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Softwood Trees are a classification of Tree that provide players with Softwood materials normally used for building in Construction, Masonry, or other skills. Softwood trees provide Softwood Building Logs, Softwood Boards, and Softwood Billets when chopped down into a Softwood Log. A standing Tree will provide the player with the options to Inspect Tree, Collect Bark, Snap off a Branch, or Gather a Sprout respectively. When you inspect a Softwood Tree, it will provide a list of details about the Tree. Such as its Durability, Quality, and tree type.

Types of Softwood Trees[]

There are a total of 5 different types of Softwood Trees that are in the game. It is important to note that unlike Hardwood Trees there are is only one two classifications of Softwood Trees which is Softwood Trees. They will be listed below in order of least efficient to most efficient Tree to use.

Tree Type
Juniper Softwood Tree
Mulberry Tree Softwood Tree
Apple Tree Softwood Tree
Spruce Tree Softwood Tree
Pine Tree Softwood Tree


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