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A Standing represents the diplomatic standing of a one guild with regard to another. There are 5 standings possible:

  1. Ally
  2. Friendly
  3. Neutral
  4. Hostile
  5. War

Friendly, Neutral and Hostile standings do not affect game mechanics in any way. The only exception is that access rights can be provided to a group of guilds that share the same standing. For instance, a guild leader can give access rights to a Large stable for those guilds that are marked with a "Friendly" standing towards him.

Guilds have separate standings towards each other. Guild "A" can be Friendly towards guild "B" while guild "B" may be "Neutral" towards guild "A".

Meaning of standings[ | ]

Standing of Guild A Standing of Guild B Meaning
Ally Neutral or Hostile or Friendly Guild A is pleading for Protection
Ally Ally Guild A and Guild B are parts of the same alliance/ vassals of the same Kingdom
War War Guild A and Guild B in a state of War
War Neutral or Hostile or Friendly Guild B is asking for a cease fire
  • Note: changing your guild's standing on War towards other guild will automatically change their standing on War too.
  • Note: You can get additional information about standings here