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The following are Frequently Asked Questions about Life is Feudal.

New FAQ on the Homepage[]

Main FAQ[]

[main faq page] Q: When are you planning to release this game?

  • A: Life is Feudal: Your Own has already launched in Early Access on Steam on 19.09.2014.
  • Life is Feudal: MMO beta will hopefully start somewhere around Fall/Winter 2015.

Q: What is this game payment model?

  • A: Life is Feudal: Your Own is based on the typical B2P (buy to play) model - this does include server files that allows you to create your own server on your home PC. After purchasing this game no further payment is required at any point.
  • Life is Feudal: MMO will use a combination of B2P and F2P (free to play) model. You will be able to download the client for free and stay on the newbie island for as long as you want, but the newbie island will be wiped of changes every day and your skillcap on the newbie island is set at 150. You can read more about the newbie island mechanics here. Leaving the newbie island will require a certain amount of special in-game currency, which can be bought with real life funds. The special in-game currency can be spent later on some vanity items in our in-game shop, too.
  • We are introducing entry fee (yet to be decided) only for the purpose of protecting the player's community from cheaters/harassment that may be possible in many ways in sandbox games like ours. That does not mean that we won't implement anti-harassment gameplay mechanisms and anti cheat measures, alongside this, however you may lose your account funds if you receive a ban - which is a good reason to behave accordingly and not to push limits.

  • Check out our poll [poll link] to give us an idea of fees.

Q: Where can I purchase this game?

  • A: You can purchase Life is Feudal: Your Own either directly from our website or from the Steam store.

Q: What are the system requirements?

  • OS: Windows 7,8
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 or AMD Phenom II X4 with at least 2,5 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video card must have 512 MB RAM or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 or AMD Phenom II X6 with at least 3,5 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video card with 1024 MB RAM or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space

Q: “Life is feudal”. Where did that name come from?

  • A: After much debate and many variations, this title best encapsulated all the aspects of the game in terms of the brutal combat and artisan crafting in medieval times - and in some modern day aspects, life IS feudal. The name itself was borrowed from the American localization of ”Settlers” - ”Serf City: Life is Feudal”.

Q: When did you start development?

  • A: Bobik, the project leader, started a topic on a game development site on the 4th of May 2010. It took several months to gather a core team of enthusiasts. Excitement rose in October 2010 when we wrote the first lines of code for the actual game.

This excitement grew even more when in November 2011 we received investments that enabled us to become a full time indie studio. We have been enthusiastically and passionately coding ever since then to bring our vision of the ultimate 'dream game' to your computer. Q: What can I do in "Life is Feudal" and what can't I do?
You can:

  • Get lost in the forest
  • Make some primitive tools for yourself
  • Go out into the wilderness to set up some snares and hunt some wild animals
  • Build yourself a tiny shack
  • Claim land around your shack and start some farming (grow some crops, breed chickens in a coop, gather honey from your beehives etc.)
  • Tame wild animals to convert them into domestic for further breeding and milk/meat production
  • Dig a tunnel in nearby mountains to find ore deposits
  • Build furnaces, bloomeries and forges to smelt ore and craft metal tools, glass objects, weapons and armor
  • Call your friends to cut down trees around your shack to create a village and your own Realm later
  • Protect your village and Realm monument with walls and moat
  • Experiment to find better combination of ingredients for useful Herbalism and alchemy potions
  • Drill light cavalry soldiers and heavily armored footman shock troops out of your fresh recruits
  • Wage a war with a neighbouring realm
  • Lead your unit in tightly formed ranks to victory while enemies are running around you disorganised and disoriented like headless chickens!
  • Establish a siege camp, cover it with palisade walls and start making weapons of war (trebuchets, battering rams, mantlets)
  • Breach enemy walls with trebuchets and break the enemy’s will to resist with your heavy cavalry unit
  • Become a King of your own Kingdom with vassal realms filling your treasury with the tribute and taxes they pay you
  • Build a jousting grounds in your city and call for a world wide jousting tournament
  • ... and so on...


  • Achieve 80 level (there are no levels at all)
  • Equip armored bikinis staying protected and fully combat effective (actually you won't be able to equip an armored bikini at all)
  • Grind quests/missions on a daily basis (quests will be limited and designed only to make you familiar with game mechanics)
  • Get bored :)

Q: I have a lot of other questions about Life is Feudal. Is there any other FAQs?

(the below questions are from the interactive forum)

Aug 2011[]

Q/A 1-10[]

1. How will you prevent, or will you prevent, the players from constructing so much that the server starts to lag due to many polygons/objects/whatever?

1) We do not plan to artificially prevent players from building a lot of stuff. We just planning to make it so, that it's just gonna be needed a lot of efforts to build a lot of stuff + high decay speed outside of claimed territories (personal or kingdom). So buildings, that no one is interested in maintaining will decay and disappear quite fast (matter of 1-2 real life days)

2. Will you be using LODs? level of detail

2) We already use them and we make models with 2-4 LODs.

3. As interested in the cooking skill and other skills as I am, how will the player learn how to forge a sword, or cook a meal? I mean, does he need a recipe, reach a certain level or does he just need to know the right combination of materials?

3) Some recipes will be autorevealed while progressing in a skill level. Some recipes needs to be revealed (cooking, alchemy mostly) by yourself or will work like TES4:Oblivion alchemy - set of ingredients with their own effects that result in single potion.

4. Is there going to be sailing with ships?

4) Sailing will be possible, but not at retail i think, maybe later.

5. Are there going to be regions of the map with different climates, like covered in snow all the time or jungel-ish?

5) Yes, we plan to make some map zones with different climates on our continent (snow, desert, plains, tundra and so on).

6. Where will the game server/servers be located?

6) First server will be located somewhere in Europe (Germany maybe). I have no idea about NA servers, since we will have to fins some kind of company that will be willing to organize everything related to opening a NA server.

7. Will there be something equivalent to guards or zap towers (from darkfall, I didn't like the player city towers.) in NPC or player cities?

7) Currently we plan something like vengeful ghosts that will be attacking criminals or players that are hostile towards the kingdom, that had built that church.

8. will u be able to build a house in any location without having to have a deed of some sort, or only be able to place them in certain locations with a limit on the amount of houses in the world IE:(Darkfall).

8) You will be able to place a house in any location, that you'll be able to flatten. So, you won't be able to place it open sea, inside or near NPC city, on other players/kingdom claimed territory. Nothing close, like it is in Darkfall.

9. Will players be able to make their own ingame maps and books?

9) Doubt that. At least not in retail.

10. Will there be various races (e.g. Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc)?

10) Only human races will be available (and I'm not eve sure, if we'll be able to create that much content for different human races). There will be NO orcs, gaylfs and so on.

Q/A 11-20[]

11. Maybe an odd question, but I haven't seen any mention of it yet. Any magic spells/skills in game?

11) Only religious powers. Nothing like pew pew magic in other MMOs

12. Tying in with the first two questions, is there going to be a large fantasy aspect of the game, or are you trying to keep an aspect of realism?

12) Trying to keep aspect of realism with a bit more religious powers and such.

13. What will be the max terrain draw distance?

13) Yet to be decided, but 1 km as minimum.

14. What will be the draw distance for server side object (player based structures, trebuchet etc)?

14) Same thing - yet to be decided - we need some test to be done, when we gonna have an optimized network and render codes.

15. What will be the draw distance for other players / NPCs?

15) Same answer as on 2 previous

16. Will you use broadband's data capacity or will it be 56K max like WoW/ mass market MMOs?

16) We will aim for most optimal connection usage, but can't promise you 56k though - we will have way more data to transport, then in WoW and other MMOs

17. Will various resources (types of woods, minerals, flora, fauna) be localized to specific regions or equally dispersed everywhere?

17) PRetty much all resources will localized. Maybe, except ores and terrain resources (will try to make a balanced dispersion)

18. Will the environment itself be designed as a tool to the player by utilizing physics based interaction like Dark Messiah, or will actionable effects be restricted to the combat system like Mount and Blade?

18) 2nd option. It's MMORPG after all ^^

19. In WoW, objects have no mass, so you can carry unlimited objects only restricted by item slots, also objects have no volume so you can fit 10 elephant mounts in your backpack, or a full stone gatehouse. How will usable objects and resources be represented in terms of both volume and mass. Mostly in reference to how will player inventory work?

19) Every item will have it's own mass property and size property (small, normal, large, huge). So you can carry a limited amount of weight (depending on stats and such) and you can't place large sized object (shield for instance) inside a small sized container (pouch for instance). Some items will be only possible to carry in 3D world (on your back, only one item and with lowered speed) - like tree logs, anvil, loom and such.

20. Will there be a way to fill in a spot in a tunnel if you screwed up or dug to the surface by accident?

20) We hasn't decided that yet, but in current plan you'll be able to raise underground floor level. But you won't be able to fill whole block such way. So ye, if you've screwed - you're done 8)

Q/A 21-30[]

21. What will people bind to, will it be a bindstone as seen in darkfall? Or will it just be a certain tile or building (like an Inn)??

21) Beds. OR better say any buildings with enough beds in it for an every player to bind there. That will just bring some reason to build residential buildings not just for sake of RPing or a safe spot.

22. When you siege something, and claim it, are you destroying everything to do so? As well, where do all the people who are bound to that city end up if they do lose it?

22) Siege system gonna be announced later, but it's gonna be something in between Shadowbane/Darkfall siege systems.

23. Archery Aim System; how will it be ?

23) you must aim with a crosshair, determine distance to the target and raise your aim (ballistic trajectory) and predict it movement, in case if your target quite far. Well, nothing special here, like in most good games, that have archery.

24. Crafting System; Can you give me Game that it will be similar to, if you had to.

24) HnH + a bit of Oblivion alchemy Abit rough parallel, but still.

25. Can you Create something unique through mix and match, on top of the current crafting system and if not retail what about future?

25) Well, your alchemy potions can be rather unique + you can make weapons and armor with your name on it. There will be crafting like add ingredients and see what happens, but i believe all those recipes will be discovered quite fast - so there will be nothing unique about them in a late game.

26. You said the game is skill based; is it like UO- the more you use a skill the higher it will go; and if so, is there a limit to what you can Master/Learn?

26) 100 skill level is max, 700 combat + 700 crafting skill skillcap. It might change in later development.

27. Can I ride a llama?... please

27) Just be sure that zoo staff won't notice you :)

28. will there be a way to gauge distance/depth while mining I read through all the faq but didn't see a clear answer?

28) you can dig in horizontal directions only by square size (2m*2m). You can dig upward and downward with a 0,5 meter difference from a tile you are standing at. You can lower or raise surface ground level at a rate of 0,1 meter per iteration.

29. Texture Stability and Solid. - Will Arrow textures stick into the ground, player, walls and etc.. or will they just act as if its ice, and hit the ground.

29) If I got you right - arrows, bolts and other throwing projectiles ARE already sticking in walls, terrain and other players. It is implemented already.

30 (the real 30). Would you considering adding P-A-C (player Added Content)

30) Yes, that might be an option, but maybe later on.

Q/A 31-40[]

31. Will All Building Structures be hollow?

31) Again, if i got you right - almost all buildings will have an interior, where players will be able to move. Only some decorate and distant buildings in a central NPC city will be solid.

32. will they be poison for arrows or crossbow bolts ???

32) Not planned ATM, I'd say no.

33. Can there be Quick Switch between weapons i.e. Can I stab you and then switch to my crossbow and finish you off with an arrow to the face?

33) We will make a friendly user interface, so you will be able to cycle through weapons, but i don't think it will be instant weapon switch.

34. Will we be able to sit on chairs%ledges (most games got chairs,but you can never sit on them :P )

34) Maybe yes, maybe no. It's not our priority for sure.

35. Will there be chat restrictions or not, like Spam a lot global chat, region or local chat.

35) Sure, we will try to keep public chats clean.

36. PvP/Conquest will there be a game mechanic that says/shows this area is yours and your enemy owns this part (perhaps based on some kind of building radius)

36) Yes, there will be actual visible kingdom borders in our world, and messages when you will enter or leave some kingdom or private territory. And ofc global announcements about territory battles or sieges.

37. Is role-playing going to be supported with some in-game mechanics, like owning your own character sheet, or being able to auto-translate smiles and "lols" to *smiles* *laughs*?

37) Don't think so. Maybe in a later post release stages.

38. Will be allow to Grief Role Players, if wanted ?

38) Yes. I'm pretty much sure we won't babysit everyone, unless a certain line is crossed. That line is pretty common in most games: sexual, racial, religious harassment, cheating and bug exploiting and such.

39. In previous FAQ topic you said that water will be Wurm-like 1-level everywhere. My question is: will there be possible way to build castle on high-ground, dig moat around AND actually fill the moat with water? Or is it going to be just moat-like hole around castle?

39) 2nd option - if you want to have a moat filled with water - you'll need to dig it at the sea level.

40. You also mentioned that if you screw up with digging your mine it's hard to "patch it up". What if, let's say, someone siege my castle and make tunnel under my walls. I defeat this scum, but tunnel going right under my walls is not satisfying me. Especially when the same guy (and everyone else) can get into my town again, and now he doesn't even have to do anything.

40) I think we will make it possible to patch up tunnel entrance and exit, so it become a surface back again. With some kind of tunnel decay implemented later - that will do.

Q/A 41-45[]

41. One more thing I'm not sure of. What I read is that you can master one skill (for example be a legendary blacksmith) and be not-the-best in other skills (alchemy, leatherworking). Let's say I start playing with friends, we all are newbies and must work together on mining/woodcutting/building/hunting. After some time we want to give everyone a role so he can master one skill, for example I'll be blacksmith and someone will provide me high quality ore. Is there any reset option, so I can maximize stats in one profession?

41) It will be pretty much like in UO. You could switch every skill in 3 states: locked - no skill level change, arrow up - skill level will rise, when used, arrow down - skill level will decay when skillcap is being hit and another "Arrow up skill" level should be raised. So you can play with those locks and unlocks anytime.

42. What do you mean with "with some kind of tunnel decay implemented later"? Do you mean after the release? My biggest fear is that LIF will turn out into one big grief fiesta with tunnels and all kinda stuff left behind by players that aren't even playing the game anymore.

42) By later , i mean in beta stages. That feature definitely needs to be done, we just simply on't have it in current state of our terraforming engine (and we moved to melee combat development and other tasks).

43. A follow up question; How limited will terraforming be? Will you be able to terraform other players land in a matter of minutes or will it be time and resources consuming?

43) I've mentioned somewhere, that you won't be able to terraform blocked tiles (blocked by building or by other kingdom/player property right).

44. sense we are the only people on the forums currently how about letting us in for a pre-alpha test :D jkjk(unless u really want to) BUT in all seriousness now 1 of the biggest sandbox features I'd like to see implemented is a wicked pet system (linkreals is the ONLY mmo or game for that matter that has made 1 even similar to what i am looking for aka millions of possibilities through breading) (so will there be breading/taming is my question

44) Can't say about fully supported pets and pet system, but breeding will be active for cattle, horses and such.

45. i do now this is exposed to be based on irl BUT you have to add some more races (it is a game after all :P)... plz Y-Y and if you DO i would suggest making race languages (it won't be that hard to make as it was in haz 2 witch waz made in beyond) aka people wont understand you enless you talk in basic dialect(will there be multiple races and a lang system set up)

45) We plan to make 3 race archetypes (no names yet): - western European like - viking/slav like - mongol/arab like. But TBH it's all about amount of art work to do, and if we'll see that it will delay us greatly - there is a chance that it will be only one race in a release.

Sept 2011[]

Q/A 46-50[]

46.will they be ships (i suggested)

46) Was asked already - we plan them in post release period

47.will they be a life is feudal wiki

47) Sure - either fan driven or hosted by us. (editors note, sure, heheh cute)

48.can you swim or learn to swim

48) Yes, both.

49.will they musical instruments

49) Yes, but not sure if we'll be able to implement good musician skill before release.

50.what currency will they be

50) coins of bronze silver and gold.

Q/A 51-60[]

51. do you have to sleep in game or not

51) Sort of going offline

52. Bobik will you play the game with us or not

52) Nope, i think i won't have time or moral rights to do so. But i will observe it for sure.

53. can you climb mountains or only jump like in minecraft

53) You'll be able to climb mountains, some trees, maybe even walls with a good climbing skill level.

54. How do you guys plan on getting word of your game out? Cause this forum is kinda lacking in numbers.

54) I doubt we'll have a huge advertising budget. I hope that game will say for itself, when it comes out. Anyway - time will tell, no certain plans ATM since it's too early.

55. Is it going to be possible to go solo or is being in a guild/clan essential?

55) Solo will be possible, but we will stimulate teamwork more. It's MMORPG and not a singleplayer game after all!

56. You say you're going to use something similar to sb when it comes to sieges but will you be using other sb like things? ex.the rune droppers that drop runes that give you more abilities

56) Nah, since there will be no PvE (except hunting) there will be no rune droppers, rune camping and such, as it was in SB. I think we'll get inspired by SB siege and political system - nothing else,

57. What differences does the viking/slav racial group have compared to the western-European one?
58. Do the races have any major differences other than culture?

57, 58) Differences will be designed later. Currently we plan to make it easier for some races to learn certain skills. For example, viking/slavs will be proficient with axes and 2H weapons, western Europeans with 1H and shields and plate armors, and Arab/mongols with mounted combat and archery. IT will be only skill progression difference and not some kind of limitations, so any race will be able to train and master any skill. It's just will be designed to make it easier. Racial restricted weapons yet to be decided.

59a. No magic in that game? No heals and mainly - no other-heals? (except some regen from food and maybe pots?) I play with a lot fps games with swords and bows (M&B/Ages of Chivalry, etc) and one thing this games miss to be very good - you cant heal your teammates and do good support to them :(. Bandages maybe for healing?

59a) No instaheals for sure. Maybe something to regain softHP fast, but not hardHP for sure.

59b. What about other-buffs like in DF? In DF its very nice for teamplay. Other-buffs dont last longer and in fight you need found sometimes to regroup, other-buff, healup and go again.

59b) Not decided yet. Currently we plan nothing but blessings before battles and weapon sharpening, armor fitting/patching between battles (while traveling or during siege pauses)

59c. Resurrect allowed or not?

59c) You'll be able to help a knocked-down player to regain softHP faster, but dead man is a dead man - he will be resurrected at his bind point.

59d. What about shields in pvp. If i will be shoot in ppl with shield i can hit in his leg/head? Or i just will be hit his shield every time? Shields will be drain stamina when rising? Or will be broken if they catch enough arrows? Or what? I mean - here is not will be infinite blocking? how i can interrupt blocking? 59e. I mean, how do you imagine pvp without magic and especially without support classes/roles? Its just will be "focus that guy", "focus that guy"? Its will be too fast fight as i can imagine. How you imagine teamwork? Focus on enemy? Cover by shield teammate what have low hp? Rushing on mounts from behind? Using territory for long fly arrows (more arrow distance if from rocks)?

59d,e) Pretty much like it was in medieval times. Formation control, situation control, strategy control (like pikemans vs cavalry, heavy knights vs light infantry, cavalry vs ranged units and such). I got your idea, but it won't be like it was in DF - i hope it will be something new.

60. How much ppl you imagine on your server? 3000 online? 10000? You will use cluster technology or just one-standing server + SQL server maybe? Or one server - one game zone? 61. What about siege? How its looks? Ppl can bind at siege-stones? Or if ppl who siege dead - they will be must run again a lot to city what attacked (if no runestones here and such thing)?

60,61) Hard to tell. OFC we currently plan cluster system for our world (like 1 server per 3*3 km block of landmass), but we need to do a shitload of optimization and tuning before we ever be able to collect and analyze any performance results. I have an experience from other Torque MMO developers of like 500sh online players per one server. So, in theory, we can have battles of 250vs250 on one terrain block, or 500*47=24 500 players. But it's very rough and i missed alot of details - real numbers will be way smaller i suspect :)

Q/A 61a-70[]

61a. Will all aspects of combat be like M&B ? Like melee, archery and mounted combat ?

61a) It won't be a 100% M&B ripoff. But most of the things, like it is in M&B will be inspired by reality and we'll try to reproduce that. (yes there are two 61's not my problem)

62. There will be no PvE, that means no old fortresses with mobs or anything like that ?

62) Yup, no dungeons, old fortresses, hidden caves and such, until you want to dig them yourself and inhabit them with your friends :)

63. So with the kingdom thingy, you wont be able to build in other peoples territory, what happens then if you have a house somewhere and a nation pops up to surround your little estate ?

63) That nation will have more rights on your land. It can politely ask you to move somewhere else, join their nation and stay where you are, or simply force you to move by destroying your stuff, since it won't be protected, since it will be on their land. Kinda harsh, but life is feudal :)

64. How will structures be, considering solo players, small guilds, big guilds, large alliances and massive nations ?

64) I've answer about guild system somewhere earlier. In few words: solo player - property less guild - guild with property - alliance of guilds.

65. Will the combat be completely skill based, so that solo/small guilds actually with higher skill can beat overwhelming numbers with less skill and organisation ?

65) It is our aim to make combat rather player skill based, then ingame skill based. But it might be harder to combat overwhelming numbers in our game (since there will be no powerful buffs, 100500 AoE nukes and alot of heals). So better avoid being outnumbered or be outnumbered in a choke points.

66. You might have posted something about this before but can you build underground and make big cities in mountains and under the ground ?

66) Answered before. You can't build any solid structures underground, only small devices (anvil, forge, bed, wardrobe and so on).

67. Will wildlife act like real wildlife and not the usual mob like acting ?

67) I hope so :)

68. Will hunting be realistic as in skinning and such, so that you wont need to kill 30+ of this or that creature to get a armor set, or will it be kill one bear and you get a hide big enough for 1 perhaps 2 players ?

68) We will try to make hunting some kind of challenge and fun and so it will be rewarded accordingly. I'm sure it won't be like you standing in the middle of constantly respawning bears and killing them with a speed of one bear per 30 secs :)

69. Will you be able to wear cloth over armor ?

69) I believe not. We might implement guild cloaks with emblems in game, or make some armors with cloth over it premodeled.

