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Outposts are buildings that can be built by guilds with a monument on unclaimed fiefs to claim additional fiefs. There can can only be one outpost or monument on each fief.

The amount of buildable outposts depends on your monument tier and a guild needs to hold a certain amount of fiefs to be able to upgrade their monument.

Outpost construction[ | ]

Geognosy pit ingame1

Working slaves

An outpost can be built on any unclaimed fief that is bordering your already claimed fiefs. You can always claim all fiefs that are directly bordering your monument fief plus additional fiefs in a second row, as long as those fiefs are bordering already claimed fiefs. The only exception is the Military Outpost which can be built anywhere.

Outposts that are build in a second row and military outposts count into the limit of buildable outposts per monument tier.

  • Note: You can build 1 outpost in the second row with a tier 1 monument, 3 outposts in the second row with a tier 2 monument, 6 outposts in the second row with a tier 3 monument and unlimited outposts with a tier 4 monument.
  • Note: You can build 1 Military Outpost per monument tier.

To build the outpost, use Build - Outpost on any tile of an unclaimed fief, the location on that fief doesn't matter, it will always claim the whole fief.

The quality of that outpost depends on the used materials, the quality and type of the used hammer and your effective Authority skill level.

Outpost upgrades[ | ]

Each outpost can be upgraded from tier 1 to tier 3. It will raise the production rate of most outposts, the upkeep costs and makes it harder to downgrade and capture it.

  • Note: There is a cooldown of 72 hours between upgrading an outpost again. The cooldown also starts after the downgrade on an outpost.
  • Note: Each upgrade works like building the outpost from scratch. The quality depends only on the used materials, the quality and type of the used hammer and your effective Authority skill level.

Outpost upkeep[ | ]

The outpost's upkeep always have to be paid with coins (including God's Coins) and their upkeep depends on the tier of the outpost and the size of the claimed fief.

You can use Remote Outpost Support at a monument to remotely pay the upkeep of the outposts of that guild, using God's Coins and bypassing the maximum of support points.

If the outpost has no more support points on stock, it will lose durability and start to burn once it has fallen below 50% durability. It will not produce anything while it is burning. It will downgrade itself to the next lower tier and collapse in the end if the upkeep doesn't get paid. It will slowly repair itself if there are support points on stock.

  • Tier 1: 4 support points per tile, stock is capped at 9 000 000 support points
  • Tier 2: 12 support points per tile, stock is capped at 27 000 000 support points
  • Tier 3: 32 support points per tile, stock is capped at 90 000 000 support points

1 copper coin = 100 support points

Also note that this amount can be doubled with taxes.

Outpost production and slaves[ | ]



Most of the outposts produce items. The quality of the products is the same as the outpost itself and the amount of produced items depends on the tier and the quality of the outpost.

You can add up to 4 slaves to an outpost. Each slave has a lifespan of 10 ingame days and raises the production rate of that outpost by up to 100%, depending on the quality.

Slaves appear as working NPCs around the outpost building and can get killed. A dead slave disappears for the current ingame day and will respawn with the next ingame day. He will also not raise the production rate for the ongoing ingame day.

Special outposts[ | ]

Trading posts[ | ]

Trading posts are a special type of outpost. They don't produce anything and you can't add slaves to it.

Each trading post has an own inventory for each account and you can use it to buy items from other players, offer your own items to other players and sell them to the crown to generate coins.

For more information, see the Market page.

Military outposts[ | ]

Military outposts are also a special type of outpost. It is the only type of outpost that doesn't require a connection to your claimed lands. It can be built on any unclaimed fief.

The main purpose is to lay Siege to another guild's claim.

You can add up to four slaves to them, they will appear as armoured archers and will shoot at any player in a certain range who has no enter permission on that fief.

Slaves also have a lifespan of 10 days but they respawn each 20 minutes after being killed.

You can use the military outpost as a rally point during the Judgement hour of that guild.

List[ | ]

Outpost types
Icon Size Outpost Production

The produced amount depends on the quality, shown is the maximum at quality 100
It can be increased up to x5 by adding slaves.

Mine Shaft
12x13 tiles Mine shaft Tier 1: 12 regional Copper Ore, 12 regional Iron Ore, 30 Charcoal

Tier 2: 24 regional Copper Ore, 24 regional Iron Ore, 60 Charcoal

Tier 3: 36 regional Copper Ore, 36 regional Iron Ore, 100 Charcoal

Herbalist Hut
13x13 tiles Herbalist's hut Tier 1: 24 herbs of the chosen type

Tier 2: 48 herbs of the chosen type

Tier 3: 76 herbs of the chosen type

Timber Mill
13x13 tiles Lumber mill Tier 1: 3 regional Softwood Boards, 3 regional Hardwood Boards

Tier 2: 6 regional Softwood Boards, 6 regional Hardwood Boards

Tier 3: 12 regional Softwood Boards, 12 regional Hardwood Boards

12x13 tiles Quarry Tier 1: 70 Clay, 70 Sand

Tier 2: 140 Clay, 140 Sand

Tier 3: 210 Clay, 210 [[Sand]

Gatherers Hut
13x13 tiles Forager's hut Tier 1: 40 Plant Fibers, 18 Mushrooms, 20 Edible Berries

Tier 2: 80 Plant Fibers, 36 Mushrooms, 40 Edible Berries

Tier 3: 120 Plant Fibers, 60 Mushrooms, 80 Edible Berries

13x13 tiles Mill Tier 1: 20 Crops of the chosen type

Tier 2: 40 Crops of the chosen type

Tier 3: 80 Crops of the chosen type

13x13 tiles Knackery Tier 1: 3 regional Thick Leather, 3 regional Thin Leather, 18 regional Game Meat

Tier 2: 6 regional Thick Leather, 6 regional Thin Leather, 36 regional Game Meat

Tier 3: 12 regional Thick Leather, 12 regional Thin Leather, 72 regional Game Meat

Geognosy Pit
12x13 tiles Geognosy pit Tier 1: 4 Baromsag

Tier 2: 8 Baromsag

Tier 3: 16 Baromsag

Slavers Camp
13x13 tiles Slave camp Tier 1: 1 Slave

Tier 2: 1 Slave

Tier 3: 2 Slaves

Trading post
12x13 tiles Trading post Access to the market to buy and sell items to the crown or other players
Military outpost
11x11 tiles Military outpost The only remotely buildable outpost

Slaves are acting as guards

20 rally points

Life is Feudal: Your Own differences[ | ]

Trading post but it is treated like a normal building.