Positive Preparations

Image Name Effect Effect Description Effect Icon Effect Outcome
Adrenaline preparation.png Adrenaline Preparation Reviving You are returning to life
restore soft HP (sHP)
Aquila wings preparation.png Aquila Wings Preparation raise maximum soft stamina You have more Stamina!
Raise Maximum Soft Stamina.png
Raise max soft Stamina
Bulls strength preparation.png Bull's Strength Preparation Stronger You feel stronger!
raise Strength (Str)
Double blood preparation.png Double Blood Preparation Antidote Removes poisoned status
Iron will preparation.png Iron Will Preparation Harder You feel hardier!
raise Willpower (Will)
Refreshing preparation.png Refreshing Preparation refresh You feel refreshed!
Restore Hard Stamina.png
restore hard Stamina
Swift limbs preparation.png Swift Limbs Preparation Faster You feel more agile!
raise Agility (Agi)
Swift mind preparation.png Swift Mind Preparation Clever You feel smarter!
raise Intellect (Int)
Toughness preparation.png Toughness Preparation Tougher You feel tougher!
raise Constitution (Con)

Poisonous Preparations

Image Name Effect Effect Description Effect Icon Effect Outcome
Breathtaker preparation.png Breathtaker Preparation Lowers max sStam You have been poisoned and wear out faster now
Poisoned Breathtaker.png
Lowers max soft Stamina
Eternal sleep preparation.png Eternal Sleep Preparation Lowers max sHP You have been poisoned and feel like you are about to lose consciousness
Poisoned Eternal Sleep.png
Lowers max soft HP
Grave weight preparation.png Grave Weight Preparation Damage hStam You have been poisoned and feeling more and more tired
Poisoned Grave Weight.png
Damage hard Stamina
Lungs of stone preparation.png Lungs of Stone Preparation Damage sStam regen You have been poisoned and can not catch your breath
Poisoned Lungs of Stone.png
Damage soft Stamina regen
Numbing preparation.png Numbing Preparation Damage sHP You have been poisoned and slowly loosing your consciousness
Poisoned Numb.png
Damage soft HP
Poisonous preparation.png Poisonous Preparation Damage hHP You have been poisoned and slowly dying
Damage hard HP
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