70. Will there be a enviromental weather system like if you are wearing steel armor in snow you freeze or in desert you overheat ? And clothing like silk under armor in desert is better and hides in snow will protect you ?

70) Thought about that. If we have any spare time for that - we will make it.

Q/A 71-80[]

71. Will there be any instances, like in sieges or can a third or fourth party come and conquer while others are fighting ?

71) Sieges won't be instanced (everyone can come). But we plan to make territory battles. It will prearranged battles on a fixed territory, where every side should make a list of participants and only those player, who are listed will be able to battle there - rest players will be booted from that territory and won't be able to join battle, until it ends.

72. Will the game overall be fast paced or more slow ?

72) Something in between :)

73. Will it take like a day, week or month RL time to skill up if you are actively doing it for say 8 hours a day ?

73) Answered in a podcast. Like 1-2 weaks to reach lvl 90 in a skill, and like halfa year/full year to reach 100

74. will there be much grind ?

74) NO

75. Will there be any unique equipment for people participating in Alpha/Beta tests, not OP shit but different from live equips ?

75) Don't think so

76. Will there be any big difference between starter equips and end level equips or will the game be mostly player skill based ?

76) There will be a difference, but not that big

77. Why ppl must fight for other territory? I mean, yeah, its very fun to fight. But, but what it give to ppl what win or lose? In LA2 city give taxes. In your game can we set taxes? In DF city give binds (nice to have city with good pve spots) and teleport around the world. And some resources in city (Timber, Rare ore mines, Farms). What motivation in gain or destruction of citis and in building kingdoms?

77) We will have taxes. So, reasons for waging wars will be: taxes, resources (especially metal mines) and don't forget about political and ego dramas :)

78. Will there be a separation of roles in the group, such as a tank, DD, support? Maybe based on equipment or skills/abilities.

78) I hope that game will adopt close to realism roles: pikeman, cavalry, heavy cavalry, ranged units, heavy infantry and such. Those will be based on skills and equipment (armor and weapon types mostly)

79. Will there be some single/crowd control skills/actions(not a spells)? Maybe aimed hit to legs or hands and effect by weapon type.

79) Knockdowns, disarms, AoE with arrows are planned.

80. Do you make some sort of selfheal(like a bandages in UO)?

80) SoftHP - kinda yes - potions. Hard HP - only to stop bleeding from deep wounds.

Q/A 81-90[]

81. What is soft and hard HP, what is is the difference between them. (not sure if it is mentioned anywhere else, could not find it)

81) Written abit about that on our site. In few words: HardHP = actuall health, SoftHP = consciousness

82. Can anyone become a member of any [single]nation at any time regardless if they are in a guild or solo(assuming the nation accepts you)

82) Failed to understand that question

83. I was reading some topics and it appeared to me that there will be no npc traders. How will the game developers add money in the game economy with no npc's? I think the only way that this could happen is adding different currencies for guilds. Or do you have other plans?

83) There will be NPC traders in a central NPC city and we plan player vendors but later, after release.

84. Will the developers prevent that one or two guilds will rule the world of "life is feudal" by restricting the amount of land you can conquer or directly control (for example max: 5% of the worldmap)?

84) Amount of land per guild will eb limited, amount of guilds in alliance and their lands - no limitations.

85. Are Nations/Kingdoms a actual in game mechanic, (see Q64) or is it simply a other name for guild controlled land. (my 82 question is based on Nations being a separate mechanic were a guild or multiple guilds can start a single nation)

85) Actual game mechanic. It's alliance of guilds, where one guild is leading and the rest are following. Tributes will be possible also.

86. i was reading another post regarding tracking... will there be a stealth system that allows you to wreak havok that way, ala stealthed rogues in WoW? or will everyone have some sort of ability to sneak up on other players? or will you see everyone a mile away?

86) there will be no invisibility in any ways. You will have to use obstaсles (bushes, trees, landscape features) to hide from enemy or stay behind him. So ye, in theory you will see everyone miles away.

87. there is metion of solo play. what's that going to be like, especially since there won't be traditional mobs to kill, and lack of quest NPC's?

87) Peacefull crafting, your own small shed, small garden, alot of hunting (since you'll have to travel really far to stay alone and away from major guilds and alliances). It's just another way of gaming, try to shift you way of thinking away from WoW levels, mob farming and battlegrounds arenas.

88. how big is the world going to be, i read that it is going to span from the fall of rome until pre-gunpowder era. will there be "crusades?"

88) World will be 21,5 * 21,5 kilometers = 462,5 It's up to players to have crusades or whatever they like to do - we won't force something like that with game mechanics or scripts.

89. how will you balance ranged vs melee?

89) Pretty much like it was in real world - shileds>ranged, speed (cavalry)>ranged, range>rest.

90. what will claiming territory look like?

90) Players will have a right to claim territory, it will be visible, if territory rights overlay will be active or simply by getting near that territory. You can't make someone to unacquire his territory, unless you're a leader of country, that have claimed that territory by building city and special building (that cause all territory in some radius to become a territory of that country). In that case you have a right to give or take away personal territory claims to your men. I think we will work out something, that will give some time for previous claimant of that territory to befriend with a new feudal or move to another spot and claim land there.

Q/A 91-100[]

91. What do you think your biggest challenge in getting the game completed will be?

91) Not really gameplay realted question, but whatever. Biggest challange will be to make all that monstrous game to run smooth and lagless, and especially during first days of release or server wide sieges.

92. how many people can there be maximum in a localized area? ie how many people can you have in your small castle at one time?

92) We hope that we can handle up to 300-500 people in a one small area without significant lags. But it's too early to talk about that.

93. how do you envisage the rank/hierarchical structure working? Will there be a world wide set rank, ie only 1 true king in the world?

93) No, global ranking won't be game enforced.

94. What will be the system requirements like for the game? Will the graphics be "scalable"? "Will i be able to play it on a laptop? ( didnt see requriements mentioned in other threads nor faq)

94) We will do our best to make our game as much scalable as possible in a field of graphics. You'll be able to play on a laptop, it all depends on how good your laptop is :)

95. any environmental effects (ie day/night cycles, weather) in the game, and will it actually affect game play?

95) there will be day/night cycles and hopefully weather system. But it will affect only players by limiting their visibility.

96. I whant ask about melee combat, how it work ? I heard a podcast but something don't understand. will only be one swing or not ? (i mean it like be only right swing or left swing, or it be and right and left and overhead). if i right understand all weapon have be self speed (mb i wrong) and if you have 2H long weapon its speed be low and another if you have 1h short weapon speed be faster.

96) IT's gonna be 4 directions of swing (pretty much same in most other games) left-right, right-left, overhead, thrust. Well, ye, iH weapons will be faster, while 2H are slower. And ye, water is wet and fire is hot BTW

97. what's going to be the single largest object a player can build in game?

97) I think keep or palace (if we ever gonna let players to build palace). But that might change futher in development.

98. how will work stats in game ? ( i mean str con dex and other), will be the differences between race ? what a stat cap ?

98) Not really worked out fully. There will be 5 stats and they will affect gameplay in direct way (like strength wil ladd to melee damage) and indirect way as primary/secondary stats of skills. There will be a stat cap.

99. will be crosshair or not?(i like how it realese in age of chivalry)

99) There will be a crosshair at least with ranged weapons and no weapons (to select objects or players to interact).

100. Great question!!! LIF will be only in English ?

100) Release plan is only English. We will provide localization lately, when we have time and resources for that.

Q/A 101-110[]

101. Label LIF is a hint of "CCCP"(serp i molot/serp i mech) or coincidence ?

101) Pure coincidence. I don't know what are you talking about :)

102. What will traveling be like? Will there be any sort of "fast travel?"

102 Missed

103. Big question! Can I ask questions in Russian? Please:)? I can understand English, but I find it hard to write or speak it.

103) Stick to English on these forums, please. If you want to ask question in Russian - i'll answer it on

104. in Xseven say about styles in melee, like DAOC. This way or that is in fact ?

104) I doubt that we will ahve some styles or whatever coded. It will be pretty much like M&B melee.

105. In game will be collision ? I mean characters will pass through one another or not?

105) Yes there IS a collision in game and players collide eachother too.

106. I like FPV. I can play only in FPV(like in M&B and Age of Chivalry) ? Becouse i read old interactive FAQ and you say that:"1st person veiw won't be forced at all, for instance, unsheathing a melee weapon will bring a close behind back 3rd person camera view." For me FPV more realistic and give me greater immersion in the game, 3rd person not give me that.

106) We will allow to switch back to FPV even if you got melee weapon unsheathed.

107. I saw the towers in the screenshots.... they look awwweeesssommmee! That makes me wonder. After the tower/wall is built, at a later time can you make them taller? Essentially, could you modify it after it is built to make it look different, or BE different without having to tear it down and start over?

107) No, you won't be able to alter already built buildings or it modules.

108. Can a melee hit on two standing near targets? I mean, if hit by slashes. Or will kick in only the first, as implemented in Mortal Online.

108) No, only first one will be hit.

109. How many people will be taken in CBT, and what are the selection criteria?

109) Can't answer that question yet.

110. Will there be GM's? As they would choose if they will?

110) I think there will be some GMs but we won't pick them among players for sure.

Oct 2011[]

Q/A 111-120[]

111. Will there be one and a half arms? (1H/2H weapon, i mean bastard and other), that we could take it in one hand, and in two hands.

111) Ye, we plan to make those.

112. Will be FF on ? (friendly fire)

112) Yes. FF 100% on always.

113. Will be groups or not ?(i mean like in other MMO or it be like in Mortal Online)

113) I think we gonna have Darkfall groups - so you can see their bars, have same chat room and see them at a distance, but nothing more.

114. I can see HP,stama and etc my enemy or not ? What i will see, when i targeting my enemy in crosshair ?

114) Only hard and softHP, but that might change futher in development.

113. Will be siege machines? (catapults, ballistas, and other)

113) Yes, but not sure if we gonna have them at release.

114. (i know u said u can't talk about WHO ur letting in) id like to know in numbers of how many u will let in at a time (exe 1-20 or so)

114) Can't understand that question well enough. I don't know yet, about our beta policies.

115. will beta be like Mortal and 99.99% of other betas and we just get on and play (after providing a code or some means) or will it be like Xsyon (aka the WORST beta style possible) and be paid beta?

115) Same answer: we will see later in development. Anyway, i don't like paid beta idea at all and will do my best to avoid that.

116. i know u said no npcs.... but id really love to see taming implemented... taming was my fave part of mortal till they nerfed it so bad that anyone who uses it is a tard <.< (used to have me and 5 friends go into keeps with minotores as pets... took 20-30 people to beat us :D

116) NPC<>mobs. We will have NPCs in starter city, i hope we will have player vendor NPCs, and we will have wild animals mobs, most of those will be tamable and will be converted in domestic animals after tame (like aurochs -> cow)

117. any word about thieves? will thievery be in game? in what form? snooping, pilfering people, open their locked houses with lockpicks and rob them...?

117) Have not decided yet about stealing.

118. How do you plan to balance PVP between different classes. I mean (archers versus melee, etc.)?
120) Bobik, what is your personal vision on the archer vs melee (and mouted archer vs foot melee)?

118, 120) Shields>archers in most cases, Archers can't kite some lightly armored troops, archers can't avoid mounted units much. On other hand, archers can kite other troops, can hide in hard places for cavalry and so on.

119. How will balance the different types of weapons and armor? I would not want that to be LIF was a similar situation as in Mortal Online, which currently are OP horse archers and foot with a halberd.

119) You will see.

Q/A 121-130[]

121. Will there be different types of damage (piercing, slashing, crushing), and whether the armor on ways to protect them?

121) Yes, there will be differen types of damage.

122. What materials can craft weapons and armor?

122) Don't get that question. Metal, leather, padded. No mythril of other fantazy metals.

123. How will defend the shield in LIF? As in M ​​& B? Would it be possible for the raised shield to hit the opponent's feet? \

123) yes, in our current state od hit detection system you can hit legs of blocking player

124. I would like to participate in the balancing of weapons and armor, is it possible? Soon come up with some more questions:) Thank you.

124) Not really, but you can email me, if you have something to offer.

125. Bobik, you were talking about permanent death. What is your vision?

125) There will be no permadeath, at least not at release.

126. Since the opportunity to incapacitate the enemy without killing him, can I capture an enemy?

126) No, you can't. But we will think about options to demand a ransom for sparing opponents life.

127. Will there be a prison or something like that?

127) Nothing like that.

It would be possible to implement execution (of all kinds, hanging, cutting off of heads, quartering, etc.). 128. Will there be slavery or life in prison, in captivity?

128) No.

129. A player will get old?

129) No.

130. Will there be food and what role will it play in the world and the player?

130) RTFM on our site

Q/A 131-140[]

131. Game Settings. Can I configure the keys as I want? For example do different strikes on a single button?

131) Yes.

132. Can you name at least rough the system requirements?

132) Not now. The more modern your rig will be - the better 8)

133. Pets. How many pets can be a character?

133) We plan no pets, at least not in classic MMORPG meaning.

134. How many metals (steel, copper, bronze, etc.) will be in the game?

134) Not decided fully yet. But there will be no magic or fantasy metals. Only precious and common.

135. Will the global map, global chat?

135) One global map, but no global chat.

136. Teleport will not?

136) Only recall planned ATM

137. Can we learn about religion? What they give, whether they should or can do without them? What will work?

137) Not now - it's not designed fully yet.

138. Would it be possible to repair weapons, armor, etc.? p.s. if you could write in Russian on the balance weapons/armours, I think I can share my thoughts on the English problem

138) Yes, it will be possible. No i won't write about it, because it's not fully desinged yet and it will be kinda spoiler.

139. Will it be possible to breed animals, engage in farming?

139) Yes

140. Would it be possible to create food, like: milk, bread, cheese, butter, etc.?

140) Yes.

Nov 2011[]

Q/A 141-150[]

141. Will there be a large variety of weaponry at our disposal? It seems most sandbox MMOs suffer a lack of variety or a few overpowered weapons rendering others useless.

141) We will try to bring all major medieval weapon types into our game and also, we'll do our best to keep them balanced. We believe, that major aspect of choosing one weapon over another should be players combat style and not just DPS numbers.

142. Will certain structures only be able to be damaged / destroyed by siege weapons?

142) All structures can be damaged and destroyed by siege weaponry, but only at certain conditions (war, siege).

143. What is the game coded in?

143) C++, we use Torque Engine for rendering.

144. Are there any regional buildings? (I.e. mud-brick buildings for deserts, timber houses for forests, stone brick & etc)

144) PLayers with architect skill will be able to build some buildings with their racial style.

145. Any plans for "free" accounts with the subscription upgrade model?

145) Probably not.

146. Any plans yet about a soundtrack? Will different regions/cultures soundtracks change, or will it be universal?

146) No plans on soundrack yet, it's not our priority ATM.

147. Is there a more detailed map created yet then the one on the main website of the game world?

147) no.

148. I am rather confused on combining Arab and Mongol into one race since they are pretty distinct in their architecture, military, and customs. Is there a way to bring one in the game and slowly bring the others along like Chinese, Japanese, and Indian?

148) When we talk about race archetypes in our game, you should keep in mind, that our races are fictional. So it's not just a combination of reallife races, it's just our own ingame race but with some details (not all) from some reallife races. There is no plans for new races yet.

149. Is there going to be influence from other cultures like African and Native American tribes in the game somehow?

149) No.

150. [wow this many, impressive] Is this going to be forested like europe is or is LiF going to have environments such as deserts and cold landscapes [good way to add more arab and african influence]

150) We will try to create all major climate ecosystems (tundra, desert, forests, plains, rivers, swamps and so on)

Q/A 151-161[]

151. I read that there is no pve and crusades depend on us. So is there possible way to inlcude world events like Mongol Horde and the Plague? Where players are sometimes forced to work together in the common cause even though they are rivals [like richard the I and Phillip ...}

151) There certainly will be some events in our game 8)

152. Will we be able to hire npc and pc assassins?

152) No NPC assassins and it's up to you, if you'll be able to find player assassin 8)

153. In LiF will be able to build wonders or buldings to boost morale or stats in a region? Taj Mahul or Cathedral?

153) There will be no global buildings, but certainly, there will be country/feuf wide buildings, that will provide some benefits to it's residents. Something like national wonders in terms of Civilization IV/V :)

154. I am going to assume armor will affect you during combad, so is there going to be diffrent fighting styles to incorporate the best use of weight of armor? In other words if I wear cloth armor can I trip someone or evade heavily armored person?

154) Armor will affect your speed for sure and in theory you might try to avoid almost 2m 2-handed sword swings, but it might be bad for you health, if you fail :)

155. Last but not least probably, Will there be monthly or bi yearly storline and map updates to see how the world is evolving and changing over time? [I saw it on a website how EVE changed over time with various factions strengthening and weakening]

155) Yes, we do have plans for such mechanics.

156. Wow, that didn't last long. How influential will religion be in LiF, is there a chance where one religion will dominant society like Catholic Church or Islam? and if so will there be a GM Pope or Player Pope?

156) There will be only one major religion in our world and maybe just some denominations of that religion. We do have some plans about player Pope and his powers, but it's not in our plans for release period.

PS. Thank you for your answering my questions.
157. Will there be a possibility of having jousting, archery, or sword tournaments held in kingdoms?

157) It's up to you - players. We certainly won't build game mechanics for those tournaments.

158. Will players or gms be able to develop secret socities?

158) Again, it's player driven decision.

159. How in-depth will player-run organizations be able to be customized? Will we be able to create flags, banners, emblems and insignia, and be able to organize its structure? Maybe created out of game and OK'd by the dev team before use?

159) We plan to create heraldy generator for ingame organizations. And we do plan to make it possible to apply that heraldy on shields (not sure about capes).

160. When someone makes a tunnel/mine, will you be able to dig on top of the tunnel and make a new opening?
161) Can I connect a tunnel to another one that is already made, and how will they connect. Lets say there is a flat tunnel that is 15 underground and one that is barely under the surface. If they connect will it make a steep slope between them?

160, 161) In our current terraforming system we have a limitation: vertical height between two tunnels can not be less then 1 meter (1 meter between ceiling of lower tunnel and floor of upper tunnel). So, answering your question, you can't inersect two tunnels strictly one above another. But you can intersect them on neighboring tiles.
P.S. We actually use google wave + napkin (drawing/doodling) plugin + skype, when we were developing that tunnel system, because it's really hard to explain by words what and how should work. That's why i might not be able to clearly answer your question.

Dec 2011[]

Q/A 162-170[]

162. How will be organized as a client - server part of the game? 162a) That is, whether all calculated on the server or that it will be calculated on the client machine, that would not load the server heavily? 162b) As planned the server, that he would have stood a strain (about the system of clusters I've heard)?

162,162a,b) Don't get your questions at all. But server will be authorative and will control most of ingame activities. Anyway i don't see a reason answering technical questions right here.

163. On how many players will be calculated 1 cluster?

163) no info yet

164. Cyrillic is supported in the game?

164) will be

165. what are your thoughts on far eastern influences such as japan, making it into the game? if not at launch later on. other communities (cRPG) get upset if items don't look generic european, which is very boring. I personally think that as a fantasy game based on historic cultures you should ideally represent all feudal cultures, the more variety the better.

165) We're planning to have 3 race archetypes, and one of them will be somewhat arab/byzantium/mongol mix, so that should be a divercity you're looking for. Japans might be introduced later in expansions.

166. will trees spawn in the world? will they grow? will they spread and form forests if unchecked?

166)Yes, but quite slowly. Attented forestry will provide better growth of forests.

167. will pre-designed structures like the windmill have a purpose? be enterable?

167)Yes, they will. Windmill is already enterable and it's role (you'll be surprized :P ) will be mass refinement of farming crops.

168. are you able to dig on any part of the map? or is some terrain like mountains and stone not terraformable?

168) Terraforming in our case is 1) lowering/raining terrain level 2) digging of tunnels. So, some substances will allow both of those acttions, some will allow only one (no digging in sand, no leveling of mountains).

169. will wars/pvp be fought mostly over the control of areas with better/rarer resources, rather than just for lols or e-peen? I really hope you stick to EVE idea of areas of very high risk/reward and safe areas with lower rewards, so that pvp is constant in certain areas of map. spending hours looking for pvp in darkfall was number 1 reason to quit the game for me.

169) We're on the same page here, about PvP, EvE security status zones and such. I'm pretty much sure, that there will be plenty of reasons to wage territorial wars and minor neighbor raids.

Jan 2012[]

170. To what extent will character skill factor into PvP vs player skill. In many games new players, rightly or wrongly, are turned off joining an existing server due to the perception that their character will be too far behind. This will be true even if the skill up time is fast as you intend. In terms of damage done, chance to hit and damage sustained will a highly skilled character be 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500% better than a freshly minted character. Hopefully player skill clearly trumps character skill.

170) That's true in our game we will aim for player skill to be above character skill. For instance, there will be NO chance to hit formulas or anything like that - if you managed to land a blow, then you managed to deal a damage. It's really hard to answer precisely on your question, but let's assume, that player skill will be 3 times more important, then character skill. And if under player skill we mean no only pure reflex/aiming in combat, but also good understanding of game mechanics, good personal/country economy management, good social/diplomacy skills, then such ratio can be even 10:1

170b. Are PvP skills primarily weapon proficiency type skills. If so, how much of an effect would no skill in say long sword have versus nearly 90 skill ?

170b) Most combat skills are weapon proficiency skills, that add some effects to certain attack directions or body part hits, but there also will be armor proficiency, formation control skill, first aid and few other useful skills in combat. Answering your question, main effect of weapon proficiency skill level will be effective quality of weapon, that you wield. So a highly skilled player with Q=1 longsword and a newbie with Q=10 longsword will have equal DPS, except that newbie won't lay some additional effects with his blows. But, highly skilled player will be able to wield Q=90 longsword, that will have roughly 50% more DPS (it's far from final balance, since our combat math model is not fully finished yet - not our priority ATM), but that will be very expensive sword and not many high skilled players will be able to afford to loose them in PvP.

