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Crafting skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Willpower Requires Gathering
Secondary Constitution Unlocks Healing
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum quality of produced preparations:
0 Can make single-effect preparations (2 ingredients maximum)
30 Can make single-effect preparations (3 ingredients maximum)
60 Can create naphtha, flavour and flux
Can plant and harvest herbs from herbal garden
90 Can make double-effect preparations (3 ingredients maximum)
100 Permanent +5 bonus to luck during preparation-making
Skill ID 12

Herbalism is a tier 2 crafting skills following the Gathering skill. It allows to create preparations, naphtha, flavour and flux. Level 30 of Gathering is required to learn this skill. To increase Herbalism past level 30, Gathering skill must be at level 60.

Overview[ | ]

Herbalism is used to create preparations, which can be eaten to gain temporary buffs. It is also of note that Herbalism is how one achieves Naphtha, Flavour, and Flux through experimenting with herbs.

For creating a Mix of Herbs you need Mortar and pestle:

  1. go to your inventory, press right mouse button on it
  2. select "Herbalism -> Mix a preparation"
  3. after that a new window for Herbalism opens.
  4. There you start by moving your Herbs to the upper left corner boxes.

At first you only can mix with 2 herbs, but as your skill improves you can mix 3. Selecting different herbs will give you different results.

Abilities[ | ]

Name Level Duration
Min – Max
Equipment Entities SStam Cooldown
Global Orders
Mix 2 ingredients for 1 effect 0 MinTime – MaxTime Mortar and pestle None SUsed GCool OCool
Mix 3 ingredients for 1 effect 30 MinTime – MaxTime Mortar and pestle None SUsed GCool OCool
Create Naphtha 60 MinTime – MaxTime Mortar and pestle None SUsed GCool OCool
Create Flavour 60 MinTime – MaxTime Mortar and pestle None SUsed GCool OCool
Create Flux 60 MinTime – MaxTime Mortar and pestle None SUsed GCool OCool
Mix 3 ingredients for 2 effects 90 MinTime – MaxTime Mortar and pestle None SUsed GCool OCool

Positive Preparations[ | ]

Image Name Effect Effect description Effect icon Effect outcome
Iron will preparation Iron Will Preparation Raise Will Raise Will Harder raise Willpower (Will)
Adrenaline preparation Adrenaline Preparation Reviving You are returning to life Reviving restore soft HP (sHP)
Toughness preparation Toughness Preparation constitution Raise Con Tougher raise Constitution (Con)
Bulls strength preparation Bull's Strength Preparation strong You feel stronger! Stronger raise Strength (Str)
Aquila wings preparation Aquila Wings Preparation raise maximum soft stamina You have more Stamina! Raise Maximum Soft Stamina raise max soft Stamina
Swift mind preparation Swift Mind Preparation smart You feel smarter! Clever raise Intellect (Int)
Refreshing preparation Refreshing Preparation refresh You feel refreshed! Restore Hard Stamina restore hard Stamina
Double blood preparation Double Blood Preparation Antidote Removes poisoned status Antidote Antidote
Swift limbs preparation Swift Limbs Preparation fast You feel faster! Faster raise Agility (Agi)

Poisonous Preparations[ | ]

Image Name Effect Effect icon Effect outcome
Numbing preparation Numbing Preparation Damage sHP Poisoned Numb Damage soft HP
Eternal sleep preparation Eternal Sleep Preparation Lowers max sHP Poisoned Eternal Sleep Lowers max soft HP
Poisonous preparation Poisonous Preparation Damage hHP Poisoned Damage hard HP
Lungs of stone preparation Lungs of Stone Preparation Damage sStam regen Poisoned Lungs of Stone Damage soft Stamina regen
Breathtaker preparation Breathtaker Preparation Lowers max sStam Poisoned Breathtaker Lowers max soft Stamina
Grave weight preparation Grave Weight Preparation Damage hStam Poisoned Grave Weight Damage hard Stamina

Note: There are no preparation to restore HardHP!

