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Minor skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Intellect Requires n/a
Secondary Strength Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Max skill level that can be given to students
0 Can mentor tier 1 skills
30 Can mentor tier 2 and secondary skills
60 Can mentor tier 3 skills
90 Can mentor all skills
100 Permanent +5 luck bonus during mentoring.
Skill ID 55

Mentoring is an independent minor skill. It allows players to teach and give XP to other players when they attend the school. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Players that want to teach others can use ability 'Become a Mentor of this School' and select a high level skill from the skill category he wants to teach for the in-game day. Once there is a teacher ready, players can use ability 'Attend this school' to instantly gain an amount of XP in the skill category equal to the difference in level of skill being taught and skill level of the pupil.

  • There can only be one mentor per school, and they can teach only in one school with five students per day (in-game).
  • Up to five students can attend to the school at the same time, and they can attend only one school per day (in-game).
  • Luck gives the mentor a chance to teach his pupils his full skill value.


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  • Teaching a level 60 Tier 1 skill at a school with level 60 Mentoring is 27'000 XP to all pupils with level 0 in the skill.


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