Q/A 171-180[]

171. Will there be any game mechanics to discourage zerging. In a server of 5000 players will there be anything to discourage a 1000 man zerg kingdom ? For example slower skill gain, heal time, disease etc as a function of population density.

171) Short answer: no. Because:
1. You can never make a 100% successful zerg detection algorithm. Even if you will penalty highly populated countries/alliances nothing prevents them from disbanding that alliance in minor countries, but still be allied "de facto" and help each other financially or with manpower.
2. I don't see a reason for that. In UO, SB, DF i've been always on the other side of zerg, i've never liked it and such. But i've seen many times, that if some entity become a server wide zerg other players react on that and make everything to destroy it and in all cases that is successful. And those server wide wars bring alot of drama and fun too  ;) It's just next tier of free PvP.
On first tier you can be ganked, which means that you fail to avoid and/or counter gank, so you have 2 options: quit playing or learn and improve. On second tier your group/guild can be zerged, which means that you fail to avoid and/or counter zerg, so you have 2 options: quit playing or learn and improve.
3. Big population will lead to a bigger territory claim, that means it will be harder to defend and it will be more vulnerable to raids. And packing alot of people in one castle will make them less effective in most of crafts.

Feb 2012[]

172. Could you please explain to me in a bit more detail how I would go about constructing a building square by square after ive flattend the ground?

172) There are few construction ways:
1. build a whole building (like we did with windmill on our video) - and tiles logic affect only how many tiles you should flatten for that building
2. build a fence or castle wall square by square - you will have to flatten enough tiles for each block
3. plan your house, setting every wall, window,and door sections and then complete construction
Not sure that i have answered your question, but that should be enough for now :)

173. When one makes armor will they be able to customise it, and if I can to what extent: can I for example make a crusader helmet and make it look anything like the helmet you see on my avatar; and maybie even change the slit to a series of small holes like a gladiator helmet?

173) You'll be able to customize some item type only by performing an exceptional craft resulting in your name being save in weapon description as a maker. No visual customization will be possible.

174. Will my character be able to get sick and if left unoticed and untreated die, and if yes can there be room for plauges and epidemics?

174) Not in release for sure. But having different kinds of wounds and fractures after battles will be enough for first time IMHO

175. From what ive read night will have low visablity which is great but will night offer any other features; like hazourdous perils like wolfs and cold tempertures that affect status of health, and other things like a change in the tide?

175) Increased predator animals spawn chance that will result in wolf attacks - sounds as a good idea - i think we'll implement that. No, there will be no temperature effects on a player himself (furnace, oven, bloomery temperature rates are not counted ^) )

176. How are you going to name the Alchemy skill? (e.g. Phlogiston or further back like old wives tales?)

176) Alchemy sounds good - i see no reasons for using other names

177. How is the Alchemy skill going to be organized (e.g. you gather ingredients and make, or will it be more complex?)

177) Don't want to disclose ATM, but it should be interesting and not that standart as in other RPGS or MMOs

178. What will the server borders be like? Will the server edge be land or water

178) Water. You must have seen the map on our site.

179. How will land be controlled? Ive read what you said about controlling land and that the size of your land is dependent on how many people you have, but is there any other restrictions to claiming land? Also, will I drop some sort of marker and the controlled land will be AxB tiles with the marker in the center? Please explain

179) You can have a personal claim, which you can place on any part of land that is not owned by any country (you will be able to select tiles you wish to claim but they all must be adjacent) and you can place a country claim (if you're a leader of that country) which will take some territory on a radius based pattern. If some other country placed their claim right next to your border - thay will move your border abit - if you've played Civilization 4 you might remeber cultural borders and the way they expand and contest territory around cities. So in our case level of central monument will affect "power" of border expansion of your country so you might want to invest alot of resources and workforce into that monument.

180. You said "You can't make someone to unacquire his territory, unless you're a leader of country, that have claimed that territory by building city and special building (that cause all territory in some radius to become a territory of that country). In that case you have a right to give or take away personal territory claims to your men." Does one have to be allies of some sort to establish a country around other territories? The way you make is seem is that one can establish a country and quickly disband all territories that he does not like. Please explain

180) I have answered partially that question above. So, basicly, personal claims

Q/A 181-190[]

181. Will creation/crafting skills be broad or more defined? Such as I have an armor smithing, weapon smithing, and blacksmithing skill. Or just one Smithing skill that effects all created items from smithing equally?

181) There will be Forging and Armor smithing skills. Dunno if that broad or not :)

182. Does one posses the innate ability to place a personal or any other type of claim? Can you explain the different types of claims and how to go about placing them.

182) I've explained personal and country claims several times. Really, have no time to do it once more. You will just see it, when it works.

183. Will I loose reputation if I lock pick/destroy someone's house that is not on a claim?

183) You won't be able to lockpick houses, but ye, assaulting on someones property will cause a lover of your alignment.

184. How can I take over someone's claim or remove it? By means of force that is.

184) You can't, unless you're a leader of country, that claimed that area.

185. Can you explain what decay will effect and how much?

185) Things will disappear if they're not used or maintained. How fast that will be will be balanced in game later.

186. Do you think you could post an actual picture of the map and perhaps a list of skills :D

186) There is a map on our site and we got nothing more accurate at the moment. Skills list is still being reworked constantly, so no - i can't :)

187. Any ideas yet as to where the start town (spawning point) will be located on the map?

187) Just look on the map closer - there is a town almost in the center of the map.

188. What items will each player spawn with?

188) I think there will be no items at all. Players will be able to find and use some basic resources (stones, flint, branches, plant fibers) to make themselves some primitive tools which later can be used to craft other things and more advanced tools too.

Mar 2012[]

189. I've seen you mention that players will not take alignment hits when "murdering" players of realms/kingdoms they are at war with. Will the war dec function work like in DFO with a specific amount of time before the war is turned active and you can kill said players, or will it be instant?

189) Of course with a timeout. It's a standart not only DFO, but in most PvP games.

190. Since there will be no regeneration of resources, people will have to fight over control of them as you've said. But will there be any form of protection of these resources like there is for personal structures/items on realm land while not at war, or will players have to physically be online and fight to stop outsiders from taking these precious materials?

190) Online guard duty of your precious resources is totally boring and not interesting. IF those resources are located on a country claimed land - they are protected against everyone who is not in a state of war with that country.If those resources are just near claimed territory or just somewhere else on map - whoever stronger will be able to exploit them.

Apr 2012[]

Q/A 191-200[]

191. I can understand why there would be no visible customization to equipment during development, but please tell me that you will at least think about doing it post release.... think of the children.

191) I think that it is a good and interesting feature and we will implement it as soon as main gameplay features will be done and running smooth

May 2012[]

192. What kind of animals can be found in your LIF world? I would like to hear the number of animals, so what would be a couple of their names. Заранее THX, Бобик !

192) Few types of horses, Bear, Wild horse, Deer (male), Hind (female), Wolf, Moose, Boar, Sow (female boar), Mutton, Aurochs bull, Aurochs cow, Grouse, Hare, Cow, Bull, Sheep, Pig.

193. Will there be damage that will require intervention of healers / doctors? Will the appropriate abilities for healing? For example, fractures, sprains, bleeding, temporary blindness. All sorts of diseases that may affect the characteristics of the character, his fighting ability. I liked this Fallout. There I was once in a melee broke both arms, one leg and knocked the eye :). How long after that, I hobbled to the nearest doctor.

193) There will be wounds of different severity and fractures. Amount of effects of those states will be balanced later.

Jul 2012[]

194. Maintenance/Decay System in LiF. What's that going to be like? Will there be a way to auto-pilot it, ie it would be tedious to have to click MAINTAIN on EVERYTHING. or will there be some sort of go to spot "X" and hit okay (pay for maintenance) and all the stuff you want to pay for maintenance (from a drop down) is maintained?

194) Well, first of all we should distinct small objects (crafting devices, furniture, small decorations and such) from bigger construction objects (fences, walls, houses, buildings, fortifications).
Small objects that are placed inside buildings will have almost no decay and will need almost no maintenance.
Small objects that are placed outside buildings will decay really fast and there will be no way to mass repair them.
Bigger objects placed outside claimed territories (either personal or kingdom claimed tiles) will also decay at increased speed and also will have no ways to maintain them en masse.
Bigger objects that are placed inside claimed territories will have rather slow decay rate, but still you will have to repair each object individually and not with gold - you will have to perform repair actions.
tl;dr: There will be no way to reapir everything in one click, but that will only be needed for bigger construction objects and not that often.

Aug 2012[]

195. Whether the game adds the ability to write in Cyrillic and other foreign languages?

195) It is already possible in chat, but we will think to do something, to cease any other languages use in general chat except English. I personaly don't want another "warsong chat" in our game to happen.

196. When will be the official announcement of the game, like it is not there?

196) Somewhen between closed and open betas.

197. I think, Bobik(bobby - typo :)), you wrote that GMs are not players, then ask the question. GMs invited and paid?

197) Dunno who is "Bobby" you're refering to... Not decided yet.

198. And finally. Are you going to make an FAQ or announcement of the game in Russian language and/or Russian community?(such as

198) Will see. Probably yes.

199. What are the odds of a Law system tied into the bounty hunting world PvP that was discussed in [Forum link] Eskaldar also opened a thread about 'Execution' that ties in quite closely with this, whats your opinion?

199) To be decided later. My occasional thoughts are revealed in that topic :)

200. will there be different kind of horses; so we can ride heavy and strong, but slow horses, light and fast, but weak (they cann't carry mutch weight) horses and horses in between those two. Will there be a special breeding system for those horses?

200) simple - not a warhorse, will stand on a hind legs and most probably dismount a rider if recieves any damage
simple warhorse - will not stand on a hind legs from damage, basic warhorse
spirited warhorse - fast, but low HP warhorse
hardy warhorse - a bit heavyer and slower, but more HP and stamina
heavy warhorse - armored warhorse (take a look on concept section on our website for renders) - most HP, most weight, slowest
About breeding system - to be fully decided later. But in current state: only simple horses can be bred, Q of 2 horses with some random amount affect on Q of resulting horse. Simple horses can be trained to become a warhorse, and during that train random sufix may appear on a warhorse (spirited, hardy, heavy). Heavy horses should be equipped with a horse armor (comming from armorsmith).

Sep 2012[]

Q/A 201-210[]

201. How will aiming polearms work on horseback, will it be free full motion? Also what about other melee weapons.

201) Typical polearms (halberd, glaive, guisarm etc.) might won't work on horseback for balance sake, but spear-like polearms (lances, pikes, spears) will work, and ye we will do our best to make it free aiming. and aiming system will be as much free as possible as for polearms and for other 1h weapons.

Oct 2012[]

201a. Will there be any form of in game graphical communication? Such as LoL / Dota 2 drawing on the minimap? I'd love to be able to at least ping my map for the guys I'm fighting with.

201a) Most certainly not. And there will be no minamap or radar either. Only one large scale global map, without pings and such.

Nov 2012[]

202. What kind of mounts will we be able to ride? Will i be able to ride a Elk?

202) No Elks, deers, boars or bears as a mount! Only different types of horses, including armored heavy horses. You can take a look at them at the bottom of our Concept art page

203. As far as crafting armor and weapons go; will each item be able to be crafted out of each type of metal? Or will we need a combination of different metals to create different types of armor?

203) You'll be able to combine different metals/alloys in your armor and that all will affect armor quality. Some crafting recipes will demand a certain metal/alloy for them.

204. Will the ore that we have mined have to be refined?

204) You will have to smelt your refined ore in a furnace, bloomery or forge.

205. Can you please elaborate on the metal vein system of mining?

205) It is simple - you dig your tunnel, and when you see one of newly created tunnel block walls shows metal scraps - that means that you have hit an ore vein. You can use Prospecting skill to determine how close/far are you to a certain type of ore, so you can plan your tunnel digging operations better.

206. Could you explain the PvP rules in general? Like, can anyone be attacked anywhere? Are there safe zones, or other rules to prevent peaceful players getting killed while minding their own business? I am not much into PvP and I would like to play the game peacefully constructing buildings, tunnels and developing the world. Should I be worried about getting killed/raided alot while not being a warmonger?

206) tl;dr You should.
Why? Because life is feudal :) But that doesn't mean that killing will occur non stop and there will be no ways to prevent it. Aspects that will lower random PK odds:
1. Alignment - those who kill innocents will recieve a huge alignment hit and negative alignment means a huge loss of skills if he die and longe respawn timer (waaay longer)
2. Safe zone around central NPC city or special buildings in your player city that will provide similar safe zone will provide you much combat advantage incase you got jumped on.
3. As it is usual in such games - joining a strong player driven kingdom will ensure that noone will want to mess with you (or they will mess first then cry about zerg after :) ).
So, as i've said - you should be warried about getting killed/raided, but if you're good - you will be able to lower these odds.

Jan 2013[]

207. Will there be jumping or only climbing for scaling walls/fences, etc? Will I be able to jump over a low fence?

207)You will be able to jump over small obstacles, some fences. Other fences and walls would require you to have a higher level of climbing skill.

207a. 71) Will there be any instances, like in sieges or can a third or fourth party come and conquer while others are fighting ? 71) Sieges won't be instanced (everyone can come). But we plan to make territory battles. It will prearranged battles on a fixed territory, where every side should make a list of participants and only those player, who are listed will be able to battle there -rest players will be booted from that territory and won't be able to join battle, until it ends. Doesn't this seem unfair to third parties who are peaceful, or who want to exploit the weakened armies; it takes away from the excitement of stopping an army marching towards you such in Wurm. I might be biased here, but if you elaborate on your plans more I might be able to understand a little better? The siege system might implement more of what I dream of, but only time will tell.

207a) Point is, that you will have both options to fight large scale battles:
1) Siege - classic siege actions, where everyone can come, where marching armies can be ambushed, where random looters will scavenge, where is no limitations or ways to count attackers/defenders so you can brag about that on boards and so on.
2) Battle - instanced large scale "deathmatch". Amount of participants is known, no way to outnumber 1:10 (we will implement some kind of limitation or handicap for outnumbering of opponent), no rats, thrid parties and surprizes. It's kinda like challenging match, rather then normal siege, but with some tweaks closer to MMORPG reality.

Feb 2013[]

208. Am I dreaming

208) No idea :)

209. Is this vapor ware?

209) No.

210. Bobkik you mention about a player with negative aliment will lose skills when he dies? i will most likely be negative all the time this worries be because what if 50 players "Bindcamp" me at my bed? then they can reduce my character back down to nothing? how will you prevent this from happening.

210) Ask your friends to mop up area around your rez point, do not rez and wait when they will grow tired of camping, do not go that much negative. And do remeber golden UO rule: Reskill is not a harassment - it's a stupidity of a victim ;)

Q/A 211-220[]

211. Is Skill lose set in stone?

211) Pretty much yes. But we will provide numerous ways to lower or negate that loss through high aligment, blessings and other ways.

Mar 2013[]

212. Will there be tabards/etc, capes, customizable symbols etc? If I conquer someones keep can I place my logo around it etc.. Can I design a logo for myself/clan?

212) Yes, we plan such functionality, but maybe closer to release or shortly after release.

Apr 2013[]

213. Will there be "floaty texts", telling you exactly who people are before you're even introduced?

213) Not exactly sure what are you talking about, but yes - there will be Name-Surname, Title, Guildname floating above player models with different color markups depending on their political state with you guild or their alignment.

214. Will "Kingdom" taxes/tributes be automated? (Not having it so would require player organisation, interaction and give more than a few occasions for leaders to come down on their sub-ordinates.)

124) They will be automated, at least we will try to do our best to implement that.

215. Will players be able to "flag" other players?

215)I'm afraid there will be no personal standings system in close time, but it is certainly a good feature and will be implemented someday later.

May 2013[]

216. You have mentioned that upon death, the respawn timer will be longer for someone with low alignment. Can you give me an estimate on how long a person with full alignment and a person with half alignment will take to re pawn?

216) Respawn times won't change that much or maybe even won't change at all - it is not FPS multiplayer, when every second counts. Negative alignment characters will suffer a greater skill losses and maybe longer ressurection sickness.

217. When it comes to collecting resources you said you will implement a min-game option. Will there be an incentive to collect resources the traditional method(in-game)?

217) I think you misunderstood minigames conception a bit :)
1. Minigames are designed not only for resource gathering, but for some crafts too
2. Minigames can be skipped by either choosing an autocraft option or pulling a minigame result from your results pool
3. No matter if you are playing a minigame or not - you will collect resources and perform actions in-game, not from some browser or something like that.

218. It was stated that if a realm is established on a particular resource, this resource is off limits to anyone not allied in some sort to the lord of the realm unless another order or realm is at war with this realm. My understanding is that I, a lord of another realm, can declare war on a realm and when war is officially declared after a certain time, I am able to go onto the enemies land and harvest this resource unlimited as long as the war is ongoing?

218) Yes, ofc, and that is called raiding :) Political/war systems are not in their finals, but we will surely make it so, that declaring a war would be possible only when you have something to put at stake, so your raiding can be punished by returned raiding, or assets destruction or even sieging of your city.

219. During a state of war with another realm I am allowed to attack any part of their claimed land and attack any member of the realm without alignment loss? And can I take control of a city or realm while at war or is that only during a siege?

219) Yes, you can attack assets and players of another country you are at war with without any alignment penalties. One detail must be taken in a note: there will be a city/castle territory and "suburb" territory. When you place a claming monument it will claim a part of territory around it - that will be city/castle territory. Futher upgrade of that monument will claim more lands around it, but that will be "suburb" territory - city territory will remain as it is.
So, when your country in a state of war - it's "suburb" lands can be easily raided, assets destroyed and so on. But City/castle territory will still be immune to any damage. That invulnerability is removed during siege phases - which is another story ;)

Jul 2013[]

220. Is there going to be a shipwright skill or similar feature constructing ships from the ground up?
221) How many different types of ships are planned for release?
222) Will there be naval combat?
223) Will you be able to move quantities of produce ie rare resources or finished produce in larger ships?

220-223) Ships, shipbuilding, naval combat are planned as features of first post release patches/expansions. And yes, everything mentioned above will be possible.

Q/A 224-230[]

224. Will there be carts or wagons and will you be able to use carts or wagons to move resources about?

224) Yes. You will be able to use Wheelbarrow, Cart, Trader cart to carry large amount of goods. Also, you will be able to use your back to move different ingame objects (furniture, tree logs etc.)

225. Will there be a maintenance fee players must pay to keep their claimed land?

225) Yes. Details will be provided later.

226. How will building structures like houses or keeps work? Will we just build pre-designed buildings or can we (based off of skills) build the foundation, then the walls, then add stories for height and finally the roof?

226) Right now you can build pre-designed buildings and use pre-designed wall sections/towers/gatehouses to build your own castle perimeter. We plan to implement per wall house construction later.

227. Will there be a fast way to knock down walls or structures on and off claimed land like using a large Maul? (This question is referring to tools or weapons outside of siege weapons ie. "I don't like that wall there I want to knock it down and rebuild it")

227) Structures off claimed land will decay realtevely fast and will recieve increased damaged, so tearing them down should not be a great problem. For structures on YOUR claimed land - we will make some kind of tool to instadestroy them.

228. Is there a bonus to the amount of damage a player can deliver to items they wish to destroy or remove on claimed land as opposed to off claimed land?

228) mentioned above

229. Can untamed animals become untamed again?

229) Yes, after server restart. You'd better place them into barn or stable.

230. If I mine above another mining tunnel or below another mine tunnel, will this form a drop shaft as in Wurmonline?

230)No No No :) Our terraforming engine is 100% 3-dimensional and you can create almost any combinations of tunnels, big and small rooms and so on.

Q/A 231-240[]

231. What will determine the amount of crops obtained from farming a single tile?

231) Quality of soil these crops are growing on

232. Can you build a bridge?

232) Nope, not after release, but we will surely make it later. Right now we're implementing Pier that can be built per square, but unless we have working ships - those piers are purely decorative and ships won't be able to pass them.

233. Any updates on the type of payment method your looking at using once released given today's more popular options?

233) To be announced later :) Probably b2p with small vanity shop, but that's not final decision

Aug 2013[]

234. What will happen if someone dig tunnel and cross someone else's tunnel. Will both tunnels merge, or is there some mechanic that prevents that. I'm curious mostly because it would be really easy to make tunnels for opposing army using mining shafts etc.

243) They will merge. There will be no such things like "my tunnel" or "his tunnel". Tunnel is a tunnel and there will be no limitations on working with them. Another part of story, that entrance to one tunnel maybe on someone's claimed land (private or realm - does not matter) so only owner of that land will be able to enter and leave that tunnel freely ... until "someone dig tunnel and cross someone else's tunnel"
Only surface of land and buildings on it will be protected by divine law of private property rights, everything below - is a domain of the Devil :evil:  ;)

Oct 2013[]

235. In regards to units/formations - are you allowing different ``classes`` to join all in one formation? An example would be 2 cavalrymen, 3 archers and 2 footmen in one formation, which overall makes no sense because the cavalry is faster and I'd imagine needs to get to top speed before engaging as it will improve the damage done by a lot. At the other hand, will there be improved bonuses if an unit is pure, as in consists only of one troop?

235) There are no classes or types of troops in our game. Only characters that wields certain weapons at the present moment and posses a certain skill set. So we are not going to make any artificial limitations, and if players want to have a mixed unit - they're free to do that. But i agree with your opinion, that will make no sense at all.

236. I know you said that the details are to be anounced later about the holdings or otherwise your land, and the game as you said will most probably be b2p. I assume the amount of currency paid for your demesne will be higher the bigger it is. How hard will it be for single player / small group to actually be able to have it's own land in terms of expenses?

236) b2p have nothing to do with land claims upkeep. Upkeep will be paid with ingame currency/goods and will have nothing to do with real life $$. As about amount of that upkeep - we plan to make it dynamical, depending on amount of non-occupied land that is left in the rest of the world.