Duration[ | ]

  • The duration of effect for a preparation is decided by the quality of the produced preparation that increase at an increased return for each point of quality. The magnitude of the preparation does not have any noticeable effect on the duration. The data below was gathered using soft HP recovering preparations of various quality to graph out the rate of change and find an equation to fit. The equation is as follows, duration=0.0575*(x^2.04). Below is a small group of quality for you to get a rough estimate on the duration of your preparations. Please note that the later end of the sheet with quality 80+ is only theoretical as it has not been tested yet to fit or break the equation.
  • Blur and Stacking
    • This effect lasts for the same duration of the preparation you took and for each preparation you take your screen will continue to blur up to a max of 6 preparations in a row. The effect of the blur is as long as the last preparation you take. So if you take a 5 quality 100 preparations then take a quality 50 preparation your blur will only last for 168 seconds. However, this also is how long your preparation effect will last meaning your effect will also last 168 seconds.
    • Since you can take up to 6 preparations, the magnitude of each will be combined as long as you eat each preparation before the previous effect runs out. This will also reset the duration of your effect to the duration of the last eaten preparation.
      • Example) If you take a quality 10 magnitude 4.5 preparation you will have that 4.5 effect for 6.3 seconds. If before that you take a 40 quality, magnitude 4.5 preparation your effect will now be 9 magnitude and last the duration of the 40 quality, 106 seconds. And if you take another 4.5 magnitude, 100 quality preparation you will have a 13.5 magnitude effect for 691 second

Flux Production[ | ]


Typical Herbalist's inventory, with arranged herbs in stacks, and Flux-producing herbs separated in the bottom-right of the inventory.

Herbs sorted

Sorting herbs by their appearance helps you keeping your inventory organized, as the herbs don't stack on pickup. (this is only one example, as each person's herbs will be different pictures for different effects.)

  • Flux is the main reason players do Herbalism as it is a required component to make Steel bars, Steel ingots and Mortar. Out of the 66 available herbs in-game which can be gathered, 11 of them produce Flux. The main method of determining what your own Flux herbs are is to gather a large sum of each herb, stack them in your inventory neatly (with quantities of each herb in 5+ so you always have some, this process might take a few hours of gathering and sorting), and start mixing herbs until you find two which produce Flux together. Once you find those, set them aside in your inventory. Then, proceed to mix those flux-producing herbs with other herbs in your inventory, one by one, until you find more herbs which make Flux. You can then set those ones aside too until you hopefully find 11 herbs.
  • If you have someone else in your group doing herbalism you can trade herbs you don't use to make Flux with them, and cooperatively make more Flux by sharing the herbs they use with the herbs you use.
  • Always keep a record of the herbs you require to produce Flux, either in a notepad, or take a screenshot which you can share with others. Keeping one piece of each of your herbs is helpful too unless you are in a situation where you might lose them from fighting.

Training Tips[ | ]

Have a piece of advice for effective training? Edit this section and place it here!

  • The properties of the gathered Herbs are individual for every Player. A recipe that might produce Naphtha for one player may actually produce Flux or something else entirely for a different player. Two players are fully capable of sharing herbs, and the properties one person finds on an herb does not affect the properties another will see for the herb.
  • Some helpful spreadsheets, made by other players:
    • A spreadsheet to write down the different properties of collected herbs can be found here.
    • Another spreadsheet showing different combinations to help predict which herb you'll get, if you know one, or two effects, and where they are you can guess the 3rd, very easily here
  • Some tips to grab herbs easier:
    • If you gather in first person (letter C on the keyboard), it is easier to target the plant.
    • Target the stem at the the bottom of the plan, it moves less.
    • You can turn down the grass-distance option in video settings to 0. After this is done, the only plants on the ground will be the herbs and trees.
  • This is changed in the MMO version 28 December 2016 (UTC): Player can't see herbs that should show up during a search. Only after the search is finished successfully, you can see one tall plant with bright blue flowers.

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