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Player-owned organizations in Life is Feudal are generally called Guilds. A Guild becomes a formal entity able to manage its members and grow a guild claim once it has reached 10 members and constructed a monument.

Guild Tiers[ | ]

A guild a is referred to differently depending on the size and state of the guild.

Band[ | ]

Technically, a Band is not a guild at all, it is just a bunch of players that are trying to start their own fully efficient guild. Bands cannot participate in global politics by changing their standings towards other guilds. Members of a Band can not bear guild titles or guild tags unlike other guilds. Bands do not own any land claims.

Minimum members: 1

  • Once the Band reaches 10 members in total, it becomes an Order.

Order[ | ]

An Order is a guild without any land claims and with a minimum of 10 players that has started a persistent group. They are ideal for mercenaries and small guilds that want to be identified in a world. Orders can not participate in global politics by changing their standings towards other guilds. Members of Orders bear guild titles and guild tags.

Minimum members: 10

  • Once the monument is built, the Order becomes a Country.

Country[ | ]

A Country is a guild which has built a monument and thus owns some land. A Country can participate in global politics and change its standings relative to other Countries and Kingdoms. Members of a Country bear guild titles and guild tags. The Country has access to heraldry and its leader can design their own symbols that will be visible on the tabards and shield

Minimum members: 10

Dropping below 10 Members will result in the immediate destruction of the Guild Monument, and remove the claim, leaving all objects in the area vulnerable to looting.

Kingdom[ | ]

A Kingdom is a country which sends Ally request and at least one of them was accepted. A Kingdom works the same way as a country, but the Kingdom is a leading guild in an alliance of different guilds (vassals).

Minimum members: 10

Minimum number of vassal Countries: 1

Guild Rank[ | ]

Guild rating of a guild is calculated based on the amount of the assets this guild controls. Unmovable objects, movable objects, items in warehouses along with the amount of fiefs and provinces the guild controls - all counts towards the guild ranking.

You can see the ranking in the dashboard "Guild Rating" and in-game via tab "Guild" -> "Guild Ranking".

This guild rank is getting updated each day at 12:00 UTC and used to calculate how often and how long judgment hour will happen.

Guild Titles[ | ]

Guild titles are ranks given to administrate guild hierarchy and rights such as access and interaction in the guild's claim. Certain guild titles have prerequisite, such as King/Queen requiring the guild's status to be a kingdom.

# Band Country Kingdom
Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit
Normal Member Member Peasant Peasant Peasant Peasant
3rd tier Member Sergeant Sergeant Reeve Reeve Reeve Reeve
2rd tier Member Knight Dame Knight Dame Knight Dame
1rd tier Member Officer Officer Baron Baroness Baron Baroness
Minor leader Commander Commander Viscount Viscountess Duke Duchess
Leader Master Mistress Count Countess King Queen

Gallery[ | ]