237. How bent are you on Not having lockpicking/thievery in? Because let's face it, being able to lockpick into someone's holding and take his shinies sounds quite epic :Yahoo!: . At the same time it would give locksmiths an actual presence.

237) The thievery itself could be countered by having an integral ``bank`` of your hold/demesne of limited capacity. Which means your most prized possessions could still be unobtainable but things like resources, tools, weapons, armors - in my opinion - should be free game.
I absolutely agree with you about amount of fun you will get from lockpicking and stealing someone possesions. But on the other hand - that will just force everyone to store their belongings in a safe place and there will be nothing much to pick. Also we would like to reduce to minimum amount of PvP, where one of the sides of that PvP is not online and can not counter you in any way. That statement goes both to lockpicking and to PvA (player vs assests) destruction and so on. We will do our best to avoid that senseless gameplay moments.

238. When it comes to mass pvp and overall conflicts we have 2 modes - the battle and the siege. Is there a way to fight a fight of attrition? By that I mean that we obviously can't normally terraform on enemy lands, but if in a state of war are we allowed to destroy walls/ buildings, loot pillage and rape the livestock if we chose to? And I don't mean in any locked battle or siege, I mean literally get my guys, gear up, drag a catapult and destroy the enemy's holding.

238) You're an offline warrior i see :D  ;) But yes, you will be able to do that, but we might bring out some boards discussion about bringing protection time periods, so some guild assets will be protected from offline raids during some period (e.g. at night or early morning)

239. Will you consider having the option to build entire underground cities at the release? It's something I'd be interested in personally.

239) We don't think we will allow unmovable objects construction underground, but if a maze of different sized rooms with furniture, and some crafting equipment (dwarf fortress style) counts as "undeground city", then you will be able to do it.

240. I understand that the main source of food will be meat and crops, with a possibility of fruits and veggies I'd imagine. Is it possible to have a dish made of mushrooms?And will we have the possibilty of cultivating mushrooms - the good and the poisonus alike?

240) There are some cooking recipes with mushrooms :) But sorry, you can only find mushrooms in forests and can't cultivate them yourself yet :)

Q/A 241-250[]

241. I realize the combat mechanics are ment to be like m&b. In comparison to m&b though, how fast paced do you intend the combat to be?

241) Maybe a bit slower to give more chances in massive battles and for those with high ping rates

242. Will you feature the possibility of holding onto a swing indefinitely or when you attempt an attack it's instantly going out?

242) Of course there is already such a "feature" :)

243. Will there be a possibility of feints? (as in attack, block to cancel attack animation and attack again to confuse your opponent)

243) Yes, but keep in mind, that there is no directional block/parry in our game, so such tactics won't be that fruitful as in M&B

244. How strong will the shields be, and will it be a normal thing for them to break into scrap often, faster of course if the opponent has an axe type weapon ( even faster I'd imagine if it's a 2h )

244) Yes, shields will be more vulnerable to axe-type of weapons and more resistant to piercing types of attacks (like arrows, bolts or spears)

245. You mention kiting a lot. Being a darkfall vet myself I'm wondering how do you plan on putting that in with a soft and hard stamina cap, since kiting as an archer requires lots of jumping and there is no real way to recover hard stamina during combat it seems.

245) Try to think outside of Darkfall quake-like combat ;) Kiting is keeping distance from a chasing enemy - it should not involve jumping at all and it will not be possible to jump+shoot. Archers will be interested in wearing lighter armor and less heavy weapons, that would give them speed advantage.

246. Will heavier armor slow players down or just be a much bigger stamina eater?

246) It will. Weight of all equipped armor pieces + weight of weapons equipped in your quickslots (2 on the back and 2 on the belt) will result in a total equipped weight, which will directly affect your speed.

246a. The reason I'm asking these questions is that well if a character will be slower with heavy armor that leaves only 2 viable scenarios for such a character to be fighting - either defending your holding, where the enemy have to go in (during a siege or a battle) or mounted. The problem with that would be if such a player is dismounted he's basically dead because he can be kited to death, even easier since his enemies have the movement speed advantage.

246a) And you want that heavy players could win everytime in every situation?  ;) Anyway, there will be some "shout" powers that will be available to 2Handed Heavy armored types of troops

247. Considering all the info gained up until now including single target hits, no directional swings (=no way to outskill your opponent) no in-combat ways to regenerate, armor affecting movement speed and no lockpicking, thievery - How on earth do you imagine a small group of players let's say 10 can face a bigger group of let's say 20? that questions are growing into discussion, rather than simple question/answer. I am not against it, but would like to keep it away from that thread.

247) So make a new post in Genereal forums and we can talk about it. As about your question: there will be directional swings. Dunno what made you think that there will be none :pardon: Also you miss a whole unit and formation system, that will bring more organized unit of 10 ppl atop of disorganized 20 ppl group. Also, there will be some AoE abilities (like Volley on archers, piercing shot on xbows and naphtha grenades to control choke points. Also it is free building and terraforming you know, so those 10 ppl can fortify their positions with pikes placed into ground or maybe even palisade walls. And we will adopt our game rules if we will see that current measures are not enough. BUT before starting a whine on the forums about being outzerged and got nothing to do with that, make sure that your team REALLY had enough teamplay skills and it did everything to use their advantages to compensate disadvantage in numbers.  ;)

Nov 2013[]

248. I don't understand how tunnel decay is this going to affect you if you are living underground. Will you be burried alive or you will get stuck because the surrounding tunnels will decay?

248) Decay will occur during server maintenance and if your previous log in point becomes burried - you will respawn at your bind point alive and intact. If it will happen that way, that your position will not be blocked by rock mass, but neighboring tunnels will be destroyed by decay, then you will have to dig out or simply recall home to your bind point.

249.There's a recall? What creates a bind spot?

249) Yes, there will be a prayer that will act much like a recall in other games. Different residential structures (houses) have a certain amount of bind spots, that depend mostly on the size of that house. So building a house and binding to it will create your new respawn/recall point.

249a. Will be technically possible to live in a tunnel? Furnishing it and entering a door at the entrance?

249a) You won't be able to place a house there, though you won't have a bind point there and won't be able to recall there directly. But still you will be able to place some small objects, furniture and some crafting devices inside.

250. Will it be possible, with enough sand/dirt to form an island?

250) Yes, but you can not perform any actions while on float, so you will need to create some kind of foreland and then keep pouring sand at it's end, which will result in an island.

250a. I saw there would be 3 damage types (blunt, pierce, cut), but will one damage type be bound to a single attack or will it be mixed? For example, lets say im swinging a large weapon like great long bardiche. Will it only deal cut damage (it has a cutting edge) or will it deal mix of cut and blunt since its quite heavy weapon? Will morning stars deal portions of blunt and pierce due to their spikes and a large piece of metal ball at the end of it? Will great swords also deal partially blunt and partially cut?

250a) No, we do not have mixed damage types ATM. One directional attack will deal only one type of damage. that means if you will shop with your longaxe - that will result in a slashing damage. And if you gonna thrust with it - then you gonna deal a minor blunt damage.

Q/A 251-260[]

251. What can we expect from ships other then a form of transport?

251)Naval combat, large bulks of goods transport. But ships are in some of our stretch goals ATM

252. Will you be able to fight in the water? If yes, with what?

252)No you can't

252a. Since IN and AROUND Starter city you won't be able to pvp, how will you prevent people from fleeing into those "safe zones" when dying?

252a) We can not prevent that and we won't do that. If you want to gank someone - do that really fast or further from the Central City zone.

253. If you build a mine entrance close to the water level and you dig down, what will happen? Will you dig to water and that's it or is it possible to have underwater"tunnels?

253) As soon as you will start floating insde your tunnel you won't be able to do anything, so you won't be able to continue your digging in that direction

253a. Are you planning any form of thievery or you just don't want it? What about a Lockpicking skill at least for hidden chests and so on?

253a) It was asked many times. In our current situation i'd rather say "No" to such additional and ambiguous functionality.

254. what would happen if your enemies would then connect a water source to that?

254) Huh? There is no fluid dynamics in our game. All water is on the same level all around the world. Neither there is thirst system, so cutting off from water sources won't change anything.

254a. How will Recall work? Tbh I don't like these forms of teleportation especially to get into your house... Sneaking behind someone opening his house's door is still a sandbox element, don't you think? And it may be too easy to save yourself when in trouble.

254a) It won't be easy to save yourself at all, because recall will take some time to cast, will be interrupted with damage and can fail randomly (depending on your "Piety" skill). Sneaking into house will still be possible, if player is living near house and don't want to waste time to make a few steps into his house.

255. Is it possible to pump water out?

255) No.

255a. Do the bonus Alpha Access Keys on the Kickstarter stack ? If i were to buy the 400€ Perk do i get my key + 5 for friends or do i get the 6keys from 400€ Perk + 4 from the 350€ Perk + 3 from the 300€ Perk and so on. The Site stated that ALL previous Bonus apply except the housing.

255a) Bonuses from houses and included in alpha access doe not stuck. So in your case for a 400 you will receive 5+1 Alpha keys.

256. Are there mine doors?

256) Not yet

256a. Will the alphakeys you get to share with your friends in the bigger Perkbundles on the Indiegogopage turn into the full game after release ? Or will my friends only be able to check out the alpha and have to pay again for the beta / final game ?

256a)Yes, these keys are permanent. Alpha access rewards include all following stages access (Beta and release).

I strongly suggest to ask campaign related questions on the campaign page itself. That will allow other campaign visitors to see those answers. 257. Can I reinforce cave walls so that a new tunnel can't be ppened there, ultimately changing my cave into an underground stronghold?

257)) Nope, at least not now. But you will have to reinforce your walls with timber, to avoid caveins due to decay.

257a. With reference to the quote "And if they feel confident enough to leave safe newbie island and dive into the real medieval life on the main Continent, they will have to pay only once." that was posted on the Indiegogo campaign, will we only have to pay once to be able to access everything in the game?

257a) Yes, only once. That is called B2P model.

258. Will there camels to ride on in the desert areas?

258) No

259. Will we be able to make our own factions that own land and have their own flags and colours?

259) Yes. Not sure when we will be able to implement heraldry tabards and capes, but at least they are planned.

260. Will there be an in-game auction/marketplace similar to the "Grand Exchange" in Runscape and other games where players can put their items up for sale and recieve offers?

260) Yes. Players will be able to build a trading post, that will act as a access point to the global market, where players will be able to sell and buy stuff. But you will ahve to move goods and gold manually between those posts. Items won't teleport toward you.

Q/A 261-270[]

261. Will players be able to open stores or businesses where they can earn money from selling items?

261) No. We plan only trading posts currently. But if you will build your own trading post, will provide it with cheap goods and a safe protection from raiders - that might be you successful business model :)

262. How much land will one person be able to claim?/ What will be done to prevent few people owning all land and to ensure that everyone gets some land for themselves?

262) Personal claims will be limited (about around 500 sq. meters, but it is not final yet) and there will be only one claim possible. Guild claims will "fight" for territory. It is hard to explain, closest conception is like borders or cultural borders in Civilization series.

263. It was mentioned earlier that you didn't have any ideas yet on what the Pope's powers would be, or he would even be out on release. Any changes in this since then?

263) according to our current situation there will be no Pope in the nearest future.

264. How do you increase your piety? Is it based on following the word of "god" or more that the church likes you?

264) That is just a name of skill it is not a parameter. We do understand that it might sound wrong, but it is still so. And as other skills, you will be able to increase it by performing that skill's abilities. In case of "Piety" skill it is different prayers and blessings. Like "Prayer of safe home return" (recall) or blessing ability of higher level "Piety" players that will allow to avoid skill loss during battles and so on.

265. Is piety tied in any way to your alignment?

265) Nope it is not.

266. Does a guild/nation have some kind of combined piety based on it's members/leaders? Perhaps in a way that effects relations with the church/pope?

266)Nope, not in a current state of development.

267. How limited/unlimited will the "modular" part of building be? E.G. can I make a massive building with lots of rooms for all my guildies by combining alot of modules?

267) Right now there are only fences and fortifications that are modular. Simple houses and buildings are premodelled. We had fully modular building system in our stretch goals, but seems there will be no in nearest future.

268. On a related note, can you add multiple stories to a building using modular housing? And once more, how limited is this? (Only based on materials used or is there some other limit as well?)

268) Please, read previous answer.

269. What are the benefits to owning a house? There is storage but just how safe is it? Do you gain any benefits from having a bed in your house? (and/or logging of inside your house)

269) It provides you with a certain amount of slots, that can be used to place beds there. Each bed in its turn provide with one binding slot, so you and your friends and guildmates can bind to that house and recall there or respawn there if they die. Houses can also be furnished with chests, wardrobes etc. to act as storage.

270. How specific can you set allowances to property? Could you potentially rent out your house? Could you make a giant house with lots of rooms and rent out "appartments"?

270) No giant houses as stated in previous answers. There is no plan to make any game mechanics that will allow you to give your house for rent.

Q/A 271-280[]

271. Do guilds get any benefits besides their land-claims being bigger and not auto-negated by other guilds/nations? Will there be a global guild-chat?

271) Larger guild claims means a lot more of room for their members to place their own personal claims that will be protected by that guild. I think we can arrange a global guild chat.

272. Is there a global chat in general? E.G. a "trade" chat or the like?

272) Will be.

273. If yes, do you have any plans on how to prevent it becoming the next Barrens chat? (e.g. so full of trolls and nonsense that it can't even be read, let alone used for it's intended purpose)

273) Nope, no plans. Might just implement timeout between messages.

274. Guild emblems/heraldry can be added to shields and such. If I remember correctly there is even a skill for this. Will you have to make the emblem in-game, or can you upload your own, custom imagery?

274) Heraldry was planned, but now it seems we will have to push it further away. But anyway, we will not allow to upload random pictures as heraldry - we will just do our best to present a good and complex heraldry generator.

275. Are certain things (like construction projects) only possible by a guild, or can you (asuming you had the resources for it) do everything you can do/build by yourself?

275) You can do anything by yourself, if you have resources and time.

276. There was mention of "Natural hiding" only somewhere, no stealth or such. However, with the UI telling everyone where/who you are from miles away (floating text and/or hp bars above that bush), will stealth even be possible? Will there be a stealth skill to hide these UI elements from being seen by other people?

276) "However, with the UI telling everyone where/who you are from miles away (floating text and/or hp bars above that bush), will stealth even be possible?" I don't know where you've taken that from. To see other players stats and name and title and so on, you will have to target him. If you don't - you will see only his model, unless it is covered by bush, terrain slopes or other obstacles. There will be no such artificial stealth skills.

277. I also read you could climb trees. Does this mean if you have a higher climb skill than who you are attacking (with bow and arrow for example) and they don't have a ranged weapon, you are essentially immortal? Can you even shoot from within a tree? Can the tree be cut down with you in it? How will this interact with bears/wolves trying to kill you?

277) Climbing will be quite slow and will be interrupted by any damage. So using that as an escape route won't help much. And if you've prepared before hand - your victim can just run away and you will be forced to get down to chase him. But we will probably do not implement climbing until later stages of development.

278. Speaking of bears/wolves, you mentioned you can tame "most" animals, but they will be converted to domestic animals. Does this mean you can't tame bear/wolf? And you can't have a dog or such?

278) Nope, you can not tame wolf, bear, deer. The rest of wild animals will be converted into domesticated ones. Right now we won't have pets in their classic meaning (like dog that will follow you and attack your targets)

279. You also mention stabling animals before daily server restart. Does this go for horses as well? e.g. I logged off with my horse somewhere on a long journey, but now I log back in my horse ran away?

279) Yes. Stable or pack it before server restart.

280. When you say "pack your horse" what do you mean? Stuff it in your backpack?

280) Yes. It does not sound realistic enough, but that is a good feature and was used in many previous MMOs

Q/A 281-290[]

281. So we'll be able to get a "miniature" of our horse to put in the backpack? Like in Darkfall? Isn't it a bit surreal for a realistic medieval world? Can't we just logout while on it when server restarts?

281) It is not only about log out, but about dismounting in general and saving your horse with you to mount later. UO and DF used that system and many other games too, we don't see anything bad in it. It is quite easy for players.

282. (related to 281) Do you have to use something to "shrink" your mount? DF just had a mechanic about it, on UO you needed a shrink potion made with alchemy, even tho it sounds really unrealistic and not in line with LiF concenpt it would be ok if you need a potion to do that.

282) You're right that many games used that mechanics but we're talking about a realistic setting here, MO in example doesn't let you shrink your mount and it's one of the things that people like. As i have stated earlyer - our setting is realistic, but not 100%. If it will be comfortable for players to use fast pack/unpack - why not implement it? House recalls, alchemy potions and so on will be possible. We do not try to pursue 100% realism, because it is not possible in a game where you can respawn :) And no, there will be no permadeath ;)

283. I do not know if that topic was moved, but will there be implemented something like bonfire? Just normal bonfire to make out of wood? And if yes, will have any use for like cooking food or something? Or just for decoration?

283) Yes, campfire. And yes, it can be used as a source of light and as a source of heat for cooking.

284. Will there be sources of light? Like torches etc? And if yes then will there be a way to stick there torches somewhere, like on the walls or fence and not only carry them around? And will they burn out naturally? It would be nice if they had some lifespan.

284) There will be torches, but you can't stick them. Only to hold in your hands. But there also will be bonfires, floor lamps and lamp posts that you can build and place freely inside your camp.

285. This one was asked about, but did you make your mind about making usable chairs? It would be nice to just sit with people in the house or tavern and talk.

285) Of course it would be nice, but no.

286. Are there going to be sitting animations and some emotes? Like laughing, clapping hands etc like in other mmo's?

286) Only functional ones. Like resting, taunts and different show offs with your weapon.

287. Will furniture elements like beds, wardrobes etc be movable? Or will player be forced to remove them and place them again?

287) Yes, they are movable.

288. Does client have info about covered players?

288) Yes.

289. Does game have limitation of view range in point of other players? In other words, if other player isn't covered by anything - client knows about him?

289) Yes. I see where are you going. But that is not a FPS shooter, neither it is WoT. With all of our terraforming, free building and AI that should not stuck in dynamically shaping world we can not afford to check LoS (Line of sight) on servers. Even most of FPS games does not do that.

290. More common question on that subject, by your leave: how client tiny or fatty is? I'm worry about cheaters.

290) if i got you right, we can call it more tiny. Our server is authoritative and check mostly everything that he can check, so there should be no teleportations, speedhacks or instantly performed abilities etc. As about client side cheats, like transparent textures, oversized models, highlights and such - we will just detect them and that is another reason why we had gone for b2p model. Cheaters should think twice is it worth to risk his payment just to see someone behind the wall. Considering that we do not bet on some "stealthiness" like some players dream about, like hiding in bushes and in grass, those measures should be enough.

Q/A 291-300[]

291.Will you implement recycling for materials like iron, other metals, wood etc? I mean picking up broken items like swords, spears etc and recreating new items from their parts by smelting metal back to ingots and making new tools from it.

291) Yes, recycle of metal containing tools, weapons and armors is already implemented.

292.Will there be some balance between archers and heavy armored melee units? I mean, will for example swordsman equipped with heaviest plate armor be impervious to arrows? Because logically it should work that way. Will combat mechanics will be build in the way to discourage overpowered hybrids of archers mixed with heavy armored melee?
If PvP system must succeed, there need to be good balance for all these combat skills to avoid hybrid creation, otherwise there wont be pure archers or pure melee.
There should be some specializations each for other type of enemy to balance the gameplay and force people to take different specialization to have a chance against opposing army.

292) Firstly, even heavy armored knight and archer is vulnerable to cavalry and can be outfenced by shield + 1hander. Other then that, 2H melee have 5th tier skill called "Battle cries" that will affect enemies at range and make them stumble while running or tremble while aiming (Fear). We have combat system balance designed and precalculated and it is wider then just archer vs melee or melee vs archer. But it is too early to talk about it, unless we see how it works out.

293. How likely are you to die in this game without hostile player interference? Like for example through digging a tunnel, fighting animals or starving to death?

293) Chances to die without player intervention are not that big. You can die to starvation, but it is slow and painfull process, you will pass out multiple times before your hardHP will be depleted and you will die. Also finding berries, edible roots is not that hard and will be enough to sustain you. Only predator animals (bears and wolves) deal lethal type of damage, the rest animals will just knock you out. So if you're careful you could easily avoid death here too. You can drown also, but that will be your own stupidity and do not blame Nature for that :)

294. Do I have to fear being killed by other players at any time even while offline?

294) No, you can not be killed while you are offline. You can not be killed in starting NPC city and in some area around it. And if you stay behind your personal or guild claim walls - you will be pretty safe too.

295. Do maintenance fees for claims only count for guild claims or also private claims?

295) For both.

296. As I saw increasingly high amounts of similarities to Haven & Hearth while reading through the FAQ: Is this game the 3D version of Haven & Hearth? Or did you take Wurm/DFO/MO as your model of inspiration?

296) All of them + some more + our own ideas. I suggest you to read that page: [[1]]

297. What is the highest Q? 700?

297) 100 if you're talking about Quality. Skillcap is maxed at 600 + your Intelligence, so that can result into 700, but you will have no points in other attributes.

298. You said there'll be no grind. Yet the Q of everything you use will play a huge role, right? Doesn't that mean that I'll have to play at least once every day and maybe even half the day sometimes just so I can keep increasing the Q of my stuff? Like for example spam-harvesting crops once a day or however fast they grow. How can it be right to say then that there'll be no grind?

298) Because you think in a terms of some other game? :) You can not increase Q of some items, it is fixed as soon as it is done. Some farming might demand it, but again, you're not forced to do that. For instance, you can get few cows into barn and pack it full with food, so they will need no attendance for a day or two - that's not a grind. BUT if you want everything and now and MOOORRRE, then sorry, you will have to grind, and keep adding food every hour to a fully packed barn with dozens of cows.
That game principal is everywhere. You do not need to grind to get enough for a game to be playable. But if you're greedy and want more - feel free to grind as much as you like.

299. Will the game world reset at some point?

299) Probably between Alpha and Beta stages. But not more I hope.

