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Type Smelting device
Capacity 200 Stones
Binding points
Rally points
Quantity Ingredient Influence
40 × Water 5 %
250 × Clay 50 %
30 × Plant fiber 10 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
[[]] %
[[]] %
[[]] %
Required skill Construction
Minimum skill level 30
Skill influence 35 %
Starting tool Hammer
Crafting duration 5
Resulting quantity
Amount wanted
ID 117

Kiln is a crafting station used for making glass and glassblowing, firing clay items, making mortar, and making charcoal.

The Kiln must be lit and heated to proper temperature. Any wooden item counts as a fuel, including branches, tools, shields or wooden weapons, although their efficiency is dubious, and it is recommended to use Hardwood billets or Charcoal

You can turn unfired clay items into fired pottery, currently it's a vase and an urn. To do it, open the kiln (command Manage Kiln), insert some fuel and light it, then insert your unfired pottery. Use bellows if needed, (only possible with the Smelting skill,) wait until it reaches the right temperature, and then use the Pull Out command. Note that both pottery created items are movable objects that do not fit into your inventory - instead they drop on the tile you are standing on.

Hardwood billets can be made into a charcoal in the kiln at the exchange rate of one to four after reaching the correct temperature (500)(there is a progress bar under the billets that will fill up, when it is completely full then you can move to the next step.) Similarly to pottery, use Pull Out command to obtain a charcoal. Softwood billets cannot be turned into Charcoal but can still be used as fuel.

You can turn a sand into a glass at the exchange rate of 2 to 1 once it hits correct temperature by using the Pull Out command. However, to turn glass into glass bottles or alchemical glassware you must first have a glassblower's tools and use the command Glassblowing instead. The kiln must be heated with bellows to the high temperature.

Note: Although the kiln is not used in the production of iron products it may be effectively used for storing iron ore as the kiln has twice the internal capacity of a furnace or a forge and anvil.

Object size


Material Preparations[]

Image Name Equipment Material Skill required
4 x Charcoal none 1 × Hardwood billet Materials preparation: 0
10 x Brick none 10 x Unfired brick Materials preparation: 30
Clay tile.png
10 x Clay tile none 10 x Unfired clay tile Materials preparation: 30
Glass none 2 × Sand Materials preparation: 30
10 x Glass none 22 × Sand Materials preparation: 30
5 x Mortar none 1 × Flux
2 × Rock
10 × Sand
Materials preparation: 30
Alchemical glassware.png
Alchemical glassware Glassblower's Tools 10 × Glass Materials preparation: 60
40 x Charcoal none 12 × Hardwood billet Materials preparation: 60
Jug none 1 × Unfired jug Materials preparation: 60
Empty bottle.png
Empty bottle Glassblower's Tools 2 × Glass Materials preparation: 60
Vase none 1 × Unfired vase Materials preparation: 60
Urn none 1 × Unfired urn Materials preparation: 90
Masterwork vase.png
Masterwork vase none 1 × Unfired masterwork vase Materials preparation: 90

Tips and Uses[]

To be able to manage the Kiln you need Construction skill of 30.

  • Charcoal is produced in the Kiln by adding up to 20 Hardwood billets and igniting it, by the time the Hardwood billets get to temperature the Kiln should have only burned off 1 Hardwood billets or Charcoal (if you are using this as fuel source), and then you can use the "Pull Out" option to turn 1 Hardwood billet into 4 Charcoal, which makes Charcoal 4x more effective than Hardwood billets as a fuel source.
  • Another large advantage for using the Kiln to produce Charcoal is that Charcoal weighs 1.00 and Hardwood billets weigh 10. Most smelting objects like the Furnace can only hold 100 weight or 200 like the Kiln so you will be able to add much more fuel (Or materials) using Charcoal since its weight is 1/10th of a Hardwood billet at 1.00.
  • Both Charcoal and Hardwood billets have a burning time of 10 minutes, and this is shortened by 1-2 minutes per use of "Use bellows". Because their burning time is the same it is recommended to only use Charcoal as a fuel source once your Kiln is operational.
  • If you have multiple fuel sources in the Kiln such as Both Hardwood billets and Charcoal when you "Light On" it will take from a random pile, so if you are using coal to heat your Hardwood billets it is recommended you remove the Hardwood billets turn it on so it uses Charcoal as the fuel source, using the bellows to get it to temperature, and then re-adding the Hardwood billets after to make more Charcoal.

Note: if building on a non-flatten land, you may get an error message stating that the land needs to be flattened, but you can actually finish the kiln without any problems.