Some skills craft with a simple progress bar, but some skills feature mini-games. The mini-games are themed around actions involved in the crafting process (nature's lore - spot herbs, woodcutting - chop trees at key locations, etc). This can be played either in or out of game at the official site. Score is saved to each player's profile results pool, and can be used later for the mini-game via results pool.

Mini-games via results pool, is a simple progress bar, but will pull up a result from your profile. The progress bars duration will depend on your minigame result that you had achieved earlier. This means that crafting via results pool would be more time efficient than just simple progress bar autocrafting.

Autocraft is just a progress bar showing progress on a crafting action. This allow players to go AFK and continue crafting, as long as they have sufficient mats and time.

Videos Edit

Life is Feudal Lesson 1

Life is Feudal Lesson 1. Minigames