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Native residents of the main continent, they mainly appear in their camps, but have also started to roam across Godenland. The Knools tribes inhabit the Cursed Lands, fiefs where movable objects cannot be deployed and horses refuse to enter. The Natives have various high resistances so bringing a range of weaponry will increase chances of success against them. There are five distinguishing types of the natives.

Types of Natives[ | ]

Mole[ | ]

  • Wields a pickaxe
  • Vulnerable to slashing damage

Hunter[ | ]

  • Archer and axeman
  • Vulnerable to blunt damage

Witch[ | ]

  • Thrower and reaper
  • Vulnerable to slashing damage

Bear[ | ]

  • Wields a 2-handed axe
  • Vulnerable to blunt damage

Chieftain[ | ]

  • Wields a 2-handed sword
  • Vulnerable to siege damage

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