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Gather resources faster with our new outpost feature! Devote yourself to more important tasks by building any of the outpost types wherever you see fit. Also, Red worlds have two additional outpost types to produce unique resources: Slaves and Baromsag.
You can also purchase slaves to gather resources from outposts even faster, saving you time and energy - which could be better spent seizing other outposts, disposing of your foes’ slaves, or even enslaving your enemies for your own!
Outposts could become an integral part of war - engage in the small scale open world PvP raids to ruin those who stand in your way by hitting their resources; claim outposts from other players and guilds or kill their slaves to ruin their economy!

Outpost types

Icon Outpost Production World
Mine Shaft.png
Mine shaft Mine Shaft will provide the guild with regional Copper ore, regional Iron ore and Charcoal. Any
Herbalist Hut.png
Herbalist's hut Hut will provide the guild with selected Herbs. Any
Timber Mill.png
Lumber mill Lumber Mill will provide the guild with regional softwood and Hardwood boards. Any
Quarry Quarry will provide the guild with Clay and Sand. Any
Gatherers Hut.png
Forager's hut Hut will provide the guild with Fibers, berries, and Mushrooms. Any
Mill Mill will provide the guild with Crops. Any
Knackery Knackery will provide the guild with regional Thick leather, regional Thin leather and regional Meat. Any
Geognosy Pit.png
Geognosy pit Geognosy Pit will provide the guild with Baromsag. Red worlds only
Slavers Camp.png
Slave camp Slave Camp will provide the guild with the Slaves. Red worlds only

Outpost Construction

How to construct

1. Guild player can build and manage an outpost, then the guild becomes the owner of the outpost.

Note: If a guild that owns an outpost falls apart then outpost lost its owner.

2. Simply construct it with the ‘Build outpost’ ability on the unclaimed land more then 150 tiles from any other outposts or guild monuments. Place it 9 tiles away from serverborder. Don't forget the gap of 2 tiles to another claim or the border. The Claim of an outpost has a radius of 8 tiles

3. In an outpost window, choose the outpost type. In the situation where a chosen type of the outpost is able to produce different types of resources, you can choose what resource it produces in a drop-down list in the bottom right corner.

Note: you can change the type of resource from the list of resources for the current outpost type at any time.

4. Place slaves into slave slots in the inventory on the right side of the window

5. You can see info about slaves on the left side of the window. There are: icon, durability and time that is left for every slave.

6. After you have constructed an outpost, one NPC Overseer would appear and start resourcse production.

7. You can see how much resources the outpost has produced in an outpost inventory window on the right side of outpost window.

8. In the bottom, there is a production rate of the outpost.

9. Every outpost has a small realm claim around it (diameter of 19), which becomes vulnerable during JH. This claim can be used to build small fortifications, or somewhere to store/refine items. [1]

  • Outposts have limited storage for collected resources. You will not be able to produce any more resources if there is no free space left in the container.
  • Only guild member owning the outpost can interact with it outside of JH. (Except “Reclaim” ability)

Slaves in the outpost


Working slaves

1. You can add up to four slaves and improve the performance of any outpost type (except Slave camp).

2. Slaves can live in an outpost for up to 10 game days for caught player slaves or for slaves generated in a slave camp (amount based on slave quality). After that, they die and disappear from the outpost. You are able to keep slaves in your inventory where they will not decay or disappear.

3. Every slave has its own durability. With each production cycle, slaves in an outpost lose 5 durability. If the durability of the slave is below zero, they will die and will be removed from the outpost (the bonus from them is still taken into account for the past cycle).

4. Slaves actually work in the outpost and can be killed by an owner or raiding players. They drop no loot upon their death, but the outpost will lose the bonus from this slave until they respawn the next in-game day.

5. Each type of resource has its own basic rate of accumulation and the final rate depends on the number of slaves/NPCs alive in the outpost, and their quality.

How to reclaim

20 sec ability to initiate the reclaim of the outpost during JH only for guild characters
Claiming goes for 10 minutes, highly visible state (burning, smoking) All members of the guild that owns the outpost, receive a message that claiming has started with the name of the outpost that is being captured.

20 sec ability to stop the reclaim of the outpost
Guild (or individual) who controls the outpost can use the ability to take away produced resources and use them however he wants to.

How to repair damaged outpost

Outposts regenerate durability slowly over time if they are well fed.