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General actions
Minor skill
General moves.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Constitution Requires n/a
Secondary Strength Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Resting efficiency.

Can perform several general actions.

0 Can properly rest to recuperate Hard Stamina and Soft HP.

- Approve
- Dance
- Disapproval
- Fright
- Laughter
- Provocation
- Honor
- Welcome

Gloomelindhe or 'Gloom's smile' - ritual suicide executed by cutting the throat from one ear to other, done by a one-handed sword or a knife. Usually, such action does not have any meaning, nor has it any cause. However, as myths tell, the act really pleases Gloom, the god of mean jokes

Skill ID 62


General actions is an independent minor skill. It allows regaining sHP and hStam while resting and to animate your character movements with nine different animations/emotions. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Icon Name Description
Approval.png Approve Character says "yes"
Courtesy.png Courtesy Character bows
Dance.png Dance Character does a little dance
Disapproval.png Disapproval Character says "no"
Fright.png Fright Character cowers in fear
The return of honor.png Honor Character shows a sign of respect
Pointing finger.png Indication
Laughter.png Laughter Character laughs
Provocation.png Provocation Character does a provocative geasture and says a taunt
Welcome.png Welcome Character raises hand in greeting and says hello

Training Tips[]

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  • The skill benefits from many activities such as eating.
  • Draw water from the well is the fastest and easiest way to raise the level


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