300. We know that there will be material recycling from tools, weapons and armors, but will there be material recycling from building like houses etc? Will we receive back at least some of resources used in building after destroy it to for example build something else in that place or just relocate?

300) Probably not. But we will look into that functionality sometime later.

Q/A 300-310[]

301. :D Will orders be able to bind to homes WITHIN another realm or kingdom? like can I have a mercenary order whose chapter house/base is WITHIN another realm/kingdoms city? Thank you.

301) That's a good question. I think we should make it possible.

Dec 2013[]

302. With the instanced battles will your allies and vassals be able to join with you against your enemies or will you all have to fight seperate battles. Same question for sieges.

302) You enlist battle participants yourself. So you can include anyone to fight on your side (guildmates, vassal countries, mercenaries etc.) if they will accept that enlistment

303. Will we be able to have equipable or placeable flags and banners?

303) Maybe both. Can't say at current stage.

304. Hello. I come from Wurm Online and I feel the upkeep and settlement systems make bad cities because the cities end up as either highly inefficient towns with 5 players living on huge plots of land that they have to pay real money for or they become boring squares that just look ugly. Also the fact that they HAVE to be squares make the settlements just look the same. In the screen shots there are some pictures of a city and small camp. I really like how that looks much better than Wurm. How is the upkeep and shape calculated for settlements?

304) Guild claims will have a circle of protected land around guild monument. So you can build anything inside that circle and it will be protected. It still will be decided about upkeep costs, but we surely will make it impossible to hold large portions of land with a small team without much efforts.

305. Now I just thought of minecraft and mining and need to ask... Will there be ladders that can be built inside the mine? like inside the mountain to actually climb up to another level of that digged mine?

305) No, nothing like that. Make a spiral tunnels (like in our promo video) to ascend and descend in mines.

Jan 2014[]

306. What is the purpose the walls if the enemy can dig a tunnel under my castle in a few minutes? Is there a way to defend against these actions?

306) Tunnels that were digged in a few seconds in our promo vid or on my stream was that fast only to speed things up. In real game such tunneling will demand much more efforts. You can defend by fending enemies away from your castle vicinity or by blocking exit points with some unmovable objects.

307. Do you have something in mind to avoid having players wearing always a battle armor? To perform actions such as cultivation? (ruin slightly the immersion)

307) There is some clothes that provide bonuses to crafting skills. Like blacksmith garb that will provide some bonus to Forging skill. So, in theory, those who are busy with crafts and feel themself safe should be interested in wearing bonus clothes, rather then set of armor.

308. I'm assuming you need to level everything before building (a la games like Salem). So my question is, will this be a matter of going around 1 tile at a time flattening it out? If so, will there be some way to easily see elevation across a large space? Like will you be able to drag/select a large square of landscape and have different colours show up for different elevations? Sort of a clumsy way of asking, but basically I just want to be able to level out an area relatively easily. It shouldn't be INSTANT or anything, but will there at least be a way to easily spot/fix areas in your base that aren't level with the rest?

308) While flattening an area you wont be able to see anything special, only terrain. But when you will be placing some building, terrain tiles in the building area will be differently colored and contain icons, that will tell you if that part is flatten and/or suitable for construction here.

309. It's a bit of a girly thing to ask, but are you going to create dresses? Not those scant, disastrous high level "robes" you see in theme park MMOs these days, but the functional, elegant medieval gowns? If not any time during the release, would you consider creating them for the cash shop someday?

309) Good question  :) Follow that link and you will be able to see what we've got now: [[2]]
Well, 2 on the left are purely decorative, while 2 on the right are some of crafting bonus dresses (cook and blacksmith). We do realize that it is quite far from your expectations, but still better then nothing. When we will get on Steam, I really hope we will be able to integrate with their Workshop system, so we should have a good flow of different cloth and hats and so on. Also, we plan resume our 3D artists contracts too, as soon as we get on our own feet, so additional content will be soon too ;)

310. Is the NPC City the one where Queen Veronica of Acaelia is staying?

310) It is. :good:

Q/A 311-320[]

311. Many games have very short hairstyles for women, and it's quite frustrating. Will there be longer hairstyles for the ladies?

311) No longer then shoulder length, unfortunately :( Longer haircuts demand a lot of messing in order to make them look realistic (animation, physics).

312. Does priesthood come with penalties like in Wurm?

312) Have no idea what is priesthood and how it works in Wurm. But we don't plan any religious limitations so far.

313. I know it might be a little far-fetched but... will there be siege towers someday?

313) Now that's a good question for a lady :good: :) Yes we plan them in some time later time as a part of siege machinery alongside with trebuchets, battering rams and deployed pavise cover.

314. Will fire arrows be able to set cloth armor on fire (aka burn damage over time to certain living targets)?

314) No. Fire arrows are going to deal a small amount of siege damage

Feb 2014[]

315. What would prevent guild without any holding to declare war with whole server? They could operate from safe zone and be able to kill anyone at will.

315) Game mechanics will prevent that. Only countries and kingdoms can declare an official war.

316. Skill caps section of wiki mentions only combat and crafting skills. What about minor skills? I saw on some screenshot there is 3rd skill type cap. Error?

316) Minor skills are not capped. Well, technically there is same 600 cap for them, but since it is only 5 of them - it can not affect them in any way.

317. What would happen if I dig tunnel under a building or any other placed structure? I mean when you dig room 4x4 under building that takes 4x4 space.

317) Nothing. Game will prevent you to create a tunnel if ground above you will be less then 1 m.

318. What would prevent guilds to dig up tunnel beneath walls? If digging 1 meter of tunnel takes 30-60 seconds then digging a tunnel under a whole city would take couple of hours but can be done at night and by couple of people. Can you prevent it from happening by building castles on sand or at water level?

318) Dunno where those numbers about 30-60 seconds came from :Search: Building a tunnel will demand a bit more efforts. But yes, you can prevent that by building near water level castles or on sand.

319. How domestic can be moved? Same as horses (inventory statue)? If I breed Q10 and Q10 cows the resulting Q would be Gauss random generation (+-5 with most odds having 10). In short, how to increase Q of breed animals?

319)In short, by feeding them with good food and breeding them with a chance of a better child.

320. Piety skills is required to rise you alignment so it's a must have skill (you will loose it even when defending). Whats the difference between 0 and lvl 90 skill in term of gained alignment?

320) There is no. Only chance that your prayer will fail, aka it will takes you a bit longer to make your daily alignment prayer.

Q/A 321-330[]

321. Is salvaging objects build in your claimed is giving part of materials back? Would at least leave you with something when you need to evacuate from certain area. Of course it may be long process.

321) Not finally decided yet. But even if we will make salvage of buildings, amount of those resources will not be big (10% or so, will see).

322. In indiegogogo page I saw you are able to claim land in Safe zone. Will it disallow me to place house in wildnes?

322) Nope, you will be able to claim your wilderness land still.

323. What If I'm bind to house that will be destroyed. Is there some starter bind location you can always bind to?

323) Central NPC city.

324. If i'm bind to my house can I bind to some other location if I'm allowed to by the owner? Other house, safe zone etc.

324) Yes, of course.

325. Coal (for smelting), Salt (for cooking), Amber (for jewelery). Any plans to introduce it? It was main resources obtained from mines back in the days.

325) Coal was not that abundant in early medieval ages. Mostly charcoal were created (and we have it in our recipes). No salt or amber ATM.

326. Is/will there be roads and/or paths that can be made giving movement bonus? More importantly for the use of barrows etc. so it will increase speed from mines to villages but a more obvious point for an ambush.

326) Yes there are roads. You can pave a road and it will provide a movement bonus to everyone on it including trading carts, wheelbarrows and horses

327. When it comes to the siege mechanic, will it depend upon players themselves to manually operate the siege and put them into place?

327) Yes, everything should be operated by players

328. Will the amount of damage different siege machines dish out be varied depending on what objects it is used on? Lets say I try to use a trebuchet on a door, will the amount be less than if I had used it on a wall? And would the ram dish more dps to the door than the treb?

328)It is not implemented yet, but ofc we will make a battering ram more rewarding then trebuchet, because you will have to tow it all the way under the walls. And ye, ramming walls with a ram is also sounds retarded so we will definitely do something with that.

329. Will tunnels/mines decay over time? And if so, what till happen to the items inside if the walls/roof collapse?

329) It was answered ;) Anyway.
Tunnels will decay over time. You will need to build supporting columns/timber. If a tunnel had decayed all items inside will be destroyed and lost.

330. Will ladders be included as part of the siege weaponry?

330) Yes, sometime later

Q/A 331-340[]

331. Will there be defensive fortifications added to castles to increase the difficulty of being invaded? Things like burning oil being placed above the doors to be poured onto battering rams and such like that?

331) might be, yet again, sometime later.

332. Housing/Architecture/Structural Design. I notice current structures appear to be standardized size and shape. Perhaps allowing more degrees of freedom than the standard four walls and a roof. Alternatively, being able to build a standardized house and then attach modular prefab rooms could help break up the same-ness. Is there any plan to flesh out structural design?

332) Absolutely yes, but way further into beta or release stages.

333. Modding/Modded Servers. I understand this might cut into the profit model drawn out already, but quite a few games, albeit free to play, are beginning to embrace community created content. I think some effort could be made to allow user created content to face a review process and later be incorporated, or allowing third parties to host modified servers. Charging an annual or monthly licensing fee to third party servers could cover any losses and maintain the cash flow required for the game to remain profitable. This would likely also require some sort of disclaimer to clients that modified servers are not regulated officially and the quality of the player's experience is of no guarantee. What I'm trying to ask is if mod support is at all a part of the foreseeable future? If not, does it seem any future considerations might be made on the topic?

333) Well, since one of our main inspiration is UO and its shards system, that gave way to thousands of interesting shards, we always consider such opportunity. If that gonna be 3rd party servers, or if we might create our own server instances with a lot of tweakable settings, that can be rented by players. We do not know yet. It is all possible, but that won't be soon for sure.

334. I hope I didnt miss this anywhere in any discussions, but you say you have hunting but no pve. does this mean no wild animals that you have to fend off?

334) Well, there will be wolves and bears and agressive boars. You can call it PvE or hunting - it is up to you. But we will definitely have no PvE in it's classical meaning, like grinding hoards of different sized and shaped mobs non stop

335. Item duping and gold farmers have destroyed a lot of in-game economies in various games. How do you plan to combat this issue?

335) Fix item duping if we'll have any. It won't be THAT easy to farm gold, since you can not macro/bot PvE mobs. I doubt it will be possible to establish a steady flow of ingame currency, since at any time your city can be in a war and sieged and raided and so on.

336. There are sometimes issues of GM corruption in games where GMs will help their friends by giving them resources or items. Probably too early to say, but how do you plan to combat this issue if it arises in this game?

336) We will have a GM logs and actually I don't see a reason to give GMs any power to create something in game. + occasional check of their activity.

337. Will you allow players to multi-client on different characters on the same computer?

337) Probably yes. There can always be someone with PC and a notebook and you can never detect that it is the same actual person playing on them :) So why should we limit those with only one PC? :)

338.Will death have any effect on your realm/kingdom position? e.g. you are a king, and you die in battle. when you come back to life are you still king?

338) Death will not effect on such things as titles and so on. You will still be a king.

339. Will there be any kind of secession of realms from kingdoms (violent or no) or violent actions you can undertake to advance your position in a realm/kingdom (like killing or removing the king somehow, so that you can be come king)?

339) Nothing like that will be possible.

340. When two realms are at war, in order to raid (for example grabbing stuff from a chest in enemy territory) do you need to do anything specific to declare it, like is planned for field battles, or can you just sneak in at any time as long as no one stops you and grab what you like?

340) If 2 realms are in a state of official war - they can raid each other Realm claimed lands [claim] freely without any special declarations.

Q/A 341-350[]

341. Will I be able to build a castle on the island surrounded by water?

341) Yes

342. Can I dig an underwater cave and make some air pockets?

342) Nope. As soon as you start floating - you won't be able to dig anything.

343. Will I be able to create a moat around my castle?

343) Yes, you will (editors note, only at water level, there is no fluid logistics, you can't move water from one place to another)

344. Do you plan to revise negative alignment punishments? From what I see it's pretty easy to play as a good guy and almost impossible if you ever to become a criminal ( the part of point of no return if you get more than -50 alignment and a huge stat loss upon death I found ridiculous).

344) We might revise them, but it is not intended that criminal gameplay must be easy!

345. if we donate more then 50€ are ppl still getting spots in all alpha/beta stages of the game?

345) Don't get that question. Anyway, donations are voluntary. Alpha spots are limited and we give them only to the most dedicated.

346. Sorry if repeating but I didn't find what is the logical explanation for skills progression (unlocking skills) anywhere. For example if I want to master Bows, I need to progress like this: Throwing weaponry --> Leather armors --> Crossbows mastery --> Bows mastery Does this mean I have to have all pre-requisites to start mastering bow? Will there be a minimum lvl cap to unlock further skills (not 0-30-60-90-100 tiers)? Why the leather armor is forcibly associated with projectile weaponry?

346) Minimum level that is needed to unlock next skill is 30. BUT that will allow you to level it up only up to 29.9. If you want to fully unlock one skill, you must level its prerequisite skill up to 60. Well, our logic behind ALL combat skills its their "tiers" : Basic weapon mastery --> Armor mastery --> Advanced weaponry --> Weapons/powers against same "class" (shooter vs shooter, 2hander vs 2hander etc) --> Weapons powers against "killer class"
For instance 2H warriors will be quite vulnerable to archers, since they can kite them and 2H warriors does not have a shield to cover them. So "War cries" skill will allow them to scare archers, that will result in some trembling hands and inability to shoot properly for some period of time. That is in a few words, but that's a long and complex topic to discuss it in such QA manner :)

347. Will there be alternative government where a few players can vote on actions instead of having a king?

347) You tell me :) We will never enforce any guild structures and organization. So it is up to you, what type of government you will settle in your guild or your Kingdom (alliance).

349. In response to 347, I thought 1 player will be "king" and can disband other player's claims? How does a guild "remove" a king once one is in place. Does there have to even be a king in the game mechanics?

349) There are no legitimate gameplay mechanisms to remove a king/Lord from his position in your guild. He can do it only by himself or you can leave his guild. Sorry, Life IS Feudal ;)

350. 4 AM city raiding/sieging. As we know there will be one server at launch where both EU and US based people will be playing. Is there any mechanics preventing 4AM sieges for Europeans? Window of opportunity or something like that.

350) Window of opportunity.

Q/A 351-360[]

351. Building off question 334 in regards to PVE and grinding. Would it be safe to assume that since practice weaponry is in the game and there are no mobs to grind combat skills on, that our combat skill training will come from sparing with friends/guildmates?

351) Yup, you can raise initial skills via sparing. And we hope to make our instansed battle system to be available as random arenas battlegrounds. So you will be able to join a queue and then will be randomly dropped into a meaningless battle with other players just for fun and for skills raise.

352. What is the purpose behind the recall option? All it does is make the world a smaller place and it decreases the amount of time people spend exploring/traveling leading to less player interaction/pvp. It literally cuts all journey's away from home by 50%! I can't see how in a game that is based around player interaction and risk/reward mechanics a recall option is a good idea.

352) You still have to go somewhere. We believe that having a recall is a golden middle between no fast travels at all and with numerous portals, summons and other ways of teleporting around the world.

353. This question reffers to this quote "Point is, that you will have both options to fight large scale battles: 1) Siege - classic siege actions, where everyone can come, where marching armies can be ambushed, where random looters will scavenge, where is no limitations or ways to count attackers/defenders so you can brag about that on boards and so on. 2) Battle - instanced large scale "deathmatch". Amount of participants is known, no way to outnumber 1:10 (we will implement some kind of limitation or handicap for outnumbering of opponent), no rats, thrid parties and surprizes. It's kinda like challenging match, rather then normal siege, but with some tweaks closer to MMORPG reality."
Could you clear this up a little? So can a territory battle be fought with both systems? And who gets to decide what system to use, the attackers or defenders?

353) Battles will be thought only to degrade level of someones monument that will result in a shrinking of guild's claimed lands around it. Lvl1 monument can not be degraded anymore, so it have to be destroyed during the siege.

354. How will a player open his house door? Are you doing a key system where you have a key to your house and it can be looted and your house robbed? Or will it be more of an automated ownership system where the door just automatically opens for the owner?

354) Automated ownership system. You can give accesss to your friends to use any objects on your claim and the houses doors also. That is how it is gonna work.

355. what do you estimate the length of time the closed alpha will be? (until it turns to open alpha)

355) Few months. Hope 2-3 should be enough for it.

356. have you guys came up with a price per character yet?

356) Nothing final, but those price that have been voted for in that topic: [important poll] seems to be pretty reasonable for like 51%. Don't see any reasons to change them much.

357. will there be a hashed password that you are able to give other people that would allow them to log into a crafting alt?(like wurm online hashes)

357) Nope, we don't plan that. You can generate guest link for others to play a minigames instead of you, but nothing more.

358. Since there will be no PvE and gear will have it's durability lowered only in PvP what will you do to prevent over surplus of gear in game?

358) Full loot :D

359. Concerning the question # 342: 342:Can I dig an underwater cave and make some air pockets? Nope. As soon as you start floating - you won't be able to dig anything. I'm sure we will easily be able to test this in the alpha, but what if we dug a cave system on the shore that's separated by 1 tile from the actual water. When we're done with the cave we then dig the tile away separating the cave from the water... will the cave fill with water?

359) It has been answered quite a lot of times. We have no hydradynamics. All water is on the SAME level EVERYWHERE. So when you dig some tunnel to the 0 altitude - you will see a water in it, no matter how far or how close to the shore you are.

(editors note 360 edited for size Original question [here]) 360. Is regarding the Witness/Trespassing System and getting clarification of use. Exactly how does this Witness System or Trespassing Ability work? Can anyone just simply shout "A trespasser!" and flag someone as Criminal and Attack them without an Alignment penalty anywhere in the game?

360) You can have a passage rights on your personal claim and your guild's claim can also have those passage rights. Those who violate those passage rights by trespassing are ok, until you mark them individually as a trespasser or until you shout "trespassers" and mark EVERYONE who IS violating around you in AoE. So, everyone can trespass and that will incur no penalties of any kind UNTIL they are noticed by claim owners and are marked.

Q/A 361-370[]

361) Are these Trader buildings Limited in how many you can build?

361) Nope, no limits. But they will be expensive to build and having more then one will not give any advantage.

362) Are they limited in the amount of coin each one of these gives?

362) We will make that limit by the area. E.g. there will be 100 gold coins limit per day for a 1*1km land. And no matter if there is 10 or only 1 trading posts.

363) If so is this coin on a first come first serve basis?

363) Yup.

364) Are these Trader Buildings Open to all players like the Main Central City??

364) These buildings can be built anywhere. And if they will be built on a guild or personal claim - claim owner might be able to set up the rights. Maybe one guild will have a trading post with access rights to only their members for interguild trading and will build another post outside of the city walls that will be available to everyone.

365) Will the coin being given out by Trader Buildings effect whether or not the Main Central City has coin as well?

365) Nope, only by area. But we will see how it work out and I might adjust gold emission rates.

366) Can these Trader Buildings be locked up for personal use?

366) Answered above. Claim owner can set up whatever rights he wishes.

367) Can Players Destroy these Trader buildings?

367) Yes. But if it is on the claim - you will need to remove a claim or be in official state of war. And if that post in a town claim area, then you must even declare a siege for that.

368) If the Trader Building sells items are they going to cost more than the Central City?

368) Not decided yet if trading posts will be selling those goods they have just bought from players or just "destroy" them. Anyway, main idea of trading posts is a provision of suitable player to player trading. The fact that server takes his part in it is only just to provide an emission of gold into game to minimize the barter.

369) Will they give less coins for items sold to them than the Main City?

369) Nope, prices will be equal if you're talking about prices. If you're talking about amount of emission through those trading posts - Main City will have more gold available.

370) How often will the coin be distributed?

370) Once a real life day.

Q/A 371-380[]

371. According to 370 reply then if I haven't be logged in at certain time in day then I have no chance of getting coins? (Some people have job :P) Maybe progressive coins generation would be better solution. The best one would be random generated with peaks at population peaks. Is this set in stone?

371) Nope it is not set in stone and even not implemented yet. I see your point, I think we will make it with some kind of generation during whole day.

372) Once a player yields to another player does the yielding status continue after they wake up until they cancel it?

372) Yielding will cease its status as soon as surrendering person is knocked out, killed or has canceled that status. And these changes are no instant, so you can't yield in a last millisecond before death to give more penalty to your murderer nor you can instantly cancel that state.

373) Once a player has yielded will hitting them after the player wakes up count again as an assault alignment penalty of -2?

373) It depends on if you're still a criminal because of an assault. We deduct alignment only twice for the same criminal act and do not deduct it for a some time until a certain timer runs off. So if you're fighting someone you're trying to kill - you won't lose alignment with every hit.

374. Will we be able to change the place of our personal claims? For example I run out of resources or find my place not fit for me, can I remove the claim on that land and go claim other spot on the map? I couldn't find any info considering this.

374) Yes, you can do that at any time. It will take 1 real life day to completely destroy your personal claim (no matter if that destruction was ordered by you or by lord of the guild claim your personal claim at). After that real life day you will be able to make your personal claim again anywhere you want.

375. Can I pile dirt against a city wall built on sand and make a ramp over the wall since I can't dig under the wall?

375) You can try, but I doubt that will help you. Every substance in our game have a "flowability" property. So a hill made with dirt will not be that steep and its top will be quite far from the wall top. Maybe you will be able to jump over with a horse :Search: - never ever tried that.

376. I was wondering if you plan to include a free-look-button. Mount&Blade has it so as long as you press it the camera can rotate freely around your character while you're standing still. But I would prefer it like in ArmA: you can look freely, but only in a limited angle plus your head will turn around accordingly. So everybody would see where you're looking at. Is something like that planned?

376) It is already implemented. Head will not turn though.

377. As for the instanced scheduled battles: Are you required to go to the battlefield before the instanced battle begins or will you be teleported no matter where you are on the world map? I would prefer having to go there beforehand.

