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Hardwood Billet
Hardwood billet.png
Type Billet
Weight 10 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 3
ID 324

A hardwood billet is often used as a fuel primarily for; Campfire, Kiln, Furnace or Forge and anvil.

To obtain a hardwood billet, you must use a Primitive saw on a Hardwood log. This can yield from 1 to 100 billets per hardwood log depending on quality of the tree that was cut down, as well as it's size and type, for example Oak trees and Willow tree's are the highest level of tree's which require 90 forestry to plant and thus yield the most amount of wood from the logs they produce.

Billets can be stacked and dropped without being lost.

  • Hardwood billets come from Oak trees, Elm trees, Birch trees, Maple trees, Willow trees and Hazel trees.
  • The Tree's that produce the most Hardwood billets to least in order is (Based on quality) Oak tree, Maple tree, Elm tree, Willow tree, Hazel tree and Birch tree so it is recommended to grab the highest quality saplings from an Oak tree for replanting, as planted sapling level is the level of the tree (so you can eventually replace all trees with higher quality ones.
  • Hardwood billets can be used as fuel source in the Kiln, Campfire and Furnace as well as other interact able objects that require a fuel source.
  • Hardwood billets will burn for up to 10 minutes degrading slightly with quality.
  • Using the "Use Bellows" feature on Kiln or Furnace will consume 1/10th to 1/2 of a fuel source based on quality (Lower quality is consumed faster)
  • Hardwood billets can be turned into Charcoal in a Kiln at a ratio of 1:4 as well as being used as the fuel source for the Kiln so it is recommended to turn Hardwood billets into Charcoal as a fuel source to make your resources stretch further.

Usage of Hardwood billet[]