Life is Feudal Wiki

The following is a list of persons who contributed to the development of Life is Feudal.

Vladimir aka "Bobik"[]

Role: Project leader, Software architect, Lead Game Designer, acquired a PhD degree in economics, Jack of all trades - master of none.

Gaming experience/preference: MMORPGs: UO, AO, Shadowbane, LA2 beta, Planetside I/II, WW2OL, GW, WoW, ATitD, EVE, Dreamlords Beta, Project Entropia, FoM, Wurm, Sphere, Starport:GE, TCoS, Haven&Hearth, Darkfall

Single player (prefered): The Horde (DOS), Starcraft, HOMM3, Dungeon Keeper 2

Michael aka "Mihey"[]

Role: Lead C++ developer

Gaming experience/preference: Quake 3, Richard Burns Rally

Alexander aka "OnWheel"[]

Role: Interface and DB C++ Developer

Gaming experience/preference: Civilization 3, 4, 5; DragonAge 1, 2; Fallout 2, 3; The Witcher series; Company of Heroes.

Stepan aka "Link"[]

Role: Art director

Gaming experience/preference:

Dmitriy aka "GothicDM"[]

Role: 3D Artist

Gaming experience/preference: Gothic 2, Elder Scrols: Morrowind, Rainbow Six, Battelfield series

Artem aka "Artem"[]

Role: Lead AI and Game Mechanics C++ Developer

Gaming experience/preference: C&C series

Ilya aka "Furok"[]

Role: 3D Artist,

Gaming experience/preference: Titan Quest, Evil Islands, Carmageddon 2, Total Anigilation: Kingdoms, Disciples, Disciples 2, HoMM3, Homeworld, Dlade of Darkness, Warcraft 3, Gothic, Dungeon Keeper 2, Mount&Blade Warband, Path of Exile, Skyrim

Vadim aka "wad"[]

Role: Game Mechanics C++ Developer

Gaming experience/preference: UO, DAoC, EQ, WoW, WAR, APB, BnS, Darkfall, LotRO, PW, RF, Wurm, H&H

Charlie aka "Falke88"[]

Role: 3D Artist, Community manager

Real life job: Paratrooper soldier

Gaming experience/preference: Gothic 1-2, Fallout 3, Wurm Online

Fyodor aka "bank"[]

Role: Internal Systems C++ Developer,

Gaming experience/preference: Descent, Unreal and GTA series; AfterWorld; Carmageddon; Project Entropia / Entropia Universe; Active Worlds; F1; Transport Tycoon; Half-Life; Syndicate

Sergey aka "Aneroun"[]

Role: Render C++ Developer

Gaming experience/preference: TES (3-4), Diablo(1-2), SW KotOR(1), Fallout(1-3), Arcanum, Soulbringer, Titan Quest, Zanzarah, Allods(1-3), Gothic(1), Pirates of the Caribbean, Myth, StarCraft, AoE(1-2), Settlers(2), Civilization, Colonization, Alpha Centauri, Caesar 3, Pharaon, HoMM(2-3), RedAllert, Transport Tycoon, Rise of nation, Total Annihilation, SimCity, Homeworld, Quake(1-3), HL(1-2), Unreal, SiN, CS, SW Jedi Knights, Rune, MechWarrior, Crysis, Rage, Stalker, Syndicate Wars, Syndicate, GTA(1-3), Carmageddon, NFS(2-N), Worms Armageddon

Boris aka "Bear"[]

Role: Junior AI Developer,

Gaming experience/preference: Tag ;)

Artur aka "binart"[]

Role: Game designer

Gaming experience/preference: Arda MUD, Duke Nukem 3D, Halflife, FIFA series, WH40k, Civilization series, Fallout 2, Dungeon Keeper

Kyle aka "Billus"[]

Role: Lore Master (Lead Writer)

Gaming experience/preference: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, Okami, Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Bioshock, Fallout 3, The Walking Dead, Jet Set Radio

Linda MacGill aka "Methelina"[]

Role:Visual effects supervisor, Game Designer

Gaming experience/preference: ADoM, Dwarf Fortress, Elona, Rings of Power, Ultima Online, Meridian 59, Mankind, Baldur's Gate 1-2, Temple of elemental evil, Icewind Dale (1-2), Lionheart, Chivalry: medieval warfare, Call of Duty (1-2), TES I-V, Deus Ex (1-2), Second Life, EVE Online, World Of Tanks, Metal Gear Solid, War Thunder, World of Tanks, Aion, Lineage, Perfect World, Requiem Online, Witcher (1-2), Diablo(1-2), Dragon Age (1-2), Dungeon Keeper, Fallout(1-3, New Vegas), Fallout Online, Arcanum, Allods(1-3), Gothic(1), Myth, StarCraft (1-2), AoE(1-2), Settlers(1-2), Civilization, Colonization, Alpha Centauri, Pharaon, HoMM(1-4), Railroad Tycoon, Total Annihilation, Total Annihilation Kingdom, Suprame Commander, SimCity, Sims, Singles, Homeworld, Duke Nukem, Marathon, Quake(1-4), Half Life(1-2), Unreal, SiN, Rune, MechWarrior 4, MechWarrior Online, Crysis (1-2), Rage, Stalker, GTA(1-4), Carmageddon, Worms

and alot of friendly freelancers and contributors - Thank you all <3