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Hunger is depleted by Hard Stamina regeneration. If the hunger status bar reaches zero it will start to deplete your Soft HP resulting in a hunger fainting and death. Also current Hunger influences rate of gaining experience, see lower.

Food Multiplier[]

Food multiplier allows to gain more experience per each action. Each action has some base value of exp, that is multiplied by the Food multiplier to get the real exp increase. Also as a side effect it increases the gain of Attributes (again for any actions).

The base value of Food multiplier is 0.5. The exact maximum value is unknown but before the wipe in Spring 2020 it was around 5.0, after the wipe it was roughly doubled and is somewhere between 8 and 10. Thus properly using the Food multiplier you may be able to increase your experience gain by a factor of almost 20.

The game server stores the Food Complexity of last 35-45 meals your character has eaten. Let us name this number of meals your Particularity. Different people report different values of Particularity; there were some tests that show possibility that it depends on Willpower. It was reported that it equals 38 for low Willpower and 43 for maximum Willpower; those numbers were not tested extensively.

Each piece of food that you eat has its own Food multiplier (see explanation below); the game presumably takes the average of multipliers of the last [your Particularity] meals. To get this multiplier from a meal it is required, that it was not repeated among the last [Particularity] meals. We do not know exactly what happens if a meal is repeated; two theories are that either you get a default multiplier of 0.5 for it, or that you get half of its multiplier.

Finally, the resulting multiplier is also diminished by current Hunger. Exact formula unknown, feel free to contribute.

Food multiplier of a meal[]

Food multiplier of a meal is basically the sum of qualities of its ingridiends, divided by 50 (it was 100 before the patch of Spring 2020). So a basic 1-component meal can have a multiplier of 2.0 or even less, and a 5-component food can have a multiplier of 10.0. Note that this formula may be not entirely correct -- perhaps +0.5 is added for consistency so that even very bad quality 1-component food doesnt make your multiplier close to zero.

Your Own[]

Hunger is the value representing how well fed your character is and affects the speed of regeneration of major attributes. Hunger is depleted by Hard Stamina regeneration. If the hunger status bar reaches zero it will start to deplete your Soft HP resulting in a hunger fainting and death.

Food Multiplier[]

The game server stores the Food Complexity of last 5 meals your character has eaten. The sum of these numbers are used in the calculation of Food multiplier.

The Food multiplier directly affects amount of increase of ALL of your skills. The Food multiplier consists of two parts: Hunger and Complexity summed over the last five meals eaten. Food multiplier formula is as follows:

FoodMult = Last5MealsComplexity × Hunger × 0.0001

Take a look on that table of possible food multiplier values:

Hunger /
Last 5 meals Complexity
50 200 350 500
0 0 0 0 0
25 0.125 0.5 0.875 1.25
50 0.25 1 1.75 2.5
75 0.375 1.5 2.625 3.75
100 0.5 2 3.5 5

In brief, gathering mushrooms and berries, then catching fish and frying it will be more than enough to survive and obtain maximum attributes regeneration speeds. But if you want to significantly increase the progression of your skills, you should eat complex meals from a good cook or become a good cook yourself.

Food Complexity[]

Food complexity depends on how many ingredients were used in the cooking process. The more ingredients of a given meal, the greater the complexity of that meal. Complexity is calculated when eating food.

  • Example: If you start with a fish which has 100 quality, then fry it and eat it, you will end up with 20 complexity of your eaten food. But if you begin with the same quality fish and add with quality 100 potatoes, onions, wine and cabbage (five ingredients!!!), the result could be fish stew with 100 quality and 100 complexity once you will eat it. Five ingredients is the maximum you can use per recipe.

Simply put, max complexity is calculated from the number of ingredients in the recipe. 20 complexity per ingredient. Resulting complexity is a fraction of the max based on food quality. Food quality is averaged from the qualities of the ingredients, skill, device, and tool used.

The formula for determining the complexity of cooking food:

Max Complexity = Number of ingredients * 20
Result Complexity = (Quality / 100) * Max Complexity

5-ingredient foods will always have complexity = quality.

  • Example: If you make a quality 65 "Fried Salmon Patties" (60 max complexity,) your resulting complexity would be:
    65 / 100 * 60 = 39 Complexity
Max complexities are as follows: <database as of 11/23/14>
Ingredients Name MaxComplexity
5 Ravioli 100
5 Chicken Pie 100
5 Pizza 100
5 Greatberry Pie 100
5 Cod Chowder 100
5 Venison Stew 100
5 Venison Bratwurst Sausage 100
5 Waterzooi 100
5 Meat Kabobs 100
5 Meat Stew 100
5 Fish Stew 100
5 Cottage Pie 100
4 Herring Salad 80
4 Lamb Stew with Cabbage 80
4 Pork Sausage 80
4 Yorkshire Pudding 80
4 Beef Cabbage Hash 80
4 King's Beef Stew 80
4 Apple Meat Loaf 80
4 Apple Castle Soup 80
4 Vegetable Soup 80
4 Fish Cakes 80
4 Stuffed Rabbit 80
4 Apple Berry Pie 80
3 Rollmops 60
3 Mulled Wine 60
3 Eggnog 60
3 Potato with Mushrooms 60
3 Cookies 60
3 Mutton with Peas 60
3 Confiture 60
3 Codfish with Mushrooms 60
3 Trout in Berrie Sauce 60
3 Fried Salmon Patties 60
3 Normann bread 60
3 Pea Porky Soup 60
3 Cabbage Pies 60
3 Julienne 60
3 Egg Pies 60
3 Pea Soup Puree 60
3 Wild Soup 60
3 Omelet 60
3 Crispy Chicken 60
3 Beast Steak 60
3 Beef Stew 60
2 Wild Meat with Peas 40
2 Codfish with Cabbage 40
2 Baklava 40
2 Compote 40
2 Berries in Honey 40
2 Cake with Giblets 40
2 Pasta 40
2 Onion Soup 40
2 Fried Eggs 40
2 Pecene Veprevo Koleno 40
2 Milky Salmon 40
2 Apple Buns 40
2 Mutton Steak 40
2 Samsa 40
2 Goulash 40
2 Cheese Buns 40
2 Milky Bread 40
1 Bread 20
1 Beef Steak 20
1 Fried Herring 20
1 Fried Trout 20
1 Stew Cabbage 20
1 Pea Porridge 20
1 Boiled Potatoes 20
1 Bacon 20
1 Cheese 20
1 Boiled Chicken 20
1 Fried Beast 20
1 Wine 20
1 Boiled Eggs 20
1 Fried Salmon 20
1 Fried Codfish 20