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Heraldry is a feature that came with a beta update. It brought additional customization for the guild leaders and their members which makes it now much easier to distinguish a friend from foe on the battlefield, or to spot and identify your guildmates coming back from a journey so you could open the gates for them.

Tabard[ | ]

Tabard With heraldry update comes new, decorative outfit. A tabard that has its own, independent slot and can be worn over any armor.

Level 0 of Tailoring skill, weaver's toolkit and 1 x linen cloth are required to craft this outfit.

[ | ]

Flag game 12 The banner is a alternative to the Tabard, allowing you to show your guild colors without covering up premium armor skins. If combined with one of the premium skins it can also be used to show commanders on the battlefield.

The banner can only be obtained through the premium shop.

Heraldry design[ | ]

Guild leaders can design their own heraldry symbols by right clicking on the monument, entering the claim management window and clicking the 'Heraldry' button to enter heraldry window.

You don't need to worry about the tabard being stolen from the dead body of your friend and used by enemy to impersonate himself as an ally. Tabards and shields are always painted with the colors and symbols of the character's current guild.

  • Caution - you can only change your Heraldry design every couple of days, be sure before you save it.
1. Window presenting your chosen background style, colors and symbols.
2. Settings for random heraldry generator - Similar/Contrasting backgrounds, same color for both symbols, big symbols, small symbols.
3. Background color settings. Color 2 will not be applied when the blank background (top left corner) is chosen.
4. Save button. After saving chosen heraldry design, all tabards and shields worn by the guild members will be automatically updated with the new colors and symbols.
5. Fill type tab with fifteen backgrounds to choose from. One more (diagonal stripes) should be added in the next patch.
6. Color settings for the symbol.
7. Size settings for the symbol. From the top: Big (chosen on screen), medium and small.
8. Positioning settings for the symbol.
9. Symbol 1 tab with sixty four (64) symbols to choose from.
10. Symbol toggle button. Symbols can be disabled at any time.
11. Symbol 2 tab (disabled by default) with sixty four (64) symbols to choose from.
All heraldry symbols