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Plant Fiber
Wild plant fiber.png
Type Herbs
Weight 0.1 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 2
ID 471

Plant fiber is a resource that can be gathered from undisturbed Forest Soil and Fertile Soil.

To find it look at the ground and use Look for -> Materials, then use Gather Plant Fiber on the small plants that should appear nearby.

Plant Fiber used in a variety of primitive tools and equipment including the Kiln, Furnace, Coop, and Snare trap. It can also be used to create Simple Cloth and Simple Rope.

Players have the same chance to find Plant Fiber on any soil regardless of previous attempts, ground foliage or nearby entities.

The wild plant fiber you obtain is determined by the soil quality and your Nature's lore skill.

If the undisturbed soil has a higher quality than your nature's lore skill, the quality of the wild plant fiber will be reduced down to your skill level.