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Horseback riding
Minor skill
Horseback Riding.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Agility Requires n/a
Secondary Intellect Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum quality of regular horses that can be effectively ridden.
Skill ID 63

Horseback riding is an independent minor skill. It allows to ride regular horses. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Rideable horses are: Stallion, Horse, Courier horse & Tamed moose

Riding Efficiency[]

The higher the quality of a horse the better it handles and the faster it can ride. But this is limited by your skill level in Horseback riding.

Horse_handling = min( Horse_quality, Skill_level )

(This is unconfirmed.)



By clicking once on the W or S button, the horse increases / decreases his speed to the next level. That means it is not necessary to keep the button pressed all the time. The horse is normally steered via the keys A and D. The horse can jump with the space bar. To stop a horse abruptly, use Z and the horse will rise. It can happen that you are thrown off the horse, especially if you are not so good at riding. If you fall off the horse, you get the effect "Stunned" Stun.png

To get off the horse, select the ground and click right to get off the horse or press the button E.

The horse can now also be taken back into the inventory by right click horse -> hide horse.

Weapons (except ranged weapons) can be used on the horse by clicking R.

Run away[]

A horse "gets tired" after an hour (real time) and lies down. After another hour without use, it will follow the call of freedom and disappear.

Training Tips[]

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  • Riding around on a horse will slowly raise the Horseback riding skill.


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