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As we've mentioned, the people who have come to the Island have lost many of their most important memories, for reasons unclear to us. To save what's left of our ancient culture, an author, an initiate Accur named Taid Utrik, with Jarl Torismund's assistants entrusted to him, asked questions of many various kinds of people, asking them everything they remembered and documenting everything they told him.

− It turned out that one man remembered nothing but the stories he was told as a child. Another, who had even forgotten how to hold an axe, remembered something about the Gottlung ruler Ardarich, whom his ancestor once served. The third told him about numerous laws, for it seems he was a desperate robber - perhaps even a murderer.

− Thus by questioning all of the jarl's people who had managed to survive, as well as many other refugees, we are gradually recovering the history of our people, and along with it the history of other people, including the not-so-friendly Khoors.

− What is curious, though, is that everyone we have spoken to remembers their religious beliefs and faith to an impeccable extent — and the gods standing over the world in all their inescapable fury. And with excellent assuredness and agreement in the details, yet without the possibility of collusion, we remember the various names of our gods and how they are to be worshiped. Each and every refugee knows what sacrifices are beloved by which gods, and they remember many rituals performed in the past, and continue to carefully adhere to custom, despite the unpredictable difficulties this often causes.

− We will leave this fact unconsidered for a time and simply try to impartially recount everything we now know about our divine pantheon, may their wrath pass from us, and about other details of our religion.

− Spark

− Ehrideity

− Holurs

− Sleeper, Svefnii

− Aori Goldenhanded

− Gloom

− Holza the Spinstress

− Kallente

− Amate-Maksha, the Sunmaiden

− Velent-Elianne, Mother-Night

− Terskel and the Three

− Jodenande, the Dead Maiden

− Jomfrutotte

− Sófaþek-king

− The Ferryman

Gods in Life is Feudal[]

God What patronizes
Sleeping God God of war and hard-work
Aori Goldenhanded Master & Craftsman
Gloom Trickster & Expert in poisons
Holza the Spinstress Mistress of time
Kallente Goddess of fertility
Amate-Maksha The Sunmaiden
Velent-Elianne Mother-Night
Terskell and the Three One-armed warrior who protects the the world from the Sleeper
Jodenande, the Dead Maiden The Maiden of Death
Jomfrutotte The Old Woman-Death
Sófaþek-king God of knowledge and wise council
Rob the Shoveler God of agriculture and mining