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A gem that can be found while mining ore.

Rough gem.png

Luck increases chance of finding a gem.

Rough gems can be hewed into gems that can be used in Jewelry.

You can hew the following gems out of raw gems:

Diamond.png Diamond
Amethyst.png Amethyst
Emerald.png Emerald
Sapphire.png Sapphire


You can obtain Rough gems only in the following regions:

  • Jarlslig
  • Holengen
  • Altenbrog
  • Bergshaft
  • Islandlend
  • Snoenfeld
  • Roysbad
  • Haaz-koohrai
  • Kron-Insel
  • Amathemgir
  • Frosnenjord
  • Jodensbrug
  • Shin-Shin cakmet
  • Kharai-glod
  • Tashmyr-chak
  • Cet-dan