be used down to 0.
      • When they reach 0, they automatically move from being equipped, to your inventory with durability 0.00/nn.nn
        • If you have not been monitoring the durability, you may be surprised for example, to be terraforming, and suddenly be told you need a shovel to accomplish this action. By monitoring durability, you know when to carry a "spare".
        • Used tools (of any remaining life but usually 0/nn.00) may be recycled in a forge or bloomery at 2000°, giving you iron lumps.
  • Building or facility durability has a maximum of 20000, and results from the quality of the components, and the skill of the builder. You can find the "quality" of the building by the formula quality=(durability-5000)/150.
    • Unlike tools, Buildings or facilities stop working - and appear on FIRE(!) - when their remaining durability reaches FIFTY PERCENT!! Thus you may start a batch of ore in a durability 2600/5000 Bloomery, then see it stop working and catch on fire as its durability goes down to 2500 by for example pulling out iron bars which each lower remaining durability by 25.
      • TIP: When a building or facility catches on fire, you have ONE MORE CHANCE to craft (or forge, or mix herbs, etc) with it. For example, if your Blacksmith's shop fails while smithing, and you have no repair kits, you should make NAILS with your one remaining forging option, before it stops working completely. You can then use a knife and a Softwood billet to make one small repair kit, which can be applied to raise the Blacksmith's shop high enough to forge things, probably more nails for repair kits.
      • TIP: It is believed that the quality of produced components may be reduced as the building/facility gets lower in the percent of durability remaining. Thus monitor, and repair, to keep the durability high.
  • Inspecting Hardwood and Softwood logs show their SIZE (in stones) and a second number similar to the Durability of a building or facility.
    • Example: Inspect a log, and receive the message "You see Hardwood Log with 250 of 12300 Durability.
      • "Technically", this message's wording is incorrect, while the numbers ARE useful.
      • The first number is the STONES of wood remaining, at 10 per billet, 20 per board, and 100 for building logs(*)
        • You may saw in any order, but knowing the above allows you to make use of the entire log, let's say a 250/nnnnn:
          • TWO building logs may be sawed, leaving 50 stones of wood. If you do NOT STOP after 2, you will lose the 50!!!
          • If you did stop, you have 50 remaining and can do 5 billets, or 2 boards - again stopping after two to keep the last 10, which may be sawed into a billet.
          • Since order doesn't matter, you could saw 1 billet (stopping the auto-saw after 1) then 2 boards (stopping the auto-saw) and then do building logs, which will do 2, then fail on a 3rd.
      • The second number of a log is derived from the quality of the tree it was made from.
        • A Q1 tree produces an nnn/5100 log.
        • A Q49 tree produces an nnn/12300 log.
        • A Q100 tree produces an nnn/20000 log.
          • Given enough data points we could derive a formula, approximately "5100 + (Q-1)*150", which works for Q1 and Q49, but fails, producing 19500 for a Q100 tree making a 20000 "durability" Log.

(*) Building logs are 80 stones, but require 100 stones of log. I somewhat jokingly call the 20 missing stones "sawdust".

  • Thus by example 400 log (if there is such a thing), will NOT make 5 80 stone building logs (5 x 80 = 400), but only 4.
  • A log with 80 stones of wood simply disappears if a building log is cut out of it - nothing is added to your inventory.