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Type Monuments
Capacity 100000 Stones
Binding points
Rally points
Quantity Ingredient Influence
20 × Hardwood billet 30 %
100 × Bones 20 %
120 × Rock 20 %
40 × Positive preparations 20 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
50 Hammer 10 %
[[]] %
[[]] %
Required skill Authority
Minimum skill level 0
Skill influence 0 %
Starting tool
Crafting duration 6
Resulting quantity
Amount wanted
ID 152

A Tier 1 Monument. Central and most important structure for a guild. Building of a monument allows a guild to form and claims the Town area around it for that guild. The Monument belongs to the Player who finishes the building. You must maintain the monument by sacrificing.

YO: Tier 1 monuments provide, roughly, between 12 and 700 tiles of claimed land for the owning guild, depending on the age and maintenance of the monument.

For more information about claim size between monument tiers, see the Claim page.

Object size



  1. Create a Guild
  2. Right click on an Flatten dirt, grass tile or road.
  3. Go to 'Authority'.
  4. Select 'Erect the Monument'.

Sacrificing and Worshiping[]

To maintain the monument, you must sacrifice items to it. The following explanation makes it seem like "Worship" and "Sacrifice" are reversed—but the Developers say "Working as designed".

  • The "Worship" option gives you a "Sacrifice items to increase claim" window, where you place items of value, from 2 step craft items, ex: Cooked Cod, to rings, amulets, lumps, bars, or ingots of metals or precious metals. Examples: One high Q lump of gold will maintain a 75-radius claim. One low Q (Q27) bar of Silver only increases the claim support points by about 9%.
    • You can click the "Sacrifice" button to sacrifice NOW, or can close the window and use the Sacrifice option to do so later.
    • Typical sacrificing maintains the claim -- "Increase claim" would only be true if the monument were going down in points due to lack of sacrifices. (See Upgrading below)
  • The "Sacrifice option does nothing but a Worship/praying animation, unless you left something in the "Worship" option sacrifice window did not click the Sacrifice button, in which case the "Worship" option it sacrifices it to the monument.
  • You need only be a guild member to do the sacrifices. Thus, no one can support another guild's monument. A suggestion would be to have a friend in another guild have an alternate game personality invited to the guild, and log on with it for the sole purpose of maintaining the monument when the guild manager or guild members are unavailable.
  • Three numbers show in the "Worship" option window where you sacrifice things to the monument:
    • Guild Monument Maintenance (Daily subtraction)
    • Claim Support Points (available points)
    • Radius (in Tiles/squares of your claim)
  • Each game day, "Guild Monument Maintenance" points are subtracted from "Claim Support Points".
  • If the "Claim Support Points" goes to zero, then the "Radius" decreases in steps.

The bottom bar of the Worship option allows upgrading the monument—thus increasing your maximum claim radius—and only appears periodically. It is believed you should take advantage of it if you wish, as it will clear and be unavailable.

Tip: If you have trouble remembering to sacrifice to the monument, you might consider being near the monument as a reminder when exiting the game when you're done playing. Thus you'll come back in and see the monument as a reminder.


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