Crafting skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Willpower Requires n/a
Secondary Agility Unlocks Forging
Skill Progression
Level Description
0 Can use kiln to bake clay items.
Can make charcoal from hardwood billets.
30 Can craft glass.
60 Can make glass bottles.
Can craft load of items at once.
90 Can make alchemical glassware.
100 Permanent +10 bonus to luck during the use of Kilning abilities. Luck affects the probability of reducing the duration of Kilning abilities by 20%.
Skill ID

Kilning is one of the seven tier 1 crafting skill tree branches. It allows to use the kiln. Kilning branch unlocks tier 2 skill: Forging. There is no prerequisite to this skill.



Level 0

Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Vase.png Vase Decoration 1x Unfired vase Kilning 0
Masterwork vase.png Masterwork vase Decoration 1x Unfired masterwork vase Kilning 0
Urn.png Urn Containers 1x Unfired urn Kilning 0
Charcoal.png Charcoal Fuel 1x Hardwood billet Kilning 0
Clay tile.png Clay tile Building material 10x Unfired clay tile Kilning 0

Level 30

Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Glass.png Glass Ground processed material 2x Sand Kilning 30

Level 60

Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Empty bottle.png Empty bottle Ground manufactured product 2x Glass Kilning 60

Level 90

Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Alchemical glassware.png Alchemical glassware Craft tool 10x Glass Kilning 90


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