377) Well, for battles you will be teleported. But for the siege system we plan it to be classic, so there you will have to go by yourself, you can be ambushed before all of you had rallied and so on and so on...

Mar 2014[]

378. Is the alpha world going to be seperate from the release one or will we be able to lay claim to land in Alpha and use it throughout the whole of the game?

378) Of course Alpha will be separate and there will be wipes between major testing stages.

379. Will full loot be disabled in instanced battles? I fear that looting and fear of being looted will distract players from combat.

379) It will be disabled in a battleground random matchmaking. But in guild battles it will be turned on. And you fear it right :D There will be combat looting and a lot of edramas about someone dying from wounds or enemies just 2 meters away from his teammate who is busy with looting someone. That is another measure of quality of a guild - if their members are practicing combat loot or not ;)

380. What do you mean by "It will be disabled in a battleground random matchmaking." in the above question? I'm confused as what you mean by "random matchmaking", it sounds like a sort of arena game feature Is everything not happening in the open world like in DFUW? Like when there is a siege, if I wanted my clan to go and help the defenders, could I not just group up my members, and we all ride to the siege and just attack the attackers in the open world? I think I remember reading that some things may be instanced or something but I hoped it was only being discussed. (editors note cut for space)

380) Yes, there will be instanced battles for territory and just random arenas. But sieges are planned to be classic and random PvP too - in a one single persistent world ;)

382. Will it be possible to buy a house in the starter town and rent it to players?

382) Absolutely Yes :D We will give those houses for rent to those who are interested. Though offer is limited of course ;)

383 There will be many NPC cities? 384 NPC mobs? 385 NPC will interact with each other? Some scripts? 386 Does NPC will be just standing do nothing objects?

383-386) There will be almost no NPCs and interaction with them will be minimal.

387. How trees and other objects that can be collected will reappear? After restarting the server like in Eve?

387) Trees will regrow slowly, but you can easily deforest all area around you. So it is in your interests to plant new ones. Some of resources ON trees (bark, apples, branches) will regenerate on server restart.

388. We can dig tunnels unlimited, but after several months of playing grounds will be full of holes?

388) We have heard it plenty of times, but we don't think that will happen. You can dig a hole in real life, but our world does not look to be totally digged up ;) Why? Because there is no reason for just digging a holes. In our game that will take some time, so people will dig something only if they need it (to get an ore, to dig a moat around walls and so on.

389. Is it possible to adopt a nomadic style of game?

389) Do not understand what that means. But you can roleplay as much as you like :)

390. Will you be able to teleport home to your "bind" whilst carrying something (crate, chest, quern, etc)?

390) Nope. You can not perform any actions, while carrying an object on your back. Well, you can only drop it and that's all :)

Q/A 391-400[]

391. Will a country or Kingdom be able to declare war on everyone ? I mean, just click a button -> war on everyone, even neutrals ! I know this has already been made, in a game called "Starmade", where you can freely consider neutrals enemies. That would allow "vikings" or "hordes" guilds to exist !

391) You can declare wars only on other Countries or Kigdoms (Guilds that have lands). And no, we plan no functionality for "Declare war on everyone" button. It simply won't be used at all or very rarely.

392. Working off the previous question - what is going to be there to STOP groups from declaring war on everyone? If a group can declare war on as many groups they like at the same time without restrictions, couldnt they basically just negate many of the other systems in the game (notably land claims and alignment, etc)? Easy answer to this is "They will have too many enemies then" but I saw this happen in DFO and that doesn't solve the issue.

392) I don't see an issue here. If they will declare war on everyone - their Monument will be sieged and destroyed by any other guild or all together, thus degrading Country back to Order. And Orders can not declare wars. And if they are that strong that no one dares to destroy their monument, well, they had deserved their right to bully everyone without consequences.

393. A question about immersion: Seeing older screenshots of your custom built village again I think I can really immerse myself in "living" in this village of mine. I thought about what makes me feel immersed in a game like this and then Skyrim came to mind as my most immersive experience in the last year. Thinking about what makes me feel immersed in it I think it's the animations and interactions with my environment. Will there be plenty of different animations just for doing random every day stuff, like sit on a chair, or sit on the ground and different animations for jobs to do like cutting wood, constructing stuff etc. ? I think it will help immensely to make the player feel at home in the game.

393) We already have different animations for different crafting actions. But not that much as we might wish to. Also, we have almost no Roleplay/Emote animations like: sit, wave, bow, laugh etc Hope we will make them one day, but right now it is not our priority.

not394) (in regards to 389) What he meant was can you live like a nomad, constantly moving around, living in a tent, having some cattle with you and maybe a pack horse, constantly traveling to new locations of the world. Perfect for people that likes to explore.

not394) I think it will be possible, but will be quite hard. We plan some trader carts as a way of transporting goods, so you will be able to fetch a lot of stuff with you. But without constant supply of food, metal and maybe wood in deserted areas - that's gonna be a hard life I think. Anyway, I hope you will answer that question to me one day ;)

394. Regarding the food problem in question 389. Can you bring cattle to new locations? Real life nomads often had cows and other cattle traveling with them.

394) Only transfer them the same way as other pocket ponies - in inventory. But you won't be able to move many at once.

395. do you have a detection program that will detect aim bots and other programs that might aid a person in pvp and do you think aim bots and macros will be a problem within the game

395) I don't think that aimbot will be even possible. Aimbot for melee combat is like... hard to imagine. Well, I am aware about Darkfall "Stick to back" cheat, but I don't think it can work in our game. As about shooting itself - arrows and bolts will be travelling according to ballistic curve with a limited speed. So you will have to aim accordingly - I doubt any aimbot will be able to help you. It is not that easy as target someone head in a crosshair and shoot a bullet that flies instantly and without downforce. As about macroes. It has been discussed already. We doubt that there will be real necessity for macroing, but we do not prohibit it. That will not give much of an advantage.

396. Lets imagine we have a prosperous guild and suddenly the guild leader goes absent for a few weeks. Should there be a way to replace him in such case?

396) No. Unless he had left his account to someone.

397. In a state of siege when we defend our city and if we die we can respawn instantly?

397) Almost instantly, ye, but you will suffer from ressurection sickness that will make you a VERY poor combatant. And duration of that sickness will increase with every your death.

398. Are there any limit about negative amount of standing?

398) Aprox. -1000 alignment. You don't want to get there I bet. A single death will result in a loss of 636 total skill points. 2 such deaths will almost wipe all of your character skills.

399. Will there be flying unicorns ? :)

399) ... that will poop with rainbows and will eat your candy-floss that you will grow in a gardens of your flying castle. Sure, it will be implemented soon :crazy: :D

400. Are we going to be able to customize and decorate the inside of player buildings ?

400) It is not implemented yet, but it is quite high on our priority list. We have paintings, animal trophies, light sources and furniture for that case.

Q/A 401-410[]

401. Will we be able to lower rock surfaces other than to open a tunnel, i.e. lower the slope of a face of rock?

401) Nope. Solid substances (rock, marble, granite) can not be lowered. You can only pour other substance on top of them to raise ground level. Or tunnel them.

402. Will it be possibly to carry around a fellow player's body if he was beaten dead or half dead (including his loot) to a safer place where he could be healed?

402) It was not planned, but technically it is quite possible. But I think it will be way easier to bring him round locally, then drag him somewhere. Anyway, we will keep that idea in mind for some later times.

403. Is the skill loss from death taken randomly from all skills at some rate (ie, if losing 6 pts its divided by 100 amount all skills) or does it come off your highest skills first? (The latter would be my choice as that would hurt a LOT more and make death more meaningful)

403 It is a pure random.

404. Question not found. Kidding :) Wanted to ask how long the lootable items (swords, armor) will stay on the ground when dropped until they disappear? Also how do You think would disappearance of items made fom ores affect the game, I mean, resources are limited, and if items disappear, they can't be brought back, right? Thanks!

404) :D They will stay on the ground till the server restart. I don't think that limited resources would affect a game play much. Simply because there are PLENTY of those resources

405. Player to player trade. How will it work?

405) If you mean exactly player to player trade - it will be pretty standard. Target other player , inititate a trade, drop your items on your side, observe his items on his side. If everything is ok, just approve the trade. If you mean global trading between players - it will be kinda like in EvE. Players will be able to build trading posts, and everyone will be able to observe its goods from anywhere in the world. But in order to buy those goods players will beed to bring their money to that post and fetch goods back to their base by themselves.

406. How is resurrection sickness planned to work?

406) A debuff that significantly lowers your regeneration rates and overall combat efficiency. Duration of that debuff is increased with every consecutive death in a short time period.

407. How does the "trespassing" alignment penalty work as far as timer? Is it applied instantly when someone targets you and says trespasser, or says trespassers with you in the radius? Or does that start a timer to let you have time to get off a deed you were only passing through? I.E are we meant to zigzag around every claim we come across to avoid an instant -1?

407) there are 2 abilities that can mark you as a trespasser: single target and AoE. In both of them you will be instantly marked as a trespasser. No warnings (unless claim owner will do them by himself in chat). You can avoid zigzaging if you see that claim is empty and noone will be able to flag you as a trespasser. Though, if you see that someone is on that claim - please, respect his claim rights and avoid trespassing.

406b. Are you able to amplify the current planned system as far as penalties it applies, duration it lasts?

406b) We can discuss it and always change something. But I would avoid it before we gonna have it implemented and players will have just some time to use that system.

408: I was wondering if it is possible to build housing as basic, shacks and hut without having any expertise in construction. if you can not how do you survive in the early days of the game? It could be a self-sufficient lone player? (I ask this because currently we are 2 friends, and we do not intend to raise the branch of building construction)

408) Tiny shack can be constructed via "Construction material Preparation" skill. It is teir2 skill (right after terraforming), so it can be easily achieved. P.S. What is "casuppole" :shock: LOOOL google translator don't know this word Casupola=hut

409. Will there be blowing horns for battles you can equip as troop leader to give commands like gathering together, attack or retreat?

409) Nope, only voice commands.

410. Will there be church bells for towns which you can activate if an enemy approaches?

410) Nope.

Q/A 411-420[]

411. will be possible to carry people on a wagon?

411) Nope :D

412. Is there a possibility to fight with 2 weapons? Like one axe and one sword? Or a sword and a "parrying dagger"? (Hope this is the right translation)

412) Ye, we've though about dual-wielding. Might we implement it sometime later, but that is not a priority for now.

413. Are you able to give us any details yet on how siege mechanics will work?

413) That is a long story really. But in few words we plan it to be as it was in Shadowbane and somewhat in Darkfall with a few tweaks. Tweaks like possibility to shift the window of opportunity for sieges start times, possibility of sapping under walls during stand off phase and so on.

414. Regarding the starter island and its daily wipe. When you pay up and leave for the mainland, do you get to go with a) your skills from starter island and/or b) your inventory from starter island?

414) Inventory will not be transferred for sure. Maybe some tutorial quests reward crafting tools to speed your start, but not more. Skill will be capped at 150 or so on newbie island and you will transfer all of them on the main land. Question 414 begets 415. 415. Given that you can leave starter island with 150 pts total, do you plan to wipe starter island at a different time each day, for example every 23 or 25 hours? (Justification would be people whose play time allows them to play 3 hours a night, but if their night had the wipe right in the middle of it, they wouldn't have the opportunities of someone who has 10 hours to muck about before the wipe.)
414/415) Wipe will be commenced during all servers maintenance period and we do not plan to shift it somehow. Current maintenance planned time is around 10-12 am GMT, that should be a start of a workday in EU and early-late night in US. Anyway, different timing opportunities will be less painful as soon as we will make a NA servers.

416. Any timeframe for when the Pre-alpha will be up and continue running? Instead of the on/off tests that have been happening?

416) I really hope for something more stable that Thursday. And maybe even more stable next week. So I'd say next week. But nothing is in stone with such complex system as ours 8-)

417. You mentioned a NA server above which will make a lot of folks very excited. Do you know when you plan on trying to bring it up? I.e. Darkfall didn't have theirs out for quite a bit after launch and probably lost some players because of the long delay. 417a. Are you able to say if you shooting for NA Server to be up pre or post launch?

417/417a) Can not provide any details or dates ATM, but at least we had started moving in that direction.

418. There is a section in the Wiki for a skill called Equipment Maintain. ([[3]]) Are you able to provide any details at this time on this skill, the plan for item decay/removal from the game from use (vice things left on the ground which you have covered previously)? Etc.

418) Maybe sometime later.

419. Will low skill crafted items have a purpose (replacing those removed from game)? Or do you see low skill crafted items as just being things used to get to the good stuff?

419) If you mean low quality items, then I think they will be even more useful then high Q ones. Low Q sword will still do good damage, low Q hammer still can be useful to craft armor or construct buildings. Quality of items is important, but that should not be the most important part and low quality items still effective.

420. Will there be stat requirements for using gear or doing any actions? Or are stats only going to determine what is listed on the Wiki currently? I.E. will there be a minimum strength requirement in addition to Plate Armor skill to wear plate armor (beyond what is needed to carry the weight of course, substitute other example, ie, minimum intelligence along with alchemy to make a certain potion)

420) Nope, there will be no stats requirements for different abilities or items.

Q/A 421-430[]

421. What happens to a higher tier skill if a lower tier drops below the requirement? i.e. if I have 90 armorsmithing, which requires 60 in all sub skills, if my mining drops to 59, what happens to all skills above it? Do they become unusable but stay at their value? Or must you lower from highest tier first?

421) IT simply can not happen. Only higher tier skills will drop first, if their lower tier skills are at 60.

422. Will there be delayed logout if in combat where your characters stays in game?

422) Your character will stay for 20 secs in game after you have pressed Exit button or disconnected or unplugged your network cable on purpose :)

423. Will there be instruments that you are able to play using your keyboard to actually make the different tones?

423) Nope.

Apr 2014[]

424. About personal pvp. Will there be a duel function? In that If I get into a heated argument with someone and it comes to the point where we want to kill each other, will there be a system in place where we both accept the fact that it's a duel to the death? So that when one kills the other he won't suffer any alignment loss. The defeated can still lose skill points though just to keep the kill penalties constant.

424) There are no plans for that yet, but we might implement it sometime later.

425. Will there be cave ins (like in H&H) when mining unsupported tunnels?

425) Yes, there will be cave ins (tunnels decay). And to avoid it you should construct timber or support columns.

426. Combat related: Will swing animation be interrupted when you hit a solid surface (tree, building, rock) or your opponent's block/parry? I think it's vital for you as an indicator for weather your attack was successful or not.

426) Animation already should be interrupted if you hit a block/parry or your target. Animation will not interrupt if you hit a tree or wall, at least not at these early stages of development.

427. You've mentioned an NA server, will it be workable to connect to there as European or to the European server as American to play with friends? (I would personally prefer a single server like EvE, but as long as I can play with my friends its all good) 428. What about moving a character from one server to the other, when you find that one of your friends made a character on the wrong continent's server?

427/428) If we gonna have regional servers we do not plan to limit character transfers or ability to play on different regional servers.

429. I read that you're not going to implement thief skill, why this decision? It could be in the future plans?

429) It could be. But we have a lot of other more important functionality to do ATM.

430. There will be pets like dogs and cats? Or only farm animals?

430) Only farm animals.

Jun 2014[]

Q/A 431-440[]

431. Keeping it simple: Sea travel?

431) Yes, but later in development.

432. Maybe it's too early to tell, but have you decided how realistic bows and crossbows will be ? How far can you shoot with a bow ?

432) A bit holywarish question :) they gonna have a ballistic trajectory of course and max distance will be around 150 meters, but only for longbows, other bows and xbows will have a little shorter range.

433. If I remember correctly there are alternatives to killing someone: either punch him unconcious or make him surrender which leaves you the opportunity to loot him, right? The advantage for the looter is obviously less work and no alignment loss. What is the advantage for the one surrendering? Losing all your gear is the worst thing that can happen, right? I feel you gotta give the surrendering player a little more incentive to do so or else every fight will be fought to the bitter end, I fear...

433 Kinda wrong. There are 4 possible outcomes of a fight to a victim: 1. Slashing or piercing lethal damage, HardHP<0, death. Victim is losing BOTH his loot AND skill points. Attacker receives -10 alignment (if it was not an official war or self-defence)
2. Blunt non-lethal damage, SoftHP<0, knockout. Victim is losing ONLY his loot, but preserve his skill points intact. Attacker receives -3 alignment (if it was not an official war or self-defence)
3. Victim is in yielding/surrendering state, but receives a slashing or piercing damage, HardHP<0, death. Victim is losing BOTH his loot AND skill points. Attacker receives -15 alignment (if it was not an official war or self-defence)
4. Victim is in yielding/surrendering state, but receives a blunt non-lethal damage, SoftHP<0, death. Victim is losing ONLY his loot, but preserve his skill points intact. Attacker receives -3 alignment (if it was not an official war or self-defence). Note, you only need to hit once with a blunt weapon to instantly knockout yielding player - no matter how many SoftHP he has.

434. concerning point 4: Shouldn't there be a way to loot the victim without losing more alignment? You're already losing alignment points for the initial attack, afterall. And when the victim yields he already consented to you being the victor. Punching him down seems like an unnecessary dick move furthermore :P

434) Game mechanics work that way - you can loot only unconscious player, so you need to punch hi face at least slightly with something blunt :) Looting is a separate crime no matter what.

435: concerning self-defense: say you and a buddy are traveling and you're being attacked by another player. Your buddy wants to help out and kill the other guy, but since it's not exactly self-defense will he be punished by alignment loss? I feel there should by a group mechanic so that if one of your group is attacked you can legally kill the attacker.

435) If you got attacked by someone, that will turn attacker into criminal. That means any criminal actions against a criminal will not be punished with alignment loss. So you, your buddy, your buddy's buddy and few other passing by strangers can join into beating that criminal and later looting him  :)

436. This is kind of a spin off from the previous question but will there be a group/party system and how ill it work with the following things: 436.a- Inviting to group via name or right clicking person?


436.b- Visable on map?


436.c- Visable name over head?

Nope, only when you hover over

436.d- Can we allocate targets as a group leader? Not planned. And there will be no big red arrow flying above enemy so every group member can focus that guy.

No, there will be no such things.

436.e Setting waypoints etc?

Nope. But group members will see leader with his formation on the ground (look at our promo vid). That's a huge of a waypoint IMHO

436.f Max amount of players in group?


436.g Sharing XP on kills?

XP? What are you talking about??? :shock:

436 (no question just the end) Wurm online did teaming up very badly and I am hoping here will be better. I would love a GOOD party/group mechanic, its something i feel gets overlooked in sandbox games and I really don't know why. 437. will there be any form of cannibalism? I saw you can loot the meat from a player as well as his innards. Can you actually cook it and eat it after?

437 :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: No, you can not loot actual body parts or innards or whatever of the player. Maybe we will implement heads as some kind of trophy, but not for cannibalism.

EDIT: oh ok I understood, I was just confused about this screenshot [screenshot] in the Key features, but everything clear now, thanks 438 I know the MMO forums have already shut down the possibility of NPCs on the MMO server however, will this be possible on the YO servers. For example if people want to test there skills while playing a on a private server they could spawn or mod some in?

438) Wild animals (and possibly aggressive Native Pygmy later in development) will be both in LiF:MMO and LiF:YO. There will be just no HOARDS of those NPCs/mobs, but they will provide you with some fun for sure. There will be a setting for LiF:YO that will limit amount of NPCs per server at one given time

439. How will we know when we are entering another kingdom's domain? Will there be lines drawn on the ground representing the borders of different kingdoms? I think this would be helpful. We could even toggle this feature on or off.

439) Exactly as that. We will provide a hotkey that will allow to turn on claims and country territory rendering on the ground of and off. Also, player entering some country or claim land will receive a message.

440. I have a little concern with the blunt damage mechanics. If you swing a massive hammer and inflict heavy blunt damage to a person's head (in game) shouldn't that character die rather than get knocked out? Or does all blunt damage no matter what body part it hits result in a KO.

440. Actually blunt damage deal 75% to SoftHP and 25% to hard HP. So heavy blow to a character with low HardHP might result in a death.

Q/A 441-450[]

441. Will fish and fishing be turned on when wild animals are? And will we be able to fish in all bodies of water including lakes?

441) Fishing is already working and you can fish in any water body. You can even dig out your own pond and fish there.

442. What prevents a player from walking into another faction's mine and mining it himself? If there is a wall built near the entrance, that still does not prevent him. The player can simply walk around it up the mountain, or dig near it, and probably still take the same ore without penalty. Of course, someone could PK him, but they might not want to lose alignment. So how do you defend your resources (trees, mines, animals) without losing alignment?

442 Once claim system will be implemented, guild TOWN claim will prevent to do most of the actions, so trees can not be cut, animals in barns can not be butchered or taken etc. As about mine, there are no owners underground. If you had extracted an ore and placed it in your warehouse - then it is yours. Otherwise it is FFA. But you can effectively close your mine entrance with a walls perimeter, so it will be hard for them to extract it. And if that mine is deep in your guild claim territory, they will need to build a looooong tunnel to snatch it. Yet it is all possible. Claims are working only on a surface, underground is a no mans territory without any claims.

443. Are town signs planned? Or any mechanics to name your settlements?

443 No signs are planned, but players will receive message when they will enter Guild claim and Guild town claims, and thus they will know where they are. There should be no problems to implement a naming for those Guild town claims = settlements.

444. About prospecting: a)When we set a range of prospecting, is it in meters or tiles?

444.a) Meters

b)How does it count diagonal directions, meaning: When we prospect with range 20, do we prospect in a sphere around us with diameter 40 or do we prospect in a cube with edge length 40?

444.b) Sphere with diameter of 40 meters in your case.

445. You stated that ground resources could only the stored on the ground. Are tree logs considered part of that resource? Is there a way for someone to cut logs and store them in their town as a readily available source of wood for crafters?

