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A plot of land that is the private property of a certain character, all movable and unmovable objects within that claim are protected from any damage and can only be used by the owner of that claim or other players that have received access rights from the owner.

  • Personal claims can only be created in one of the four protectorates ("green zones") on Godenland. The ability to "Claim land" wont appear if you are not in a protectorate.
  • A personal claim always has the shape of a rectangle and can claim up to 250 tiles in total. The size and the upkeep for the claim depends on your subscription state.
  • A character can get marked as Trespassers! and ported out of a personal claim if they have no "enter" permission on it. They will also be marked as Criminal and lose 1 Alignment point.
  • A character's own claim will be coloured in white, a claim where they have at least the "enter" permission will be coloured in blue, and a claim where they don't have the "enter" permission will be coloured in orange.

Setting up a claim[ | ]

Once you found a spot where you want to put down your claim, right click the ground and choose "Claim land" on the tile where the monument shall be. That tile doesn't have to be flattened.

Put any type of billet into the sign and complete it. The claimed area will be 3x3 around the monument.

If you want to resize the claim to claim more land, make sure to have some support points on stock. Then go to one of the corners of the desired claim, right click the ground and choose "Claim - Resize". Now move into the center of the area you want to claim and drag the X and Y arrows to mark your claim.

The claim will be resized with the next in-game day. You can see preclaimed areas in a darker shade of the shown claim colour.

Notes[ | ]

  1. A personal claim has to be at least two (2) tiles away from another claim.
  2. Make sure that you mark the whole area you want to claim, not only what you want to claim in addition to the existing claim.
  3. The monument always has to be on the claim.
  4. One side must not be more than 3 times longer than the others.
  5. You can place a personal claim for each of your characters.

Upkeep[ | ]

Without active premium subscription[ | ]

  • 1 - 100 tiles: Upkeep depends on the size of the claim. Only copper, Silver, and Gold coins can be used to pay the upkeep.
    • Note: You can't use God's Coins instead of Copper, Silver, or Gold coins to pay this upkeep.
    • Note: The upkeep per tile is 10 support points each in-game day in a province without an owner and 20 support points each in-game day if a guild holds the province (see taxes).
    • Note: 1 copper coin is worth 100 points, 1 silver coin is worth 10,000 points, and 1 gold coin is worth 1,000,000 points.
    • Note: The maximum a personal monument can hold is 1,000,000 points.
  • 101 - 250 tiles: Upkeep depends on the size of the claim. All tiles, including the first 100, cost 1 God's Coin per in-game day and tile.

With active premium subscription[ | ]

  • 1 - 150 tiles: No upkeep at all.
  • 151 - 250 tiles: 1 God's Coin per in-game day and tile, but only for the tiles above 150.

Tips[ | ]

  • You can "Worship" at the monument to bring up the interface:
  1. "Tiles" indicates your current claimed and maximum claimable tiles.
  2. "Game days" and "Real days" indicate the days you have left until the stock is depleted.
  3. "Maintenance cost" indicates the daily cost of your claim, which will draw from your "Stock."
  4. "Stock" is needed to feed your maintenance cost.
  5. Container for the coins you want to sacrifice. Note: Gods Coins can't be stored here, they instantly get sacrificed it you drag them into it.
  6. The "Sacrifice" button moves all coins from the container to "Stock" until the cap is reached. You can't sacrifice more coins than needed.
  7. The "Claim Rights" button lets you manage property permissions.
  • If you want to destroy your personal claim, you have to right click a claimed tile and choose "Claim - Remove!". You can't destroy it remotely.
  • If your character has no permissions on its own claim, stand on a claimed tile and type the following command in any chat. Instead of "FirstName", use the first name of your character with matching capitalization. Restart the game if the permissions are not added immediately:
    • /claimrule personal char FirstName 11111