Life is Feudal Wiki

The following NPC (Non-Player Character) types are expected at this time:

  1. Newbie island mentors (some basic lore, basic learning quests (combat/crafting tutorials)
  2. NPC city governor (in the center of the map) – just some RP lore and maybe more advanced learning quests with minor rewards - already located on mainland
  3. NPC server vendors in NPC city will buy and sell minor items
  4. Natives – aggressive NPCs in a few (4 – 6) dungeons that will be scattered around the world. They will live in burrows/underground mazes, will be mostly naked or in equipment salvaged from other players. Intended as advanced training for players and creating focal points for PvP as characters meet in the areas.
  5. Primary NPC vendors are possible, but not included at this time.

There will be almost no NPC creatures in the world other than minimal animals.[1]