445) Nope, tree logs are a bit different. You can:
1. stockpile them at your base. That will occupy some space, but will allow you to saw out any type of resources (billets, boards, building logs) at any time you like with any proportions you like
2. Saw out desired amount of resources (billets, boards, building logs) and store them at warehouse or other containers. That will free some physical space at your base. But if you have failed to estimate your needs in let's say boards, you might run short of them and will have to get new logs to saw them out.

446. You said earlier that there would be no poison for arrows and bolts. Will there be no poisons at all in the game?

446) Poisons are planned for some later stages of development.

447. Will there be a system in place to allow people to gather resources if I want them to for a short period of time. I.E. I have captured someone in a fight and have offered to spare their life if they agree to conduct manual labor for me for a set period of time. I understand I will be able to put them to work in the mines since claims don't work underground but will there be a system where I could put them to work gathering wood or harvesting crops?

447) No.

448. I understand that customization of armor as far as changing the design will not be available. I was wondering if we would be able to change the color. I.E. if I wanted to be known as the green Knight would I be able to paint my armor green on top of having a heraldry? (which you have stated will probably be added at a later date.)

448) You will not be able to repaint armor. But at least you will be able to design your herladry and we plan to have tabards, so you can be pretty green if you want to :)

449. You mentioned there will likely be a automated tax system for people settle on claimed land of a guild. Will you also be able to tax resources instead of money? I.E. I need wood to build myself a glorious palace so instead of taxing them 100 silver coins for x period of time I could instead charge them 3 logs.

449) Most probably there will be both types of taxing, both resources and money.

450. Siege weapons have been indicated for sieges, will smaller siege weapons also be in the territorial battles, such as a Mangonel or a bolt thrower?

450) Not planned ATM.

Q/A 451-460[]

451. I believe I read somewhere that there will be no directional parry system like there is in M&B, I might have somehow missed this somewhere else but could you go more in depth with how the player will defend themselves from attacks if they are not carrying a shield and there is no directional parry system?

451) There is a directional parry system. Only difference that you must face a weapon, when it is hitting you. For instance if someone is making a horisontal slash, you will have to turn toward the sword while parrying. That system is already working.

452. Is the self defense mechanic solely based on who hit who first? For instance,if I see two players charging at me and I know they are coming to kill me, is there a way to attack first without the alignment loss?

425) No, there is none. Even if we did, everyone would "I know that these guys are going to kill me" to justify their assault. Life is Feudal.

453. Will it be possible to set up rudimentary defenses on a battlefield and leave them there. Such as a hill

453) Nope, if we're talking about proper battle via in game mechanics. If you mean just any players combat somewhere - ofc you can do whatever you want.

454. Will there be any reason to construct army camps? Aside from being in hostile territory and needing a place to construct engines of war?

454 Yes, during siege attackers will respawn in their camp. Amount of siege tents being setup tells the amount of attackers that can bind at that camp. If during a siege defenders will be able to burn few tents - that will lower amount of attackers that could effectively respawn nearby. So it is defenders necessity to provide some palisade defenses to protect their siege camp.

Jul 2014[]

455. Hi I was wondering if during release you would be able to buy tickets to the main island for friends? How would it work? What if you have a ticket yourself and want to hand it to a friend? Is there a way for that to work?

455) There is no shop items transfer planned. But you can always pay for your friend with your credit card. OR maybe we will allow premium currency transfer sometime later.

456. Will it be possible to dig underwater, using a dredge, especially for making a harbor on later stages for ships?

456) Nope. At least not until release.

457.Will cavalry(including light cavalry) lance enemy archers or will archers just be able to shoot down the cavalryman's horse?

457) Do not understand that question really. Who will prevail in battle depends on player's skills mostly

458.How will guild management work? lets say i lead our 10 player gaming group, and i want change something inside guild,it will be ingame browser right?

458) Right.

459.If our 10 man guild is part of an a "kingdom" and we have our own claim whit guild momument, and we decidet to switch our "kingdom", and we decidet to switch "kingdom", aslong theres no "kingdom" momument, our territory stay under our control? Or upon joining a "kingdom" our clan momuments tranfers automatically to "kingdoms" one? Same if we decidet to leave from that "kingdom"

459) Treat Kingdom as alliance in any other MMOs with politics systems. Leaving or joining a Kingdom will not change your assets, claims or alter your monument.

460.Social:can we send instant in game messages? what we can read thru some social panel at anytime and anywhere?

460 Yes, you can create chat rooms freely, including private message chat rooms with other characters that are currently online. There is no offline messaging system yet and will not be for some time. So far I advise to use forums PMs.

Q/A 461-470[]

461. Will superior numbers be usable in battle or will having all the realms in a kingdom attack them at once be the only way to try and overwhelm them?

461) Both ways should work relatively well. Unless that attacking zerg have at least some kind of skills and organization.

462. Is wind and weather planned to affect ships?

462) There are even no ships yet :) IT is too early to talk about them ATM.

463. Will orders, e.g. a company of elite soldiers Be able to join a kingdom? As to assure autonomy.

463) Nope, orders can not be officially alleged (via in game rules) to any property holding entity (country or kingdom). But countries or kingdoms can simply give access to their buildings to certain orders and enlist them in their battles or sieges.

464. Will 'sieges' be battles or prolonged sieges possibly involving prolonged bombardment?

464 We will try to avoid it, because usually it is boring. But ofc some amount of time had to be spent to breach walls during siege.

465: About how long would crops take to mature to harvest stage? I assume some take longer than others. If 4 hours is one day in game, would it be about a week real time?

465) Currently I've decided to speed day up a little (3 hours instead of 4). And crops will take 24 in game days to fully mature and dry out. So after 16 days passed you will be able to harvest them. So it will take 2 real life days for sown crops to be ready for a harvest.

466: Are there ways to speed up crop growth like using fertilizer or planting in higher quality dirt?

466) There is a fertilizer (it is actually animal dung that you will clean out from stables/barns). But it will just turn nonfertile steppe soil into more fertile grassy one. Fertile soil DOES NOT increase growth rate, but will increase harvesting output per tile. Quality of both fertile and non fertile soils will affect quality of crops.

467. Is mined gold used for anything other than a currency? The only way I see it being worth anything (as a coin) is if it is also an important material for crafting imperial armors/valuable items.

467) Gold is valuable as: 1. source of income 2. crafting ingredient for high end steel alloy (Vostascuss streel - a bit of magic here  ;) ) 3. crafting ingredient for jewelry. Equipping a jewelry is an only way to increase Luck stat. Luck affects all combat and crafting abilities in some way or another.

468. Will newbie island include a city similar to the Spawn city

468) doubt that. Maybe a village of some sort...

469. Will newbie island wipes Include skill caps. If so, why?

469) No. skills and player inventory will not be affected.

470. Will 'failing' a minigame result in the failure of the activity or decreased productivity than 'succeeding'.

470) there are no penalties for failing a minigame. You just will only fail to receive a bonus.

Q/A 471-480[]

471. Do you that non-instanced battles will occur? Like two people chopping wood then one gets shot with an arrow, they go running then get lanced down. Do you hope things like this will happen?

471) It will happen a lot all around. It is what called a "free PvP"  ;)

472. Do you think it's possible for Monasteries to exist? So Basically a small town/realm whose Members have High piety, high intelligence and high mentoring,alchemy,farming,jewellery and arts. As well as some specialists like some woodcarvers, maybe a blacksmith and An architect and semi-skilled builders.

472) Sure, why not? Only limitation is your imagination ;)

473. Does swiftness and Power strike affect archers? Because then Archery units could go wedge and charge, which makes no sense. But archers should potentially get bonuses.

473) Archers will not be affected by these buffs. Thought they will get movement and defensive bonuses. After all, they can charge with short swords and bucklers if they're forced to. Why not? :)

474. Will polearms special moves include tripping someone over. Possibly involving Taking a certain amount of Hard and soft stamina and knocking them down for a second or so. Affected by their Current weight and stats? Processed Clientside maybe?

474) NO WAY for client side calculations! :no: As about tripping, 2H mauls and massive 2h swords are mainly designed for knockdowns. Though a lot of weapons actually have a small chance to knockdown someone during fight. Polearms are designed mostly as anti cavalry weaponry - they will have more stopping power against horses and will have increased chance to force a dismount of a victim.

475. Glaivesman is Man 1, enemy in front of him is man 2, The men on Man 2's left and right are Men 3 and 4 respectively, the man behind man 2 is man 5.Man 1 trips man 2 then stabs man 3 with his glaive, trips man 5, Runs Man 2 through with his glaive when he stands up and stab man 4 with his dagger? Will combos be thing like this? If not then how will they be?(Man one is a Max level Polearmist)

475 I certainly need a picture of that :D Really hard to understand that question.

476. If you do not include things like being able to trip people over which I'm pretty sure actually happened then what will be glaive special moves?

476 There are no special moves on weapons at all. Not only on glaives. Only some increased chances to cause a knockdown, bleeding, fracture or to force a dismount. Weapons types differ with what kind of combos you can use. As about AC, I hope you're not serious when you compare single player AAA title with mocap animations etc. with indie MMO with a mount & blade-like melee mechanics.

476) First a comment, I used to play Wurm and Darkfall and just wanna say this game is going to blow them away. Wurm's playerbase is gone anyway, but my question is you said religious powers is that going to be like wurm? Where you have to pray to your diety and then can become a priest? If thats the case then is it going to be a non combatant priest? How about enchanting as well? Sorry if this is alot of questions just curious

476) TBH I have never seen Wurm religion system (I've played it for a month or so like 3-4 years ago). I never stated that our religious system will be like the Wurm's one. It will simply allow you to recall home, pray to regain your alignment, and provide some blessings before combat to avoid skill loss after death in a battle. There is a whole Pope and Holy Church system in plan, but it will be implemented way way later.

477) My question is about the development plan for the game and the currently anticipated releases of various stages. What are the things you guys are currently working on? What are the upcoming things to be worked on next? When will the pre alpha servers but up more consistently? As the game progresses into alpha and beta, what will be the payments to access those stages - same as now or different? What is your roughly anticipated release timeframe?

477) Currently there is one certain stage of our project - Steam Early Alpha of LiF:YO. If it will fail for some reasons - that would mean a VERY harsh times for our project really, maybe even a closure and I'm not joking. If it will succeed, then we will increase development rates by simply growing up our team. Currently we're busy with a lot of bug fixing, implemention of ranged combat and fixing of wild animals and forests/crops growth. That should not take longer than a month from now on. After that I hope that we will be able to make a pretest of LiF:YO version for our alpha testers (yes, we're talking about preAlpha tests before Early Alpha release on Steam :D ) If you want my honest opinion, I am looking forward to have stable LiF:MMO servers sometime around November 2014. But that is a VERY rough and rather pessimistic estimate. About payments. We don't have them yet ;) Only donations. But I think that onbce game will be in a more stable and representable state - we will lower prices and let more people in.

478) Criminals, what are going to be some of the ways you deal with the people that will frequently look to just kill people like bandit crews, can people build things within their village that will attack people who grief the walls or who are KOS by the village leader? (In wurm you could buy a deed and have spirit templars and a KOS list of people you didnt want around and they would kill the person and also protect the deed from enemies.) I know I compare it to wurm in my other one but its the only MMO I played thats like LIF and LIF is going to put it down, I mean I am a seasoned wurm player I played it for years on end.

478) I understand what are you talking about. In Darkfall players called them "zap towers" because of the sound they produced while hitting you with a lightning. It is not decided finally yet about them, but most probably we will add them sometime later. But we do not plan for them to be powerful - they will work more as a detection/alert for defenders and a way to annoy and bleed the attackers.

479. I read firs 15 pages and i still don't now how it will be with raiding enemy vilage. Lets say that 2 kingdoms are in war and you decide that you will raid enemy vilage. You come with a few man there is a peasnt who try to kill you. You shoot him with arrow and he is dead. Do you lose aligment? And then you come to the village. Do you simply throw torch on farm house and burnt down? Tnx for taking your time to answer me Bobik and you need to play your game with all other programers and develepors :D

479 If you're officially in war with a guild of that "peasant", then there will be NO alignment loss. And yes, you can start marauding that village unless their guild come and fight you. We might implement some windows of opportunity for raids, to avoid 4 a.m. PvB (Player vs Buildings) stupid raids.

480 - I think you said 25 or 35 km2 of map on your main server.

480) Nope, it is 21*21km which is 441 km2

Q/A 481-490[]

481 - Wich brings me to alts. I know you plan to give only one character per player. I'm not sure if I have the right informations, but can you do everything with one character ?

481) I strongly suggest you to read more info about game before posting in that thread. Most of your assumptions are simply wrong. There will be no limit of 1 character per account. One character CAN level any skills without any "class"limitations, but one character CAN NOT have all skills at one given time.

482. How long would it take for trees to grow? From planted tree to normal and then major. It depends on tree type?

482) It depends on tree type. In average it takes 7 in game days to grow into normal stage and 7 more days into major. Scale of days might be tweaked into 8 game days in a 1 real life day, but that is not final yet.

483. Dumb question maybe: Animations for being hit and for successful parries... Are they coming? / when are they coming? I'm mainly asking because some games (like Mortal Online) are failing to include such animations correctly so combat will always feel unresponsive and detached. edit: I can't see any animation corresponding to the character being hit here: That's why I'm asking.

483) They are already in. Maybe they're not so visible ATM, but a loud parry sound will surely let you know when you had parries.

484. What happens when you win a siege? Do you have to set up a new realm on the spot of their castle if you wish to conquer their lands?

484) Yup, new Monument must be erected on that site.

485. Will it be possible to extend the protected land? What if my guild wanted to build a large city? Would we just have to build massive city walls? It would be hard to build a large metropolis if you couldn't extend the protected area. The city would be easily sieged.

485) You will not be able to extend city claim protected area. Though you can always make a walls perimeter away from city claim area. But you will have to defend them from raids on a daily basis, though destroying a castle wall will not be an easy task and will need a good amount of men and siege equipment, so I doubt that occasional raids of your enemies wil lbe able to break through, unless you really not protecting that perimeter with your own forces. And yes, it was stated before, that we might introduce raiding window of opportunity, so you will not have to protect your assets on your country claim 24/7

486. Can we log in on multiple characters from one computer at same time? (I really hate relogging)

486) Not from the same account.

487. What about that premium currency? I heard that you need them to get off the newbie island, but is the premium currency enough when we spend the 50€?

487) Price of a ticket to for your character to move to the main continent is planned to be 20€ worth of premoum currency.

488. What is the Greenlight in Steam then? YO or MMO?

488) Originally there were MMO, but we've found that YO version is accepted better on Steam, than MMO one.

489. Will u first release YO and some months later the MMO?

489) Yes, YO, then MMO

490. When u spend money for the MMO will u have access to YO? I know that you may be planning on giving out some discount or for free, but maybe u set your decision.

490) It is not finally decided yet.

Q/A 491-500[]

491. LiF:YO is meant to be released in September, so when should we expect the release of LiF:MMO. Early 2015?

491) It will be Early Alpha of LiF:YO in September. Somewhat stable beta of LiF:MMO will be late 2015 I think. But that is still hard to predict, because we rely heavily on LiF:YO success.

492. Could you please explain what is the point of making skills easy to reach 90, but hard to reach 100, despite of it doesn't increase no benefits. In my opinion skills should be progressive in difficulty and in benefits. The further you go, the harder and better it gets. BUT it shouldn't take you 3 years to get there. It shoudn't be easy though. Thank you for the attention.

492) It is done for those, who want to grind/achieve something in our game on his character. You're not forced to level up to 100, but if you will - you will be able to show off your achievement to everyone. Via special title or special animation/taunt or via specially looking items

Aug 2014[]

493. Is there going to be any kind of physics? Like Ragdoll for dead players and mobs?

493) Probably yes, sometime later.

494. Are there going to be physics for the ships too? As is it in ArcheAge, where this make a big difference to the atmosphere istead of boxes which are moving around slowly.

494) Yes, hopefully yes.

494. Will crouching be in at some point? I don't necessarily mean being able to walk around crouching but just standing there in a crouched position from where you would need to stand up again and walk around. Persistent World mod for Warband has it like that and I really like it. It should be among the standard skills anybody could do.

494) Currently it is not planned or designed, but maybe we will implement it sometime later if players will really ask for it.

495. Are there going to be the same damage system on the ships as well as on the players themself?

495) Like separate parts being damaged? Probably yes. But currently it is too far till ships.

495: closed alpha vs open alpha,

495) ?

496: when do you plan to run both alphas

496) Nothing is certain ATM - we're very dependent on LiF:YO steam release.

497: if i donate to test the game will i get a slot upon release?

497) You will get a refund in premium currency that should be enough for at least one character ticket.

498. Any plans on giving you the option to alter the 3rd person camera position? Personally I like Skyrim's adjustable camera view distance the most, it also fades smoothly into first person when you zoom in close enough. Alternatively, Mount&Blade's system is quite simple: you can alter the view distance in a small range plus lowered camera height when you hit the free look button here my thread concerning this: [thread]

498) Yes, we definitely will do something with that camera, just sometime later.

499. Right now, the mining profession is the only profession that can obtain "gold" from the earth, the currency used in the game. Is this going to make the game unbalanced, where the miners are the richest players in the game?

499) Gold will not be currency (at least not planned). In game currency coins will be issued by server that can be obtained by selling resources and crafted results to server NPCs. And miners will always need food, protection, alchemy for some smelting and smelting structures to be built and smiths for new tools. It will not be that simple as it seems ;)

500. Some professions are purely service-oriented, for example, the construction profession. Meanwhile, the mining profession can extract minerals from the earth at no cost to themselves, in ADDITION to being a service profession (ie. blacksmithing). Will all the professions provide equal opportunities for wealth-creation, or is it going to be unbalanced in this respect?

500) Actually you need terraforming (NOT mining) to build a mine shaft and mining will be used only AFTER that to extract ore. As I've said above, it is not that simple and I bet that service provision can be profitable too. Especially when some guild will want to construct 10m walls perimeter in one day before a siege. Also, miner needs a mine, which might be a problem to have and hold, while forester or farmer for instance need only lands and there are plenty of those. Try to compare LiF with real life. In real life miners are not necessary have job or rich, though they can "extract minerals from the earth at no cost to themselves". ;)

Q/A 501-510[]

501: I am to belive most things are going to be player run. Will there be use of player run NPCs? lets say cart NPC for trading goods? Or even pay town guards?

501) Probably nope. Maybe only just shopkeepers in some shops, but no more. Complexity of NPCs in a fully terraformed MMO environment were discussed many times already.

502: Traps? be they for human or well non human :P

502) Already are. Snares and traps vs animals. We had a plan for caltrops as defensive tools vs mounted cavalry. Nothing more is planned yet.

503: will there be a eating of humans.....yes I know its a bit sick but things like that happen in times back then. as well I can see human skin armor as well

503) :bad: it happened sometimes during modern times, but that definitely not needed in our game

504: (forgot to ask this one) will there be Flails? I been hope for this for a long time (for all who don't know what it is [flail] )

504) Probably not.

504.a. what will the diffrenences between "closed" alpha and "open" alpha be?

504.a) Probably there will be no open alpha. It will be just alpha and then beta. We do not plan to open main continent for free in some period of tests. At least not now.

505. My main question is how the sieges will work, but particularly how the timer will work, will it be as shadowbane is where when the seige is placed its gives the leader of the ones being seiged the option of when they will be seiged the next day or will it be like darkfall and happen 24 hours after the seige is placed, Personally I think the seiges should be chosen by the ones whom are seiged it helps prevent ninja seiges and so on so forth (stealing a city/Attacking it at 3am or some ridiculous time)

505) It is too early to talk about sieges in details, but there certainly should be no 3 a.m. Sieges/raids possible. Currently we aim for windows of opportunity, but will see later how it will work out and certainly will tweak it.

(Editor's note there is no 506) 507: can anyone make a order/country regarldess of authority skill, or is there a required level.

507) You will need 60 in Authority to start an Order creation process.

508: how would i make a order

508) Will be explained later. Currently they're not implemented

509: how to increase authority skill.

509) By possessing a personal claim for extended period of time. Each day each tile that is claimed by you will increase your authority a little.

510: can anyone do anything regardless of skill levels, or is it like you need level 60 in ___ inorder to use/build ____.

510)Yes, you need a certain level of skill to use/build/craft certain objects.

Q/A 511-520[]

511. Is there a way to teleport new members to your base, say i make a order, and invite a freind to it, can they get to me easily without walking hours.

511) No. Only way to fast travel is to recall back to your home. If all your friends will be binded in the same spot as you are (Central NPC city for instance), then you will be able to meet quickly. In other cases you will have to travel.

512. So we can use a recall spell ? so we can stay in the desert and use it to get instantly to our base in the north were we are bind?

512) Yes. Just not instantly, you will have to "cast" it for some time and can easily be interrupted.

513: how long will it take to reach level x in a skill (1.5-2 hours a day) lvl 25, lvl 50, lvl 60, lvl 75, lvl 90 (I ask this as it seems itll take a really long time to build anything, seeing even the wood shacks reuire a lvl 60...)

513) few hours till lvl 30, few days to 60, 1-2 weeks to 90.

514: need to have autgority to form a band

514) Yes.

515: if I level up one skill that's a prerequisite to another, will the other sill level up as well (say will construction material preparation level up construction)

515) No, it will not. Why should it?

516. a few more, will there be pelts you can wear, as I for one would love to run around the countryside wearing nothing but pants, and the skin of a wolf, killing people with my deadly axe, hunting for more wolfs for a newer coat, ect ect ect (who wouldn't...) by pelts I mean what these guys are wearing [[4]]

516) Maybe.

517. Also, will there be a online map showing builds/claims

517) Yes.

unanswered) will findin other peoples bases be only luck, like im wandering around hunting, and bam, i found a base. 518. Will there be coords like in minecraft to aid travel that we can view.

Probably yes, will see later.

