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Resting effect icon.

Rest is one of the hotbar abilities. Rest Will move the character into a seated position and remain immobile until using the Rest ability again.

Resting will restore hard stamina (hStam) at a cost of 1 hunger point per hard stamina point regenerated.

Resting also quickly restores a character's soft HP (sHP). This is useful to prevent passing out from bleeding damage.

Hotkey Assigning[]

The Rest ability can be found in your skill window (L key by default) on the Minor skills page, under General actions.

If the default hotbar setting for Rest (8) is not set, or you want to change it: Open the 'L' skill window, select the Minor skills tab, click to open the General actions skill, and drag the Rest icon to your hotbar.


  • Be sure to put this ability out of range of your combat abilitys in the hotbar.