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[[File:FPP.png|thumb|right|Placing a [[#Fief|Fief]], [[Province]] and [[Protectorate]]]]
[[File:FPP.png|thumb|right|[[#Fief|Fief]], [[Province]] and [[Protectorate]]]]

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Fief, Province and Protectorate


The smallest unit of territorial division. A rectangle with an area of ~ 4900 tiles. The entire game map is divided into fiefs all with a 2-tile unclaimable buffer between them. One fief can be owned by only one guild and all area in the fief can be used by a guild to construct buildings that will be protected from decay, can have designated access rules for them and so on.

Controlling a Fief

A guild can claim and control a no-mans fief by building a Guild Monument or an Outpost on this fief. A guild can have only one Guild Monument, but own multiple Outposts, thus controlling multiple fiefs simultaneously. Only one Outpost or one Guild Monument can be placed on any single fief.