519. regarding alighnment, what if one player attacks me, (not a evil player, but one with good alighment), and i retailiate and kill him, will it count as murder as he started it... If you had killed him while he was a criminal because of his assault, then no, it will not be punished with alignment loss. But if he just made one attack and refrained from fighting you, while you were hitting him hard for some period of time - then you will be a criminal and will be punished for assault and murder. and... i read somewhere there will be no overhead displays showing name guild ect, but with that theres 2 problem, one friendly fire is easy, and 2 how will you tell who from who. 520, so my question here is will it be like in warband, were you need to get close to a player to see the name, and theres a overhead display of a guild coat of arms above friendlys heads to help tell who from who

519/520 ) You need to target a person with your crosshair to see his name, guild, title etc. But maybe sometime later we will be able to implement a guild tabards that will help to distinct each other in a heat of battle.

Q/A 521-530[]

521. What does the quality of an item influence? For example a hatchet. Does it produce higher quality wood, cut down the tree faster, loose its durability slower?

521) In case of a hatchet it will have more durability and will wear out slower. In case of some other tools in other crafting recipes they will add directly to a Quality of a resulting item.

521.a. Once i have claimed a piece of land becoming country, someone from the outside is able to dig tunnels or terraforming around or under my building or my lands?

521a.)Yes. Claims are working only on a surface. Everything below it is FFA. But they will not be able to dig out or make any undeground changes that will affect your claimed surface somehow.

522. I guess its an dump question and i can already ask, but ill go for it: So when the MMO is out the characters and server will get reseted from the alpha/beta? So everyone starts from new and the map is fresh.

522) Yes, of course. 8-)

523. You mentioned an In-game vanity shop where we could spend premium coins for items. Could we buy skins for our armours and clothing? For example the Heavy and Royal Scale armours looks Byzantine or eastern-like in their appearance, could we buy skins to make them look Germanic or Nordic? And if so, since the skins are bought with real life money, are they one time use on an armour or can we put them on as many armours as we want? Would another player be able to take my armour with the skin and keep it?

523) You will be able to reskin your 90 skill lvl armor into according 100 lvl armor. That will not change its stats, but will change its look. Ofc we plan different looking skins and will do it, when we get time and resources. Currently we plan that reskin will be relatively cheap, but single use only (1 armor piece or 1 full set) and that skinning will disappear if that armor had appeared in inventory of other person, but you. Aka you gave that armor to someone or it was looted from you.

524. Will animations be revamped at some point? Extra info)) I feel that many animations while mostly working as expected still look very stiff. There is hardly any rotation on the upper body when running or walking and while idling your arms simply hang down like a mannequin. I think with more fluid and natural animations the game would appeal more to players who are used to AAA titles.

524) Yes, we're constantly doing that. Though there are some technical limitations, because of a complex animation system, when upper body can swing anything and lower body can move anywhere and all of those combinations should look somewhat realistic

525. for those who support project financially, and had obtained the alpha beta access before of the steam early access, do you plan to migrate the game on their steam account ? how ? or they have to re-pay the entire game ?

525) It is not clear now yet, but I think that we will simply pass out CD keys.

526. The skill prospecting search the iron only in the tiles of the ground visible or also underground? The iron has a particular texture? (as the sand, forest, etc.)

526) Prospecting looks for a certain ore in a SPHERE around your character with a given radius. So if there is an ore anywhere in that radius, then you will have a success mesaage. Ore on the terrain surface looks like a common rock. But there is an ore texture underground ofc.

Sep 2014[]

527. I know it got asked already - but cause of some alpha testings i cant hold to ask; With the shield you can already somehow block at directions when facing them. Which is nice, i didnt tested it out with hitboxes, also like the fact that you still lose some HP~ Anyway, quite some ppl are wishing the directional block without a shield which would be like Mount & Blade - i know that you said something about server-ping issues, but if theres that facing with the shield already implemented i think it could be possible to make the directional blocking aswell (i mean the directional attacking is in) Same with the shield, if you dont face it right you should get hit, so its even more dangerous to block just with your weapon instead of the shield. So, the actual question is, is there any chance in any way the directional blocking will be implemented? I guess not. But thanks for answering. ;)

527) I think we will stick to current directional parry system, where you must face attacker's weapon vector of impact to have a bigger damage mitigation. But everything can change, combat is in quite early stage ATM

528: is there a first person mode?

528) Both 1st and 3rd person view modes are available. Can be switched with "C" key.

529. Will we ever be able to achieve a camera distance like the one you have in this developer's stream? If you click the link below it will bring you to the exact moment. [distance] This camera distance is much easier on the eyes.

529) Probably not. It is a holywar topic about 1st and 3rd person view and how 3rd person view allows to look around the corners. Camera in that vid was not just tuned at that time.

530. Currently, when I loot an item (eg. plant fiber), I either have to be in "system" chat, or have the popups turned on to know if I successfully looted it or not. This forces me to open my inventory every single time I perform a task like this to see if the item is there, which is tedious. Are there currently plans to fix this problem? Eg. some sort of small UI animation that shows the item briefly being dropped into a bag (eg. WoW's animation below? The animation is above the bags at the bottom right when he loots something)?[loot]

530) To be honest we had no such plans. There are plenty of options how you can setup your UI in order to see new item appearing. You can use "lock" button on your inventory bag, so it will stay opened even when you're running in freelook mode. You can split chat tabs into a separate chat windows (drag'n'drop) and observe system chat in one window and general chat in another. We might implement something like that, but there are no certain plans ATM.

Q/A 531-540[]

531. Are there plans to allow us to customize what we see in chat? Again, it is tedious to have to switch between "system" and "local" in order to see the most important information.

531) As I've mentioned above - you can drag'n'drop chat tabs and you will be able to see whatever amount of those tabs at once as you wish. It is quite normal to have small system chat window in order to see 2-3 last system messages and a large chat window to see a general chat.

532. If the above customization is planned, will customizable letter size/and fonts be incorperated as well? Maybe this is more of a MOD..

532) Good idea, TBH I think we have some options in a chat window "tool" menu. But we will surely expand those possibilities sometime later.

533. I've brought up the issue of a jarring camera when a task is performed (ie. gathering, building, mining). It makes me and some other players that I know a bit naseous when we play! Might there be plans to allow these gathering/non-combat functions to have an optional steady alternative? If not, why not? :)

533) Yes, we certainly will do something with that. But so far I suggest to switch into 1st person view, while performing those actions - movements of camera should not be so bumpy.

534: you said the mmo will have daily updates and patches to get the new world, about how big will each patch be?

534) Depends on how many terraforming, building and tree chopping/planting actions players will perform daily. But I don't think it should be large than 1-3 Mb. We have a custom packing algorithm for that data, so it is a bare minimum that will be transferred + our launcher supports p2p transport, so it all should go really fast.

535: when do you plan to restart alpha testing for the mmo?

535) It was answered many times. We don't know yet - everything depends on LiF:YO success.

536. there will be any religions in game or no? maybe real religions like Christianity ?(only dont give us fictive gods please)

536 There is already a fictive god.

536.a (editors note, not techinally 536a but it didn't have a number and fit here) what Religion, GOD will be in this game? his name? art?

536.a) Terrun - a God underground with underground temples and worshipers. No art yet. But you can read more lore on that matter here: [Terrun]

537. Will purchasers of LiF:YO recieve any sort of price reduction on LiF:MMO when it comes to fruition, or will we be paying full price for both games?

537) Yes, currently we plan some kind of refund or discount for LiF:YO owners while accessing LiF:MMO

538. Is it a final price for a game? And another question about MMO. Is there'll be some kind of special 'premium' money in game? Thank you for your answer.

538) Which game? Anyway, there will be discount events from a time to time. We plan to call premium currency "God's Favors" - they will allow you to transfer characters from newbie island and some other in game services and vanity items.

539. I understand that you will be using a premium form of currency allowing you to leave newbie island but: Can this currency be spent is a way to give you a significant advantage over others? and while you explain in the alpha of YO on steam, you will get some currency to play the MMO, is it actually enough to become a permanent player, or will we have to add to it?

539) No, there will be NO Pay2Win. Currency that you will be able to claim in MMO from LiF:YO will be enough to transfer one character without any additional payments.

540. The combat skill are already developped ? Can't find how to increase the armor skills.

540) Yes, combat is pretty much basic and unpolished and unfinished state. To raise armor you need to be hit in an armored body part.

540.a is this still the case? we can't fill holes from the top down? I know this post was written in 2011 but i haven't found an update to this yet.

  • 20) We hasn't decided that yet, but in current plan you'll be able to raise undeground floor level. But you won't be able to fill whole block such way. So ye, if you've screwed - you're done 8) 21) Beds. OR better say any buildings with enough beds in it for an every player to bind there. That will just bring some reason to build residetnial buildings not just for sake of RPing or a safe spot. 22) Siege system gonna be announced later, but it's gonna be something inbetween Shadowbane/Darkfall siege systems.
540a.Yes, currently it is so. We migh probably introduce a special "local quake tool" that will allow you to collapse a part of a tunnel, so you can dig something new there.

Q/A 541 - 550[]

541 I'm not sure if it has been asked yet, but will we be able to play as both genders? Being a girl forced to play as a male character makes immersion and roleplaying much more difficult, I've found.

541) We will implement female characters in game - have no worries ;)

542. Will there be content outside of Europe/Russia? I mean something like Japanese swords, armor, houses, trees, etc as well as arabian, african, greek, egyptian stuff?

542) There are already some Byzantium/Mongolian stuff in game

543. Will the timeline be extended to something like 1500-1600 years with mushkets, cannons, etc?

543) So far we had planned no gunpowder in game. Plans had not changed yet ;)

544. Will there be more stone age stuff and more smoother transition between stick'n'stones and iron age?

544)It is not like technological advancement. It is just some primitive tools to get going and are designed to be temporary. You are not advancing your civilization somehow it is just a crafting chain ;)

545. Will we get better building system? For now every village feels the same, so will be great to see more like a "panel/block" bulding system for houses. So you don't build the whole premade house, but making it in more creative way by planning how much rooms, floors you want. I think it will be easy to just separate your premade buildings to different parts and make it more like a "LEGO", so it will bring hell lot of creativity and stuff to do for everyone.

545)We plan modular housing on some later stages of development.

546. Claims are ok for something like coop, but it feels strange for houses. It says that you need a lock to build a door, so may be it will be easier to have something like a keys? You have a key - you can open a door, don't have one - open it by force.

546) Land claims should solve all troubles

547. NPC Bandit's villages. I know that you won't make NPCs because of terraforming issues, but what if just make premade villages with premade territorry with walls and NPCs inside of it. Now we have PvP problems, because when you made a new sword, you WANT to test it, and you go and kill some random guy, not because you want to kill him, but only because you want to test your new sword. So it will be great to have something like a bunch of NPCs to test your sword. Let's say that kind of village will appear at the middle of nowhere once a day or week. And bandits inside of it have some supplies and resources, but it's not easy to capture, so you need to group up to do so. And after you capture it you can put in on fire and get some alignment, so there won't be hell lot of empty villages and you have stuff to do with your new swords. And also "warrior" like players will be gathering resources by doing that kind of job.

547) We plan some "Natives" that will dwell underground and appear randomly and haunt mines. We had a long term plan to implement a certain relic. Once you place that relic in the middle of tunnels maze and activate it, it will start spawning natives in a spherical area around it (big area), turning your tunnels into dungeon. We will work out some bonuses to those, who had managed to pass that dungeon and activate a relic.

548. Will there be mod support? Because LIF:YO feel like it needs some community help to become even more enjoyable with more maps, more stuff to do, more role play, more everything. For example mount and blade still alive because of mods, same with TES, ARMA, Minecraft, etc.

548) Yes, we will definitely try to add some modding, though it is not that easy as it sounds :(

549. Will there be ship-villages? I know that you are planning to add ships in a later stages, but what about SHIP KINGDOM or stuff like that?

549) Probably not.

550. Contracts. Will be great to see something like contracts which you can create and sign. And if you don't do something what you should because of signed contratc: your alignment is going down and vise versa. It will make guild relationship and even Player-Player relationship more politic alike.

550) It will be really hard to properly track fulfillment of those contracts or they will be quite basic. I'd rather say "no"

Q/A 551 - 560[]

551. Food poisoning. Will be great to be able to poison all of enemies food when you are at the state of war with someone. Just give some gold to the enemy's cook ;)

551) Probably not.

552. Engine optimisation. Looks like trees is taking A LOT of FPS (Because of alpha channel I suppose). And it looks like engine still rendering all the trees even when you don't see it. I was in the tunnel and when I looked up - it was like 15 fps drop %)

552) We're doing it constantly

553. Will we be able to catch animals without traps? Actual chickens, rabbits in the world, not just inside the traps?

553) Probably not.

554. Music instruments? Looks like you are planning for arts, statues, etc, but will I be able to make Steinway & Sons grand piano and play it? xD

554) Might be ;)

555. Alchogol? Drugs? Effects for them? Like CHARGE for alchogol and better art level with cocain?

555) will see.

556. Weather effects? Now we have only fog and clouds, but what about storms, rain, snow, dust, tornado Oo?

556) Yes, we will implement more weather sometime soon.

557. Combat. Now we have only 4 direction combat style like M&B do, but what about diagonal attacks? Also double hand weapons, Musashi Miyamoto combat style? (I mean one handed weapon in 2 hands.) Different combat moves depending on weapon type you have, like no piercing attack, but slashing attack from bottom to top for katana like swords?

557) Doubt that.

558. Furniture placement. For now you can't place it inside of your house, you need to place it outside of it, then move it inside throught a wall, so this is pretty tricky and pretty annoying to do.

558) It is planned to be introduced in one of the next patches.

559 When do you plan to enter the alpha/beta stage for the Life is Feudal Sandbox MMorpg?

559) Next year (2015). Can't say anything more ATM

560 How you gonna make sure in the MMorpg version that theres trading needed and going on(in the current Your Own Version all requirerd resources are available to a clan in close proximity and with a large amount of supply which is ofc also due to the only 1 tile map but still hopefully theres lots of trading requirerd in the mmorpg for advanced progression)? And related to that which additional resources do you plan to implement for advanced progression to create then rivalry, with those resources being then either very rare or to be found only at a specific part of the world.(may sound trivial on a first look but thats where the endgame later seems me to rely very much on).

560) We plan to differ climate a lot, that will result some activities to be harder to achieve in some parts of the world. For instance trees will grow very bad in southern/deserted areas, while will have more sources of gold/silver. Northern areas will be rich with wood and iron, but poor with precious metals and farming will not be that good there as in central parts of map. Once we get closer to MMORPG we might implement some unique resources for different areas to boost trade and give more reasons for battles and sieges

Q/A 561-570[]

561) About houses. When we start a plan for a big house like a big stone house, we need at least 10 doors to finish it. But, when the plan is over and the house is raised, i can't see where the doors are. Their is just the first door and after nothing so why we need so lot of locks for just 1! door on the enter.. ?

561) We had removed some doors to ease the navigation inside the house.

562) About claim. In referent of the precedent question, only one person can claim a house who has 10 rooms for 10 persons so if we want to secure our resources on our room, just one person can claim ALL the house and have to be constantly connected on the server to open/close the door for us. Won't be more easier that each room have her own door that can be claim by the owner of the room and the "enter" door can't be claimed to prevent any troubles ?

562) A proper claim system with advanced access system will fix it. Separate doors as separate objects is not an easy thing to do.

563) About warehouse. :cry: Build it and it's just like a small bag we can drop out.. Only one person can claim the warehouse, 10k container and nothing more. So the warehouse is simply useless for a community but just a "design" building..

563) We will fix lootbags and corpses soon. And will implement decay, so items dropped on floor will decay quite fast. In that case warehouses will be only convenient way to store stuff.

564) About Gate. It's like houses, one person claim a gate for the castle so will we need to raise one gate per person who lived on the vilage ?

564) Again, proper claim system should fix that.

564) About construct. When we make a plan, all person who have the skill can deconstruct what an another person raised so griefing is easy on some building who need lots of hours for farming like windwill !!

564) That is why buildings should not be used as a storage of materials. And yet again, proper claim system should fix that.

565) About wall. When we want to around our vilage by walls, we need to make an entire flatten cube with some change. But in case all tera are not very flat like mountain or hill. So it's very disgusting to see a wall of dirt with a wall of stone ! Can't you link wall extremity when the level of soil is not the same ? It will be more nice for eyes and a bit more realistic than a wall of dirt under wall of stone.

565) Maybe in some far future.

566- Can minigames please be implemented into Your Own? I see no reason why not to do this.

566) Yet there are plenty of those. For instance that there is no web backend in LiF:YO servers. We run our own web backend cluster for MMO and there is no way how it can be squeezed into small LiF:YO private servers.

567- Will the linen-flax production chain be rebalanced? Right now a single piece of linen cloth requires 125 flax.

567) We will look into that.

568- Will some form of jousting be implemented (a la mount and blades couched lance mechanic). Me and my friends plan on building a tourney field as long as horses are ingame.

568) Yes, most certainly.

569- Will other hostile animals be implemented aside from wolves (boars, bears)?

569) Yes, they will be soon ;)

570. will we be able to form the following formations? shield wall tortoise Porcupine

570) there are shape based formations and battle orders. So a circle formation with "Hold your ground" order and with you raising up shields in a certain pattern - there is your turtle formation :) It is already available in the game.

571. will an archer formation be allowed to deploy a pike barricade?

571) Yes, that is wht 5th skill of ranged combat skills supposed to do - a pike wall.

571. If there is no standard "in-game currency", like gold coins, how will listed goods and armor be purchased from trading posts?

571) There will be one standard currency. I think it is either misunderstanding or some old answer of mine that made you think that there will be no single currency. It is just yet to be implemented

572. are Siege Towers available to build?

572) Nope. Not yet.

573. will there be wall mounted siege weaons allowed? (defending)

573) Doubt that. But we will see later.

574. can we throw hot pitch, oil, water on the "sieging idiots" below one's walls?

574) Only naphtha

575. could defenders make spike trenches, pitch trenches if given time?

575) Nope.

576. Siege ladders available? if so can wall defenders push them down (hopefully with people on them).

576) I personally want them to happen, but it is not yet in a final plan :)

577. flame arrows are implemented; this mean we could burn said siege equimpent that has not adeqet protection IE: by wet skins? gosh.. houses inside?

577) Flame arrows are not fully implemented (you can craft them, but they deal no dmg). Yes, we will make some type of siege damage with flame arrows and burning, I think

578. Will there be moats implemented into the game? And if they are, will they be able to stop tunneling by either drowning those who tunnel directly into it or tunnel underneath it and having a mine collapse?

578) You can already dig it. If you want to have it filled with water - you need to dig them on the sea level.

579. It was mentioned earlier that when a player starts a new character, they get a block of land or can claim a block of land that nobody else can mess with. I think somebody said it was 100x100, but I could be wrong. My question is for one, is that true? Also, if this is true, will warring clans essentially be unable to attack a player inside their castle since they cannot affect it inside this area?

579) I suggest you to read more about our claims system on our wiki [claim system]

580. Will players have the ability to customize their shields/banners/clothes with their own designs? I.E. if I had a pattern I wanted to put on my clothes, would I be able to do that, or am I stuck with what we are given?

580) We plan some advance heraldry generator with ability to apply those on your tabbard and maybe some guild flags and monument.

581. Will there be environmental factors in player health/stamina, such as players wearing heavy armor in desert areas lose stamina far more quickly than those wearing padded armor?

581) We are thinking about it. I hope that there will be something like that.

582. Will there be events hosted by the developers in the MMO, such as hunts, quests, large-scale PvP sessions, etc?

582) Most probably yes.

583. The MMO is planned to be 21x21 km, and it is suggested that it could go larger than this. If it does go larger, will it be pregenerated beyond the outer limits of 21x21? Also, will there be islands and other continents, or will it be one large continent?

583) It will be pregenerated and yes, it will be islands and continents.

584. When can players expect to see what siege weapons will be implemented into the MMO?

584) Closer to release stage of MMO

585. Will horses be spawned out of your bag like in WoW out of thin air or will they be a physical object like the already implemented animals? That will require you to tie your horse up to a stable or onto a tree in a neighboring Kingdom? Once you have tamed and acquired the correct skill to ride/use as a mount of course.

585) Yes, they will be slowly spawned and slowly despawned. Yes, pocket ponies, like in WoW. So far it is an only solution, that will not overcomplicate things both in gameplay and in development. MAYBE we will work something more realistic once we get close to implementation, but I doubt ATM

586: I am real interested in this game but after watching some videos of the fighting, I was a bit underwhelmed... Will there be a game mode or strong enough weapons to support a one-shot-one-kill type of fighting? It just seems unrealistic to have to drill in 10 stabs or arrows to kill someone. Or would a arrow to the head or heart kill someone?

586) We design game in that way, that you will have to deal at least two blows to kill a healthy opponent. Even lance on a fullspeed into unprotected enemy eye. You will need to turn around and finish him with another blow.

586) Depending on type of armor you are wearing, it is currently possible to one-shot a person as of right now.

586) Answered in a previous question.

587. Why doesnt "stay logged in" work properly. Almost every day i have to log in again? Can anyone help? (i dont clear history or cookies every day or something)

587) Actually clearing your cookies and cache once and relogging might fix that issue for you.

588: How will you handle players who join kingdoms just to kill the people inside?

588 We don't. If you let someone into your castle and into your guild, that had later backstabbed you - it is your own fault and we are not going to prevent it somehow. Sorry, life IS feudal ;) :evil:

589: What stops a group of players from destroying a kingdom while it's players are offline?

589) Siege and battles system with windows of opportunity. You can not destroy other guild assets without a proper state of war and during a certain times a day.

Questions without answers[]

590: I was wondering, if a kingdom is allied to a larger kingdom do you get like a ducal system? say there is a smaller king who has some vassals who allies to a much larger king. Does he then become of a ducal rank with several vassals who serve him rather than the king directly. ie. 1 King - 3 dukes - 9 vassals
591: Will we eventually be able to design our own buildings. For example designing your own house instead of the standard fachwerk?
592: What software do you guys use to model the buildings?

593: I found tiles that have a lot more volume of land than others. Particularly it happened to me on the surface of collapsed mines. I have also found tiles that can not be filled without apparent cause or without system error message. What can be the cause of this error?